Insurance Coverage

Membership in AFL Canada comes with its benefits! Insurance is one of them.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the information below, contact our insurance broker, Frank Stigter, at or 905.751.2158, or send an email to


Insurance Certificate

Many facilities will require proof that your group (and their facility) is insured before they will rent their space to you. You can access the most current insurance certificate below, to check if your club and facilities are listed. Please provide your facility with a link to this page on request.

2018 AFL Canada Certificate of Insurance

This certificate is updated periodically. If you need a facility or team added or updated, please contact

Certificate last updated: February 27, 2018 


General Liability and Sports Accident Policies

If you have been involved in an accident while playing, umpiring, coaching or volunteering at an AFL Canada sanctioned event, you may be entitled to certain coverage.  IMPORTANT NOTE: this insurance coverage does not pay any benefits that are available under any government health insurance plan, whether the Insured is enrolled in such a plan or notThis means that players not covered by plans like OHIP, AHCIP, MSP, MSI, etc. will need to cover the expenses usually paid by these plans out of pocket. You may choose to purchase supplemental coverage from an insurer of your choice, and consider whether or not contact sports are covered under such a plan.

Additionally, as a volunteer member of the AFL Canada Board of Directors, you may be covered for certain errors and omissions in the course of your duties.

Summary of General Liability and Sports Accident Policy coverage limits.

Additional Information about Sports Accident coverages.

Making A Claim

If you have been injured and need to determine how to make a claim or locate the required forms, click here. Be careful to note the timelines that apply to giving the insurer notice of your claim and providing the claim documentation.  After reading through the information on these pages, please direct further questions to our insurance broker, Frank Stigter, at or 905.751.2158. Please also send a copy of any claim to Frank.


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