Archive - Indigenous/Multicultural Programs

16/03/2017 Victoria Announces Under 15 Kickstart and All Nations Squads
04/03/2017 NEVILLE JETTA SQUAD Local Trial Day
21/06/2015 Diversity Talent Squad - Dandenong Stingrays (Jimmy Toumpas Squad) 2015
14/03/2015 Jimmy Toumpas Squad Local Trial Day
03/03/2015 Jimmy Toumpas Squad School Testing Day
24/02/2015 Indigenous Footballers Thriving in Dandenong
24/02/2015 Assistant Coach and Team Manager Required - "Jimmy Toumpas Squad"
17/01/2015 AFL Victoria Kickstart Trials
26/11/2013 AFL South East Support Northern Territory Visit
26/11/2013 Talent on Show During the South East Multicultural Cup
19/10/2013 Demons Multicultural Cup
12/07/2013 Fleeing war to find a home in Vic Country
12/07/2013 South East Juniors Celebrate Multicultural Round
10/07/2013 AFL Multicultural Round Celebrates Many Cultures
07/06/2013 Laguntas Indigenous Tigers Program
13/05/2013 AFL Multicultural Envoy
08/02/2013 Kickstart Regional Trials
08/02/2013 Kickstart Tryout
02/10/2012 Meet Indigenous Trainee - Peter Dye
12/09/2012 AFL Victoria State Secondary Schools Multicultural Cup
01/08/2012 AFL Academy Launched In China
06/07/2012 118 players with multicultural background on AFL lists
06/07/2012 Australia Post Multicultural Team of Champions
06/07/2012 Full World18 Squad Announced
06/07/2012 Big Things Growing
22/05/2012 Q & A with Stingrays Region Development Trainee, Peter Dye
22/05/2012 The Barrawarn Program Launched
30/04/2012 Kickstart Indigenous AFL Championships
02/04/2012 Kickstart Future Leaders Camp
02/04/2012 AMES Education Centre Visit
02/04/2012 A Taste of Harmony
26/03/2012 Australia Post and AFL Announce Multicultural Ambassadors
14/03/2012 Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Community Sport Workshop
14/03/2012 2012 Kickstart Future Leaders Camp
15/02/2012 2012 AFL Multicultural Talent Trials
17/12/2011 AFL Mutilcultural Program