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25 October 2008

The YMCA Fitness of Bundaberg is very pleased to support Bundaberg Celtics Basketball Association Inc. We see the aims and future desires of the association stand in line with the YMCA’s values, in particular promoting community participation and a healthy active lifestyle for children.

The Bundaberg Celtic Basketball Association has successfully conducted in a very professional manner the ‘Future Superstars League’ for 3 seasons now. The way the group are willing to do whatever they can to ensure the children not only have a great time whilst learning new skills but also imparting on them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is admirable.

In the future we will continue to work with the Bundaberg Celtics Basketball Association and offer discounts to the group to develop their Superstar Academy. We will offer facilities for them to utilise such as our stadium, craft room and kitchen area.

There has been tremendous feedback from the entire community about the program and seeing the smiles on the participant’s faces says it all. This is truly a wonderful program for our youth and the children will be learning many valuable life skills to take with them into adulthood.

The Bundaberg YMCA Fitness would like to offer our continued support for the group both now and into the foreseeable future.

Yours Sincerely

Donna Morgan

Fitness Centre and 60 & Better Program Manager

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Blair Smith

To Whom It May Concern:


In my role as a basketball development officer for Central Queensland, in my opinion by far the most successful program that has been run in terms of attracting new children to the sport of basketball has been the Future Superstars League that has been run in Bundaberg. Their model of not only introducing the children to the sport of basketball, but also the concept of a healthy lifestyle by providing the children with healthy food and drink is one that I have copied throughout Central Queensland with great success.

The reason I believe this concept is so good is that it gets children introduced to not only physical activity in a fun manner, but also addresses the problems of child obesity by teaching the children at a very early age about eating well, and also introduces them to great role models in the athletes and coaches that deliver the program.

With the success that the Future Superstars League has had with them introducing hundreds of children to basketball in the last year as well as tremendous response I have had with over 150 children between 4 and 9 years old joining my chapters of the Future Superstars League in Yeppoon and Gladstone in the last month, I believe the natural progression of the concept will be to an interregional competition.

I also believe the success of the program is strongly hinged on the ability to provide an inexpensive program to the children through sponsorship and grants. In Yeppoon and Gladstone I have been very fortunate to be able to offer these programs at a very low price through sponsorship of local businesses. In the current economic climate, having the ability to offer an activity for young children that is extremely cheap is something parents will actively seek out.

The response I have when I have visited schools in the Bundaberg, Yeppoon and Gladstone regions to promote these programs has been massive. The reasons I have been given by the parents is that basketball is a sport that is relatively contact free, is played indoors, introduces children to the concept of teamwork and is an excellent platform for children to develop their fine motor skills such as passing and catching.

It is for these reasons that I feel that the Future Superstars League is an excellent vehicle for delivering the healthy eating message.


Yours truly,

Blair Smith


Central Queensland Basketball Development Officer



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Peter and Tania Edwards

Date: 27th October, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to register our support for the basketball program run by Anthony Parry at the YMCA each Saturday morning. It is wonderful to see 80 or more children participating in some fairly intense physical activity while learning valuable game skills and developing positive lifelong attitudes towards sport, competition, health and physical well-being.

Our son, Nathaniel (8 years old), loves the 3 hour program and would happily stay for longer if the program went longer.  Nathaniel has Cerebral Palsy and is severely Vision Impaired but participates fully in the program thanks to the wonderful skill, understanding and planning undertaken by Anthony and his assistants. All aspects of Nathaniel’s disabilities are taken into account and he is provided with extra assistance, direction and explanations where necessary.

We would love to see more programs for children with disabilities in Bundaberg and the program currently run by Anthony and his assistants would serve well as a model to follow.

It is our understanding that Anthony has a vision to expand the basketball program and is seeking Federal funding to assist in this expansion. After watching our son participate in this program for 2 seasons, we fully support Anthony in his vision and urge you to provide this wonderful program with the ongoing funding that it requires to reach an even greater group of children, including the disabled, the socially disadvantaged and the homeless.


Yours sincerely


Peter and Tania Edwards

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Nicole McDonald

Nicole McDonald

31 Santina Drive,

Bundaberg 4670




To whom it may concern,

"Last year my 9 year old daughter Paris attended the FUTURE SUPERSTARS LEAGUE run by Anthony Parry and Anthony Schlotzer.

 What a wonderful surprise to see so many children turn up and continue to come back every Saturday. Many of these kids had never played Basketball before and every week you could see them improve. The excitement that filled the YMCA was so wonderful.

 The coaches had all the kids under control in their respective groups learning different drills.

My daughter Paris and many of the other kids then continued to play in the Friday night competition and were picked in the Under 12,s Rep team that travelled to Gladstone, Yeppoon and Rockhampton.

`I would like to see the FUTURE SUPERSTARS LEAGUE continue and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this programme to any parent who wishes to see their kids learn a team sport and exercise and have fun at the same time."


Nicole McDonald

31 Santina Drive

Bundaberg 4670

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Tracey Milsom

Tracey Milsom

237 Pine Creek Rd

Pine Creek, 4670

(07) 4157 9884

14th September, 2008



To Whom It May Concern:

A year ago I meet Anthony Parry when my daughter expressed an interest in playing basketball. He met us as we arrived at the Century 21 complex and made us feel most welcome. He organized a team for her to play in and invited her to the practice days. While Anthony was very friendly and courteous to me I was more impressed with the way in which he related to my daughter and the other children. I felt that the encouragement he gave was as useful as the rules and sporting instruction. During holiday workshops they not only discussed basketball, but healthy lifestyles and nutrition – which affected some of our habits at home.


Since that beginning my daughter has gone on to participate in the under 14 Bundaberg representative team, which won their division in this year’s Queensland Classics. I have also had two of my other children express an interest in basketball. One of them while not very athletically inclined was so impressed with Anthony’s approach that she was willing to give it a try.


I have found Anthony to be a fine example to my children. He is kind, fair and well liked while also maintaining discipline with a large group of youngsters – no mean feat. I would recommend him in any endeavor involving the teaching and motivation of young people.



Tracey Milsom.

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