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4 Maybe 5(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

6 Bucks(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

ACES(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Age! (Mon)(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Age! (Thurs)(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Air Ballers(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

AirBallers(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Alley-Oops(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Alley-Oopsies(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Allstars(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Andy's Angels(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Anti Ranga(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Aquaballers(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Area 51(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Average Joes(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Awkward Turtles(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

B'Lilly Ballers(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Back Hanners(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

Backcourt Violators(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

BAH(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Ball'n with ma bros(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Ballers(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Ballerz'(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Balls Up(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Bannos Bulls(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Basket Brawlers(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Basketbrawlers(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

Bayside Sonics(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Bean Counters(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

Below average (S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Best Buds(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

bG(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Bin Chickens(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Blaze(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Blazers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Blue Bandits(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Brick City(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Bulls(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Burra's(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Burrito Bandits(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Byron Ballers(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

CD Dingoes(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Charged(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Charlies Angles (S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

Chelsea Mudgutz(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Chicken Curry(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Chicken Dippers(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Chicken Noodle Hoops(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Chicken Wing Clippers(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Classic Stitch-up's(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Club(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Clueless(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Clueless(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Codgers(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Comeback Kings(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Courgoes (S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

CPL (S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Crave(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

CTG(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Dad and Co(S19/20 - Boys U18/21 - A)

Dads Army(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Dark Souls(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Dave(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Davy Jones' Locker(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

Dazzling Divas(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Dead Giveaway(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

Dejavu(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Devils(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Don't Make Us Run(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Doopers(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

Double Dribblers (S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Downtown Funky Stuff(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Dream Team(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Dribbling Mess(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Dropkick Murphys(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

Duke(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Duke Street(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Dunkin Donuts(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Eagles(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

Easier Dubs(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

East High Wildcats(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Easy Dubs(S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Ed Sheeran and co(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Everdaman(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Falcons(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Feanos(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Fireballers(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Fish On(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Flames(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Flaming Moes(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Flounders(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Flying Purple People Eaters (S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Flying Saucy's(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

Fortune and the spuds(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Franklin Turtles(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Frankston Wolfpack(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Free Willy 2(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Frost(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Gaile's Finest(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

GAMtime Lakers(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

Gas Baggers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Gecko's(S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Gelogenics(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

Giants(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

GKP Renegades (Sunday)(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Gladiators(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Globex Corp(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Good Wide Open(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Got Not Much(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Heat(S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Hellcats(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Honey Badgers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Hoops I Did It Again (S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Hot Mess(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

I want a McFlurry aye(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Ice Vipers(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Immabe(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Jack's Angels(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Jaguars(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

JayHawks(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Jetts(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

Jim's Balling(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

JPS Blues(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Juiced Up(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Juicy Goombas(S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

Karingal Knights(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

Karingal Mad Monkeys(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Knights(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Kobe Kwan Kanobi(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Kukus(S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

Langy Boyz(S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

Legends(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Legends Plus(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Lemons(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Lesgoo(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Lethal Ladies(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Litt Up(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Los Swas(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Low Expectations(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Mad Ballers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Mega Minx(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Miami Trainees (S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Mills Squad(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Mini Me Giants (Thurs)(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Mini Me Giants (Tues)(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Minimum Chips 2.0(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Misfits(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Mixed Nuts(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Monstars(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Monstars(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Monstars (Sun)(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Moose Knuckles(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Mumma Bulls(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Mumma Bulls(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

NAFAS(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Net Assets(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Neun Nyunts(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Nightstalkers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Ninkasi(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

No Ballers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

No Fancy Stuff(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Nothing But Net(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Nothing But Netflix(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

NPIRE(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Nuggets(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Oilers(S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Orange Justice(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Organised Confusion (S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Panthers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Panthers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Paper Boys(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Pass me a Vailima(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Penguins (S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Peninsula(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Peninsula Bears(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Peninsula Dolphins(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Perfect Strangers(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Perfectly Poised (S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Phoenix Firebirds(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Physio's Delight(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Pistons(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Port Royals(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

