Appropriate Attitude towards Alcohol

Did you know that parents have the greatest influence on their children attitudes about alcohol?

As children get older they are also influenced by their friends, the media and what they see on TV and in movies.

For children to develop a healthy attitude towards alcohol it is important to have positive role models.

As a parent, your child will challenge you about your own drinking so it is important to lead by positive example.

Here are some helpful ideas to promote appropriate attitudes towards alcohol:

  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume and encourage non-alcoholic family events
  • Be honest with your kids. Talk to them about the importance of drinking alcohol moderately
  • Never be afraid to answer their questions. It is a teenager’s desire to be treated like an adult which means discussing alcohol at home
  • As a parent it is important to discuss the issue with your children and agree on rules and boundaries when it comes to alcohol.

DrinkWise has created this simple 5 point plan for parents (DELAY):

D         discuss the issue

E         educate by example

L          listen and engage

A         a good relationship

Y         your expectations

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