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Highlands Football Referees Objectives

Highlands Football Referees is a sub entity of the Highlands Soccer Association and is dedicated to serving all levels of the sport of football in the Highlands. Our objectives are:

  •       to foster the game of football;
  •       to provide referees to officiate in all matches recognised by the Highlands Soccer Association;
  •       to encourage members and other interested persons to be well versed in the Laws of he Game (LOTG) as promulgated by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and to develop members to become proficient referees;
  •       to administer referee registration, training and certification;
  •       to offer every referee the opportunity to develop to their full potential through assessment and mentoring;
  •       to foster teamwork and fellowship to further promote peer mentoring and esprit de corps;
  •       to identify exceptional referees to extend their careers to the national and international arena

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