Powercables(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Pratt & Co(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Pump(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

Punjabi MC(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Purple Panthers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Rack Bros(S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Randoms(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Rattlesnakes(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Ravens(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Razorlight(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Redbacks Web (Thurs)(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Redbacks Web (Tues)(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Roadrunners(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Rogue Elephants(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Saints(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Satday Squad(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

Savages(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Score Review (S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Seaside Swans(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Shakeyadrips (S19/20 - Thursday Men B)

Shooting Stars(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

Shootyashot(S19/20 - Sunday Men)

Shot Block Crusaders (S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Silver Spurs(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Sippers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

Skye Bombers (S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Slammers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men B)

Slayin Saiyans(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

Snacc Attacc(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Sonics (Ioviero)(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Sonics (Terlaak)(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Southside Vikings(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

Space Jam(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Space Jam (Trewhitt)(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Splash Sisters(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Spuds(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Squirtle Squad(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

Stay in Yo Lane(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Steamed Hams(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

Steph's Chefs(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

STIGEF(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

Sunday Sesh(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

Sunrises(S19/20 - Wednesday Women C)

Super Troopers(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Supersonics(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

Talking Dribble(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

Team Boloz(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

Team Goose(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Team Ramrod(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Team Untz (S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

The Airballers(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D2)

The Bean Bag Boys(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

The Benchwarmers(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed C)

The Brick Layers(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

The Craptors(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

The Dabasaurs (S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

The Drizzly Bears(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

The Easy Beats(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

The Flow(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

The G.O.A.T.S(S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

The Gaels(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

The Glaciers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

The Goonies(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

The Jordettes(S19/20 - Wednesday Women D1)

The Jordies(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

The Knights(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

The Magikarps(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

The Moto Moto's(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D1)

The Nook(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

The Peanuts (S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

The Rats(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

The Reapers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D3)

The Rookies(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed C)

The Sac Kings(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

The Supremes(S19/20 - Thursday Men A)

The Swish Kebabs(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

The Team of Dreams(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed A/B)

The Tropics(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

The Velvet Fog(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

The Vipers(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

The Warriors(S19/20 - Thursday Men C1)

The Young Bloods(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Those Guys(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Tiger Eyes(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed D)

TMC(S19/20 - Thursday Men D1)

Torstie(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D1)

Tropics(S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

TSG(S19/20 - Wednesday Mixed D2)

Tune Squad (S19/20 - Monday Men D3)

Tune Squad(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

Turkeys (S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

Upotipotpon Utopians(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Utah(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Velvet Thunder(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Venomenoms 2.0(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Vertical Smirk(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

Vicious nd Delicious(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Vikings(S19/20 - Monday Men A)

Vipers(S19/20 - Tuesday Men C)

Warrior Women(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Washington Generals(S19/20 - Thursday Men C2)

Wham!(S19/20 - Tuesday Men D2)

When's Smoko(S19/20 - Monday Men D2)

Who Needs J(S19/20 - Monday Men C3)

Who's Hook(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Whose Your Daddy?(S19/20 - Sunday Masters Men)

Whykickamoocow(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Wiggles(S19/20 - Wednesday Women A)

Wii Not Fit(S19/20 - Monday Morning Women)

Wii Not Fit!(S19/20 - Wednesday Women B)

Wildcats(S19/20 - Sunday Mixed A/B)

Windsox(S19/20 - Monday Men B)

Winfield Jets (S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Wolfpack(S19/20 - Monday Men D1)

Word G(S19/20 - Thursday Men D2)

WUWAF(S19/20 - Tuesday Men A)

Yeah The Boys(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)

ZF(S19/20 - Monday Men C2)

Zingoes(S19/20 - Monday Men C1)