The Burchill / Morssinkhof Cups & Shield

The Burchill / Morssinkhof Cups and Shield        


Steve Burchill Cup & Barry Mossinkhof Cup

These Cups are played between the Souths Masters Football Club and the Morningside Masters Football Club.

They recognise the contribution to the establishment, development and success of the Clubs by Steve Burchill (Morningside) and Barry Morssinkhof (Souths) since inception in 2005.

Steve Burchill was the inaugural coach of the Morningside Team in 2006, when Morningside had a single team in the Supers division of the Masters Queensland.

The team has gone from strength to strength in the MAFQ competition since then to now host 2 teams (Supers and Masters) and the club well respected within the competition as playing hard competitive football but most importantly, fair.

Morningside wish to thank Steve Burchill for his past efforts to both the Supercats and MAFQ in supporting Masters football - Football for fun.

Barry Morssinkhof was a key player, organiser and President of Souths from 2006, the first year the club had an official President. Barry’s leadership brought the club into the 21st Century driving the organisation to continue its role as a founding club of the league.

Souths is the club it is today largely because of the efforts of Barry, and all the members, past & present thank Barry for his untiring efforts during his years at the club.


The Cups were the idea of the Souths Masters Football Club in an effort to recognise the individual efforts and contributions made towards the advancement of Masters Football in Queensland. The Steve Burchill Cup & Barry Mossinkhof Cup ia awarded to the winning club based on the total of scores from the Masters scores when the two clubs play during the MAFQ season. The Burchill Cup is awarded when the sides play at Morningside, and the Morssinkhof Cup when they play at Souths.

The two clubs aim to have two contests each season, with smaller Cups engraved at each club house as a reminder, while the Shield, sits with pride at the winning club venue. If the clubs only play one match in a year, the aggregate score from that match will decide all cups and Shield.

2013 Results

Steve Burchill Cup – Morningside (Sherwood night game)  Barry Morssinkhof Cup – Souths

Burchill / Morssinkhof Shield - Souths


2012 Results

Steve Burchill Cup – Souths                         Barry Morssinkhof Cup – Souths

Burchill / Morssinkhof Shield - Souths


2011 Results

Steve Burchill Cup – Souths                     Barry Morssinkhof Cup – Souths

Burchill / Morssinkhof Shield - Souths


Inaugural Year 2010 Results

Steve Burchill Cup – Morningside             Barry Morssinkhof Cup – Morningside

Burchill / Morssinkhof Shield - Morningside


Past Game Results:



Rnd 4    18 May             Souths 4.2 26      Morningside 8.4 52   

Rnd 10   11 August       Souths 12.12 84  Morningside 8.8 56




Rnd 2 15 April          Souths   12 5   77    Morningside 7 4  46

Rnd 12 2 Sept          Souths                      Morningside


Rnd 2 15 April          Souths    16 12 108 Morningside 4 9  33

Rnd 12 2 Sept - No Match Played




Rnd 6    12 June       Souths 11.7  73  Morningside 7.12  54

Rnd 9     24 July       Souths 12 7   79  Morningside 8 3   51 


Rnd 9     24 July       Souths 15.6   96 Morningside 12.5   77




Rnd 2       18 April             Souths 5 4 34              Morningside 17 12 114  

Rnd 10     22 August         Souths 10 9 69           Morningside 4 10 34


Rnd 2       18 April             Souths 9 8 62              Morningside 13.07.87

Rnd 10     22 August         Souths 8 9 57              Morningside 12 12 84  

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