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AFL Canada (AFLC) is the Australian Football League (AFL) endorsed, governing body of Australian football in Canada. Its accountable to its voting club members with reporting responsibilities to the AFL through the affiliation grant program. AFLC is governed by an annually elected Executive board with the appointment of Officers and National team coordinators by the Executive board.

AFL Canada was established in May 1989 when two clubs were formed and played in the inaugural Conacher Cup game in Toronto, Ontario. Since its launch into Canada, the game of Australian football has expanded to include:

  • 35 men's and women's teams from 20 clubs across six provinces.
  • Junior group of 150 kids between the ages of 10 and 17.
  • International women's team called the Northern Lights and Midnight Suns
  • International men's team called the Northwind.
  • International junior's team called the Wolfpack.

What We Do

  • Promote development and awareness of Australian football to Canadians and non-Canadians living in Canada.
  • AFL endorsed national governing body for all Australian football leagues and clubs in Canada.
  • Manage and oversee the national teams (Northwind, Northern Lights, Midnight Suns and Wolfpack)
  • Liaise with the AFL and other international AFL affiliated groups on behalf of AFLC members
  • Promote the safety and security of all players and team officials by following and promoting our policies and guidelines (Click here for more information ).

    If you have any questions, please write to us at p@aflcanada.com

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