Teams in Clairvaux Soccer Club Inc

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Clairvaux Canale Cup(Canale Cup Knockout Stage)

Previously Associated Competitions

Clairvaux Canale Cup(Canale Cup Group Stage)

Clairvaux Capital 2(Vilic Law Capital League 2)

Clairvaux Capital 2 Reserves(Mens Friendlies)

Previously Associated Competitions

Clairvaux Capital 2 Reserves(Vilic Law Capital League 2 Reserves)

Clairvaux Mens City 1(Veto Mens City League 1 )

Clairvaux Mens City 5 Gold(Veto Mens City League 5 Gold)

Clairvaux Mens City 7 Gold(Veto Mens City League 7 Gold)

Clairvaux Team A(Under 12 Grading South)

Clairvaux Team B(Under 12 Grading South)

Clairvaux U12 Div 3 Sth(Wolff Energy Solutions U12 Division 3 South )

Clairvaux U12 Div 6 Sth(Wolff Energy Solutions U12 Division 6 South)

Clairvaux U13 Div 1 Sth(Wolff Energy Solutions U13 Division 1 South)

Clairvaux U14 Div 3 Sth(Wolff Energy Solutions U14 Division 3 South)

Clairvaux U15 Div 3 Sth(Wolff Energy Solutions U15 Division 3 South)

Clairvaux U9 Black(U9 Goanna South Green)