1990 1st XV111 Premiership Team







Peter Farrant



Craig Brown



Adam Walpole



Half Backs



Jason Bell



Greg Hixon (Captain (23)


John Fairley






Mark Bell



Paul McKenzie



Shane Charles



Half Forwards



Brian Michel



Russell Osborne



Patrick Ryan






Mick Power (Coach)



Danny Irwin



Glen Coghlan






Anthony Wilson



Mick Cleeland








Darren Scott










Greg Thorne



Denis Brooks








Waaia :           4.4, 9.6, 12.12, 16.18, - 16.18 (114)


Blighty:          7.2, 12.4, 16.5, 18.5, - 18.5 (113)


Waaia Goals: Danny Irwin 4, Mark Bell 2, Mick Cleeland 2, Paul McKenzie 2,

 Mick Power 1, John Fairley 1, Glen Coghlan 1, Darren Scott 1,

 Russell Osborne 1, Brian Michel 1.


Waaia Best Players: Mark Bell, Darren Scott, Mick Power, Shane Charles,

                                                   Mick Cleeland, Paul McKenzie


VCFL Best Player in the Grand Final: Mark Bell



* From Shepparton News ~ September 24, 1990


`Unbelievable ` finish to grand final


Confusion reigned after the Picola League grand final between Waaia and Blighty at Katunga yesterday.


Waaia won the flag by a point despite an appeal being lodged by Blighty after the game.


Waaia trailed all day was awarded a free kick across its half back line with just seconds remaining.


Blighty`s Grant Wilson then threw the ball away and young Goulburn Valley Football Umpires Association central umpire, David Ackland, awarded a 50m penalty to the Bombers.


The siren sounded and Ackland raised his arms to signal the end of the game.


The Waaia players bowed their heads with disappointment but Ackland stepped out the 50m penalty and Waaia ruck~rover, Mick Cleeland took the right on the 50m line.


Cleeland then unloaded with an almighty torpedo punt that sailed through at just below post height which put his side one point in front.


Blighty immediately appealed at the result, saying the game was finished at the time when Ackland raised his hands and the kick should not be awarded.


Picola League officials and the two club presidents then met with the umpires to clarify the result.


The meeting decided that Ackland`s decision to award the 50m penalty was made before the siren sounded and therefore was correct.


PFL president, David McKenzie, then announced to the crowd over the public address system that Waaia was the 1990 premiers.


Shepparton United president, Ian Marrett, who was there to lend moral support to one of his former premiership players, Waaia coach, Mick Power, said it was `the most unbelievable  finish I have seen to a football match.`




* Article from Shepparton News, on the 1990 PFL grand final ~ By Bill Ludlow*           


Bombers win back to back flags

In a sensational Picola League grand final at Katunga yesterday, Waaia won back to back flags in controversial circumstances.


After trailing all day the Bombers booted a goal after the siren to win by the barest of margins. Final scores were Waaia 16.18 (114) to Blighty 18.5 (113).


With seconds of the game to go, Blighty held a five point lead and possession of the ball on its half forward line when Grant Wilson gave away a free kick for a high tackle. He threw the ball away and was penalised 50m as the siren sounded. Umpire David Ackland threw both arms into the air to indicate the end of the game but then applied the 50m penalty.

Experienced Waaia ruck rover, Mick Cleeland, received the free kick and raced to the 50m line where Ackland indicated where the penalty was to be taken. Cleeland let go with a booming torpedo punt which sailed through for a goal.


Players and spectators were bewildered after the goal. Waaia players erupted into jubilation, however, the Blighty camp appealed and PFL officials hastily convened a meeting in the umpires` rooms.


While this was happening, the Blighty camp started cheering at the anticipation of the appeal.


But the Red Eyes` cheering was short lived and the suddenly quiet Bomber camp erupted again as PFL president, David McKenzie announced Waaia as premiers.


Logically there should be good reason for victory. In the end, nobody could understand how Waaia had won ~ or if they did, nobody was saying.


Blighty was never headed on the scoreboard until after the final siren, however, Waaia was always just in touch and its never say die courage saw it grab the flag.


A dominating centre line set the win up for Waaia with Shane Charles, Paul McKenzie and Mark Bell showing great form. Bell in particular was outstanding and it was his good work which kept Waaia in the game. Ace full forward, Danny Irwin, was well held by Gary Hare, but remained a focal point for the Bombers by booting four goals.


Coach Mick Power did a mighty job keeping his side going when Blighty appeared to have the match sewn up and was ecstatic after the final result was announced.


`I`m sorry the game ended in controversy but we finished strongly with our young side and if the game had gone another five minutes, we would have won convincingly,` he said.


Power, along with the now famous Mick Cleeland and rover Darren Scott gave the Bombers drive all around the ground.


But it was the losing side, Blighty, which had the players to catch the eye. Greg Murrawood again starred at full forward and proved a headache to Waaia with his strong marking and brute strength.


He booted four goals to half time but was switched onto the ball where he did well along with Andrew Platfuss. Red Eye half forward flanker, Lindsay Donkin, produced a classic will `o the wisp performance with eight goals, normally a match winning performance. Half back flanker, Mick Cochrane, played a hard, tough game with his fierce tackling a feature of his play. Blighty had done everything right in setting up a victory but unluckily fell at the last hurdle.

Red Eye coach, Andrew Richardson, was devastated after the game and did not wish to make any official comments but did talk about his disappointment. However, he told his hushed group of players that something good would come out of the result and that was strength of character after what he called a moral victory.



*Blighty protested to the PFL and the case was heard 10 days later. The PFL dismissed the appeal and the premiership cup remained with the Waaia Football Club.