Jo Moore at 3 0n 3

Bundaberg Celtics Basketball Association Inc.


in association with the Queensland Governments Active Inclusion Program

are pleased to announce the beginning of


The 3 0n 3 Hip Hop Challenge and Dance Competition

Starts February 10 at 6 til 7:30pm


Thursday nights at the YMCA will soon be providing a platform for the youth of Bundaberg to practice and perform in the following disciplines.


1. 3 0n 3 basketball - Get some friends and form a team to compete in the latest basketball craze hitting our streets


2. Breakdance - Come and feel the excitement as Tham dang and his B-Boy crew electrify the crowds and give you an opportunity to showcase your skills


3. Beat Boxing and MC'S will also take to the stage and showcase just exactly what talent there is in Bundaberg


 All our participants will also be invited to join classes from our qualified instructers during the week and hone your skills and performance repertoire



In the future we plan to hold festivals and reward the winning crews with opportunities to perform at other festivals in other cities







Come along and help us create a spectacular show






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