I have been a coach in the United States for 17 years. I have coached at the high school and collegiate level. I am currently a small college head mens basketball coach in North Carolina. Some day I w ...
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    reply  Dion Lansdale wrote
    at 03:55PM, Tue 18 June
    Anyone have any contact information for any officials in FIBA Asia? or FIBA Oceana? Every email address I find online doesn't work.
    reply   wrote
    at 10:25PM, Tue 28 August
    hey how are you, do you like my page???
    reply  Dion Lansdale wrote
    at 01:29PM, Wed 15 August
    Anyone who coaches players internationally that would like to play college basketball in the states, let me know. I coach at a private college in North Carolina (we do NOT have athletic scholarships, unfortunately) and it is pretty expensive so they must be able to pay to come to school but we DO play a very strong schedule that includes NCAA D1, D2 and D3 teams as well as NAIA and others.
    reply  David wrote
    at 09:03AM, Mon 6 July
    DIon, would reiterate Bear's comments below. Most of us do it for the love of the game.

    Coaches and teams do tour our region and play games against local teams. Maybe this is something you could do or just come yourself to have a look at our basketball system, which as BEar says is very different.

    I am actually bringing our club teams to NC, USA in January. Feel free to email me at davidr31@bigpond.net.au.

    reply  Bear wrote
    at 08:46PM, Sun 5 July
    Hey Dion,

    don't know about Asia mate, however down under it is very different to the states I am sure.

    Our basketball is club based more so than school or college based and at the higher levels where coaches are paid for their efforts it is semi professional and professional, owned corporately or privately.
    The issue here is very much about our population. We do not have the 100 million plus people in Australia needed to support well paid basketball coaches as you do in the states...

    We do however have a very large junior participation rate, it is one of our most popular junior sports, played at a high level, however most coaches are voluntary and there in lies our problem, we just don't get enough exposure to make it as viable as it could or in fact should be....

    On a positive note we do love the sport and we always love to have coaches come down to get involved and there are many Basketball Associations such as the one I am involved in that would love to employ coaches to get involved in developing our junior programs and some even have the cash for senior team coaches, they are just not as prevalent as you may be accustomed to.

    Cheers, nice to hear from you..........

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