Bookings are still open for the Ladies Lunch for our last home game and what will be the last ever function in the Social Rooms, before Whelan the Wrecker comes in makes splinters of the old Bowls club.



From the Coaches Box

This week we played one of our oldest rivals, Noble Park, and were trying to atone for a stat that has been around for too long – winning at home against Noble Park.


Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve this, and Noble Park got this one, after we managed to get the win at their ground earlier in the year. It was a seesawing affair for 3 qtrs, with both teams unable to kick to far ahead. We entered the last change 3 points down with a slight breeze heading the other way. The 4th term started with great intent, until unfortunately we lost one of our most loved players, ‘Krita’ Pendlebury early in the quarter.


With a man down, and 20 odd mins to go, we unfortunately couldn’t sustain the intent of the previous hour and a half of footy, and Noble were able to kick their way ahead. We were well served by Joffy Simpkin who tried hard all day, as did our skipper Rennie Gilchrist, young emerging defender Ed McCutchan and again Daniel Hughes worked very hard across the half forward line.


We have no doubt battled some adversity this season, and have had different injuries at different times to key players, but the one thing I know about this group is that they are resilient. We have worked very hard to be within striking distant, with two games to go, and I know this group will give their all.


Balwyn 3.4-22 7.6-48 11.10-76 13.13-91
Noble Park 4.4-28 8.6-54 12.7-79 20.8-128

Goal Kickers: Y. Jaffer-Williams 2, G. Chivers 2, J. Kennedy, R. Gilchrist, J. Gobbels, M. O''Regan, R. Watts, S. Tregear, E. McCutchan, J. Simpkin, C. Sanfilippo
Best Players: T. Simpkin, R. Gilchrist, J. Kennedy, G. Chivers, J. Wright, D. Hughes


Balwyn 3.1-19 4.4-28 5.6-36 7.7-49
Noble Park 1.3-9 4.3-27 8.5-53 9.5-59

Goal Kickers: L. O''Connell 3, M. North, J. Baren, J. Chirgwin, B. Cotchett
Best Players: D. Baglava, J. Gottliebsen, T. Roach, J. Chirgwin, L. O''Connell, L. Santilli


UNDER 19s 

Balwyn 0.0 0.1-1 1.2-8 2.3-15
Noble Park 7.1-43 11.4-70 15.7-97 19.13-127

Goal Kickers: B. Cotchett, D. Griffiths
Best Players: W. Stevenson-Vissers, E. Keith, N. Clear, T. Horne, T. Ho, D. Parr

Next Game 19th August

Round 17 

 Versus East Ringwood 

at East Ringwood Reserve.

Mt Dandenong Road East Ringwood

 Seniors 2.10 pm

Reserves 12.05 pm

U19s this week 10.00 am

If you are not coming to the Lunch this week, then make sure you turn up to watch two sides go at it hard from the first bounce.  This is a contest that never disappoints and will be as good a game as you see all year.


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Photo Gallery

Division 1 Seniors Ladder

1st Division Seniors 2017
1 Vermont 60
2 Doncaster 44
3 South Croydon 44
4 Noble Park 40
5 Balwyn 40
6 Blackburn 40
7 Norwood 32
8 North Ringwood 24
9 East Ringwood 24
10 Rowville 20
11 Montrose 12
12 Bayswater 4

Divison 1 Reserves Ladder

1st Division Reserves 2017
1 Blackburn 64
2 Vermont 60
3 South Croydon 44
4 Rowville 40
5 Norwood 36
6 Noble Park 36
7 East Ringwood 22
8 North Ringwood 20
9 Montrose 20
10 Bayswater 16
11 Doncaster 14
12 Balwyn 12

Division 1 U19's Ladder

1st Division U19s 2017
1 Vermont 100.00
2 Noble Park 85.71
3 Blackburn 73.33
4 Norwood 71.43
5 Rowville 60.00
6 North Ringwood 42.86
7 Montrose 42.86
8 Doncaster 35.71
9 South Croydon 21.43
10 East Ringwood 14.29
11 Balwyn 0.00

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