QBL Player Profile - BREE FARLEY

Player Name




State & Country of Birth

SA Australia

Playing Position

Shooting guard

Playing Number




College Attended

Fresno State College



Favourite Player

Penny Taylor

Most Influential Person in your career & why

Equally my parents- their encouragement and sacrifice gave me opportunities to succeed at basketball

Career Highlight

Representing Australia in the U19 world tournament

What is your Pregame Ritual?

Food, relaxing, listening to music and more food.

What is your advice to our Young Force Players?

Take every opportunity to improve your game.. and have fun with it!

Hobbies outside Basketball

Watching movies, playing other sports/ outdoor activities and spending time with friends

You are Stranded On An Island, What Are Your 3 Essential Items?

A take away order of sushi, a big water bottle and my phone/ a knife/ a lighter... Wait, I’m a horrible packer, I need more items!

Favourite Food


Who would win an arm wrestling competition on your team & Why

Not Catherine.. Even I have bigger guns than her.

Three People you would like to have to dinner

Shane Warne, Magda Szubanski and Ellen

Who is the most annoying player in your team and why?

All my team mates are great! Brad however, thinks he’s MJ during practice and tries to trash talk.


Notice Board

Due to frequent equipment damage to our basketball rings & nets, Ipswich Basketball Association have had no choice but to start to suspend any person/s found hanging from the rings or nets with the below outcome.

1st instance: 1 week suspension

2nd instance: 3 week suspension

3rd instance: Season suspension

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