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Happy New Year to all Westies!!

Congrats to Shane Fridge Giddings on the new Presidency role. Shane has some exciting new ideas this year so stay posted for announcements.

Welcome to new coach Cameron Sandercock and family. Cam comes with great credentials and will make a great mentor to young and older players alike . As with outgoing coach Brad Wilson, his knowledge of the game will put the club in good stead and his playing ability will only add to their success.

Congratulations & Thanks also must go to outgoing President Brenton James who continued to drive forward with improvements to infrastructure over his 3 year tenure and in his final year almost became a premiership President.

One other VIP, Jacqui Wilson has also stood down as Canteen Coordinator  and we thank her for the last 7 years of assistance. Whilst Jacqui’s boots are big one to fill we are confident we can find someone to continue on her good work. We are on the lookout  and ask you to keep an ear out for anyone that might like to take on the role. Or if you’d be interested please don’t hesitate to contact the club. Jacqui is quite happy to provide as much information as she can so it will be a smooth transition into the position.

With the added task of hosting this years WBFL Grand Final and 10 year reunion of the 2010 flag we need as many people to assist as possible.

Over the following months leading up to the first game in Round 1 the club will still need to continue to function with probably our first event being the annual Swap meet  by Lake City Rodders on 16th February. We WILL require assistance on that day so please make yourself available

As the players settle into their preseason training we’ll need to attend to the complex surrounds so if you have an hour to spare take out your mower etc and knock down some grass!!

We are aiming for 400 financial members so if you are not one let us know and we’ll send you the package to sign up. Or email westgambierfnc@ outlook.com

 2020 Membership Application   Membership Benefits

There are some fantastic sponsors of the club that are going to give benefits to members who show their cards at their establishments this year and we’ll be featuring them here so everyone will support and be aware of them. The first to highlight is the Western Tavern, please see article below for their offer!


Our Netball girls also had very successful year and whilst team selection and grading is always a headache for them due to big numbers, manage it the very best that they can. Their hard at work in trying to gain funds to upgrade their courts have paid off with an announcement that they were successful in gaining MGCC funding for stage 1 of their project. 

In a continuation  the Club’s upgrade and 5 year plan, grants were secured for the following projects from 2013- 2019

Irrigation - Watering systems of $40500 from Federal Govt. Dept. of Conservation and environment and were secured to conserve and provide smart watering by computerising and regulating the time and amount of water applied to the playing surfaces on both the football and cricket ovals. This alleviated the use of inefficient water winch though evaporation and watering times Installation was completed by JB Irrigation and Peter Jennings Pumps both sponsors of West Gambier Football Club.

Fryers – The kitchen deep fryers funding of $11750 was secured with funding from Grants SA. Installation was made by SJ Gas fitting

This reduced maintenance from the previous ones that was rendered obsolete and provided a safe environment for volunteers using these facilities.

Rainwater – The City of Mount Gambier provided $14500 funding for the installation of 2x 22500L Rainwater tanks and pump for the harvesting of water from the club roof and fed to the hot water systems. This is to  utilised for showering and cooking,  primarily during the winter when water  usage is at its maximum and rainfall, its highest. Istallation was mad by A&K Geddes Plumbing 

LED Upgrade – The REES energy assistance grant was accessed to decrease power by installation of 78 LED fluros in the club and allowed us to decrease greenhouse gases and costs. 

Industrial Dishwasher-     $9500. Volunteers Australia assisted us with the funding for an Industrial dishwasher to help volunteers with clean-up of functions and to comply with Health and Safety regulations in regards to standards that organisations must comply in the process of cleanliness. Installation was made by A&K Geddes Plumbing. 

Digital Scoreboard – A Digital Scoreboard was erected and part funding of $21500 of the $37000 project was gained from city of Mount Gambier. This was to reduce the chance of injury to volunteers by quitting the use of the old scoreboard that was not compliant to OH&S regulations and upgrade was not an option.

