Teams in Samford Sporting Association

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Samford City 3 Women(Under 14 Division 3 North)

Samford Rangers Capital 1(Vilic Law Capital League 1)

Samford Rangers Capital 1 Reserves(Vilic Law Capital League 1 Reserves)

Samford Rangers City 1(Veto Mens City League 1)

Samford Rangers City 4 Blue(Veto Mens City League 4 Blue)

Samford Rangers U8 Phoenix(U8 North Blue)

Previously Associated Competitions

Samford Rangers U8 Phoenix(Under 13 Division 2 North)

Samford U10 Rangers (U10 Komodo 1 North Green)

Samford U9 Mariners(U9 Komodo 2 North Red)

Samford U9 Rangers(U9 Komodo 1 North Yellow)

Samford U9 Roar(U9 Goanna North Green)