Teams in FFT Futsal

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Action Boys(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

AFG Blood(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

All Sorts(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Almost Messi(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Bangers & Mash(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

Bayer Neverlosen(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Bendy Wendy(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Beryl's Boys(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

BG's(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Big Kicks FC(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Black Eyed Peas(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Black Eyed Peas(Futsal HBT - U12 Boys)

Blue Stars(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Char-Grilled(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Chunky Boys(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

Clarence(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

Clarence Zebras(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Code Blue(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Cool Kickers(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

Crocodiles(Futsal HBT - U7/8 Boys)

Dominic College(Futsal HBT - U15/16 Boys)

Dominic College(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

Dominic College(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Dominic College Black(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Dominic College Gold(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Double Trouble(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls A)

Dutchies(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

Elpozo Futsal(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Feisty Pumpkins(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls A)

FFX Rangers(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

FIFA Foes(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Fire Strikers(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Frogs(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

Front Left FC(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Fusion(Futsal HBT - U12 Boys)

Go Green or Go Home(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

Goalie Run(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Godfreys Tuff Ink(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

Hobart Firebirds(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Hooligans United(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Hot as Coles(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Hulks(Futsal HBT - U7/8 Boys)

Hyenas(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

IDK(Futsal HBT - U15/16 Boys)

IDK(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys A)

Interplus(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

It's Strawberry Blonde(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

Labracadabradors(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

Legal Eagles(Futsal HBT - Social Men E)

Little Champs(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

Los Criollos(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Low Expectations(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Man United(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Man-Chest-Hair(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

MB FC(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Meteors(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

Ninjas(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys A)

Ninjas(Futsal HBT - U7/8 Boys)

Not In Mums Forrest(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Ogilvie Optimum(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Peak Fitness(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

Phoenix Bros(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

Pugnacious Cucumbers(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Pugnacious Cucumbers(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

Quick Kickers(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Rage Against Zidane(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Rainbow Lions(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

Rebel Warriors(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls B)

Rebels(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Rising Stars(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

Rose Bay Tigers(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

Sapnu Puas(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Scorpions(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Screaming Pumpkins(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

Sesame Sweep(Futsal HBT - U15/16 Boys)

Shooting Stars(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

Shredders(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Siddle's Bday Hattrick(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Skillers(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys A)

Sonic Strikers(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

South Hobart(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Southern Saints(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls B)

Southern Strikers(Futsal HBT - U10 Boys)

Southern Strikers(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys B)

Southern Strikers(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls B)

Space Aliens(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

Speedy Demons(Futsal HBT - U7/8 Boys)

Strike Kings(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

Strikers(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls B)

Super Strikers(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

Supernovas(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls B)

Swagfellas(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Team WOW(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

The Beach Boys(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

The Crocs(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

The Devils(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls A)

The Muppets(Futsal HBT - U14 Boys)

The Strikers(Futsal HBT - U7/8 Boys)

Thunder Dogs(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

Thunderbirds(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

Top Bins(Futsal HBT - U12 Boys)

Touk's Millers(Futsal HBT - Social Men B)

TOY BOYS(Futsal HBT - U15/16 Boys)

Trolls(Futsal HBT - Social Men C)

Turbo Chooks(Futsal HBT - U11 Boys)

United Unicorns(Futsal HBT - U9 Boys)

Unreal Madrid(Futsal HBT - Social Men D)

Waiminions(Futsal HBT - Youth Girls)

Waynes Warriors(Futsal HBT - U13 Boys A)

We've got Frenchy(Futsal HBT - Social Men A)

Wildfire(Futsal HBT - Junior Girls)

You Kante(Futsal HBT - Mixed)

Zebra Rockstars(Futsal HBT - U12 Boys)

Zebra Zoomers(Futsal HBT - U12 Girls A)