Teams in Hobart Zebras Football Club

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Clarence Zebras(2020 National Premier Leagues Tasmania)

Clarence Zebras(2020 Veto Women's Southern Championship )

Clarence Zebras(Youth Summer Series Under 18)

Clarence Zebras(2020 Women's Super League )

Clarence Zebras(2020 Veto Men's Southern Championship )

Clarence Zebras(Veto Southern Championship 1)

Hobart Zebras(Women's Statewide Cup)

Hobart Zebras(Statewide Under 20s)

Hobart Zebras(Womens's Summer Cup)

Hobart Zebras(Youth Summer Series - Junior Youth Girls)

Hobart Zebras(Southern Youth Under 14 Tier 2)

Hobart Zebras(Southern Youth Under 15 Tier 2)

Hobart Zebras(Southern Championship 2)

Hobart Zebras(Social League 2 Cup )