Teams in Wingham FC

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Wingham FC(Zone Premier League)

Wingham FC(MiniRoos - Manning U9)

Wingham FC(Over 35's Southern League)

Wingham FC(Womens Southern League)

Wingham FC(South - U12 A Grade)

Wingham FC(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Wingham FC(Mens Southern League )

Wingham Raiders(MiniRoos - South U10)

Wingham Wanderers(MiniRoos - South U11)

Wingham Wanderers(MiniRoos - Manning U9)

Wingham Wanderers(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Wingham Wanderers(MiniRoos - South U10)

Wingham Warriors(MiniRoos - Manning U7)

Wingham Warriors(MiniRoos - South U11)

Wingham Warriors(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Wingham Warriors(MiniRoos - South U10)