Bundaberg Celtics Basketball Association Inc.

are currently working with Ausport to provide the service for Active After School Care in the Bundaberg and greater region.

The Active After School Care program encourages children to participate in fun, game based activities that help to keep them fit and happy.

We also use the services of Duncan Aldred, the regional co-ordinator to provide training for our Youth Leadership and Development Program.

This enables all our participants to gain important coaching techniques and receive a springboard to employment in the Active After School Care program.

We have a wide variety of coaches that can fill the need in many sports.

We are currently coaching at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School.

If you are interested in developing a program with AASC YOU CAN CONTACT US AND WE WILL DO WHATEVER WE CAN TO ASSIST.

Next Training course

Community Coach Training




The Community Coach Training Course is designed to teach the principles of modifying activities to help engage children more effectively in physical activity. It is aimed at coaches of all ability levels as the principles can be applied at several levels of children’s learning. Completion of the full course provides participants with their Level 1 General Principles of Coaching Certificate. However to be certified in this, participants must be at least 16 years of age.


What will you learn?

The training is geared to enhance your skills in your role as a community coach.  The topics covered include a brief revision of the philosophy of the program, communication tips, and further advice for engaging children in activities. The emphasis in the training is on the application of the knowledge as a GameSense deliverer and sharing your experiences with others involved with the AASC program. 


Why Gamesense?

GameSense has been proven to be an effective coaching method that focuses on learning through experience rather than through repetitive skill drills.  Game sense is based on an inclusive philosophy, which seeks to equally include all children regardless of their level of skill.  This fits well within the AASC philosophy as we seek to engage traditionally inactive children.


How do I register?

To register interest in attending a course please contact: 



REGISTER NOW!!!If you have any further queries, please call

Duncan Aldred on 4153 3796 or 0427 700 931


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