Floodlighting Upgrade-    The major upgrade was in a two stage project. $40000 was secured from the City of Mount Gambier to replace the old obsolete towers and inefficient and old technology lighting and replaced with two 25m towers and 3 lights on the Western club room side of the oval.  This project was assisted by Quickmix Concrete, GT Bobcat, Gabriel Electrical and JB Irrigation - all Club sponsors and  reduced the cost of stage #1 to $62000.

Stage #2 of the project involved removal of the existing 18 m towers on the Eastern side of the oval, upgrade the power and install two 25m towers and three lights on each . Quickmix, GT Bobcat and Gabriels also assisted in reducing costs to about $45,000. $25000 of this funding was secured through the Office for Recreation and Sport – Facilities grant and completed the project costing $107,000 and improving lighting, training and safety for all players.

The change room alterations have been completed and many thanks to MG Plasterers – Matt and Mardi Patzel, Jay Lane- JL Communication & Electrical and Ben Marcus (Sign Depot) - all club sponsors and the club volunteers that made these extensions happen

The Refrigeration upgrade is now complete due to a grant received through DPTI and included removal of the old bar fridges and installation of new upright ones and removal and installation upgrade of the Kitchen/ Canteen cool room unit. This will increase the efficiency of our refrigeration and reduce power usage- effectively lowering cost to our club. We thank club sponsor Brendan and Harry from HD Refrigeration for the installation and again Jay Lane for the electrical work.

For photos of completed projects, please go to the News section

We are now eyeing off solar grants to further make our club energy efficient and reduce our operating costs even more.

Our next focus will be in conjunction with our Cricket club, is to gain funding to establish flood lighting on the No2 oval to be used during summer time for possible twilight cricket games, both junior and senior. It will also assist during the winter time, for the junior football to utilise a previously unused area for training purposes and reduce the wear and tear of the main footy oval.

Another project our committee is keen to activate is to upgrade our barbeque and booth facilities. Whilst small grants may be obtained, this might be an exercise where active functions or fundraising from the club and its members may be required. Businesses or Tradesmen donations of time or materials would also be welcomed.

We may endeavour to do this by launching a Fundraising Target over the summer period so keep an eye out and get involved if you can, either by assisting in running the events or attending them . Ideas have included Beach Party, a Red and Rump night and Auction, Quiz night and/ or Sports guest speaker night.




Sponsor Offer to Members


WGFC sponsor The Western Tavern has offered any of our members who show their cards will receive 20% off full price meals and beverages. In reciprocation each time a member uses their card the club will earn rewards points with an end of season rebate. So please support our generous sponsor by heading in to have a meal and a cold bevvie and support the club at the same time!  

Foundation Fund

Buy- Brick- Fund is still functioning so if you want a part of the club buy a brick for $100 and get you name on a plaque at the top of the stairs.

Plaques have already been put in place and it’s our aim to fill this area with as many plaques as we can.

Thanks to Stephen Lock for organising this project. See Locky or at bar for details of how to participate

So as you can see : there’s a bit happening at West – so don’t be a Stranger!!!



The annual 200 Club draws have commenced for season 2019 with the full list of winners on the page, accessed from top menu.

The last of the draws for 2019 have been held and the lucky winners of the $500 have been, Draw #8  senior player Lawry Bradley-Brown ticket #122, Draw #9 Matthew (the Wizz) Weyers with ticket #121, and Shayne Hosking ticket #179.

The winners of the eight consolation draws to receive free ticket next year were: #24 Simon Attiwill, #51 Merv & Janet White, #123 Thurs Nite Tea crew, #132 Stacey Wenman, #137 Jamie Hunter, #155 Paul Ferguson, #162 Shirley Maney, #175 Jason Hann.

Congratulations to all winners for the year and a big thank you to all ticket holders this year, your participation is very much appreciated.


Many thanks to Kris Jarnevic and his band of ticket collectors for organising a major fundraiser for the club once again

Details of all winners are available from 200 Club menu item at top of page  




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