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Westernport Yacht Club is accredited with Australia’s peak body for sailing and power boating, Australian Sailing, as a ‘Discover Sailing Centre’.  This means we provide accredited sailing, power boating and safety boat operator courses.  We can even accredit you for your Marine Licence (Boat Licence) if you successfully complete one of our Power Boat Handling programs, or assist you to obtain your Marine Radio Licence (Short Range Operator Certificate of Competency).



We provide sailing instruction to all people from the age of seven and upward.  We have our own fleet of Pacers, O’Pen Bics and Optis which we use in our training programs.


If you are aged seven to 12 years old you might like to participate in our highly regarded Tackers programs.  Facilitated by qualified and experienced Instructors and Assistant Instructors, there are three levels which introduce, consolidate and advance young people’s skills in skippering, crewing and competing in sailing dinghies off the beach. 


About Tackers

Tackers at Westernport is about to enter its 12th Year. Since beginning the courses in December 2007 we have seen well over 350 children pass through the Westernport Tackers Centre. Last season saw 60 children take part in either Tackers 1, 2 or 3 programs. We expect to see many of these children return this coming season. Several children have purchased their own boats and are now competing in Club races and in other regattas around the State and Australia. We have been running this program in conjunction with Merricks Yacht Club who have been active participants and keen promoters of the program. 

“Tackers” learn to sail program is aimed at Primary School aged children. It provides fully accredited Instructors with Yachting Australia. We are one of 16 official Tackers Centres in Victoria.

This year we are offering Tackers 1, 2, & 3.

Tackers One - Having fun
Tackers Two - Tricks & Techniques
Tackers Three - Sailing Fast
All courses run for 20 hours

All children received a cap, water bottle and t-shirt at the commencement of Tackers 1. Other goodies are received for the Tackers 2 & 3 courses.

Do we need our own boat to learn to sail?

The Westernport Tacker Centre has 12 boats which were purchased through the generosity of several local sponsors.  Life jackets are supplied for all participants.

Further information regarding 2018/19 Courses

Tackers 1 course price is $250, Tackers 2 course price is $325 and Tackers 3 course price is $325.  The price for each course includes a 'Holiday Pass' membership of WYC.  

Participants who are members of a yacht club are entitled to a $50 discount (YA number of child must be supplied at time of request).  For an additional $49, a 'Holiday Pass' membership can be upgraded to a full season Junior Membership which covers access to all club facilities, including use of the club Optimist dinghies, for the full season.

If you are claiming the discount for Yacht Club membership you must supply a Yachting Australia number obtainable from the membership Secretary at your Yacht Club.

Places in courses will not be made definite until a form and deposit ($80) are received.

Enrolment for the season for first time WYC Tackers will open on October 1.  Please download the Application Form in PDF or Word format, complete the form and submit as per instructions on the form.


Tackers 1 - 2 courses available

Course Code
Course 1

31/12/18 - 4/1/19

8.45am – 12.45 pm (20 hours) T1A
Course 2 7/1/19 - 11/1/19 8.45am – 12.45 pm (20 hours) T1B

Tackers 2 - 2 courses available (Children must have completed Tackers 1)

Course 1 31/12/18 - 4/1/19 1.00pm - 5.00pm (20 hours) T2A
Course 2 7/1/19 - 11/1/19 1.00pm - 5.00pm (20 hours) T2B

Tackers 3 - 1 course available (Children must have completed Tackers 2)

Course 1 14/1/19 - 18/1/19 1.00pm - 5.00pm (20 hours) T3A

For more details regarding our Tackers program, look at our Training Centre Calendar or contact our Tackers Coordinator on wyctackers@live.com.

If you no longer fit into our Tackers cohort, you might like to participate in one of our other learn to sail or learn to race dinghy programs.  Our training programs can be tailored to your needs and level of skill or confidence – including 1:1 training, small group training for couples or families, or larger sail training programs open to the public.  Look at our Discover Sailing Centre calendar for details of our upcoming programs, or to speak with the Sail Training Coordinator about individual or small group training.  Email trainingcentre@westernport.org.au for more information.



Our Training Centre provides accredited power boat handling and safety boat operating qualifications.  Our training is for people who either want to gain their Marine Licence (Boat Licence), or get experience skippering a power boat, or both.  They include practical driving skills, boat maintenance and safety aspects of powerboating.  They are designed to improve boat handling skills. If you do not already have one, you will qualify for a Boat Licence if you successfully complete our Power Boat Handling program.  For people with advanced power boat handling skills and experience we also offer Australian Sailing accredited safety boat operator programs.

Please see our Training Centre Calendar for details of upcoming power boat programs. 



We provide introduction to sailing courses for primary school aged children through Australian Sailing’s Sailing Schools program.  Please email WYC’s Sailing School Principal for more information about this program: trainingcentre@westernport.org.au



We also provide free try sailing and power boating experiences through our Discover Sailing Days at the Club.  Discover Sailing Days are held during Summer, and are advertised via our website, our Facebook page and in local media and local businesses. 



Our Training Centre uses qualified and experienced Instructors and Assistant Instructors.  We have comprehensive safety and risk management policies and procedures in place for all of our training activities.

We have a well maintained power boat and safety boat fleet and our own fleet of off the beach sailing boats.  We also provide properly maintained Life Jackets that meet Australian Standards for all of our training activities.



1 September:

Marine Radio Licence (Short Range Operators Certificate of Competency (SROCP)

Holding a valid SROCP is required when using a marine radio in Australia due to safety requirements.  Successfully completing this program will mean you are awarded the licence.

For more information about this program, please contact trainingcentre@westernport.org.au


22 and 23 September:

Start Powerboating

This program is for people 12 and older who wish to either obtain their Victorian Boat Licence, or who wish to gain experience operating a power boat if they already hold the licence.  Your powerboating pathway begins here introducing practical driving skills, trip planning, boat maintenance, safety equipment and dealing with emergency situations. Following the course you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to skipper a small powerboat.

For more information about this program, please contact trainingcentre@westernport.org.au


13 and 14 October:

Power Boat Handling

This program is for people who already have their boat licence and have some experience operating a power boat.  This course is designed to improve your boat handling skills, especially in confined areas such as Marina’s and in swell and waves.  You will also learn more about engines and types of craft, and practice navigation techniques on a passage.

For more information about this program, please contact trainingcentre@westernport.org.au


27 and 28 October:

Safety Boat Operator

You must have successfully completed the Power Boat Handling program, and have experience and skills operating a powerboat in a variety of conditions.  This course provides the skills needed to support water based activities at clubs, schools and outdoor recreation centres.  You’ll learn about race course design, practice on-water rescue of dinghies and multi-hulls, and earn how to safely rescue other craft, recover persons from the water, re-right capsized boats and where to position your boat on a race course.


For more information about this program, please contact trainingcentre@westernport.org.au




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