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Neena Walker

Player Name; Neena Walker

DOB 12.11.69 

Years playing Basketball 3

Current Teams; Murri Chics, Goori Flames Utd. Celtics 

Playing History; Playing for about 3 years and enjoying it immensely. 

Coaching History; N/A 

Aspirations or goals for basketball; To keep improving and encouraging others to play or be involved. 

Dream job; Already got it. Just kidding probably a cruise director. 

Why u joined the Celtics; Love Pags and Aaron and wanted to join with a club that wants to promote the game of b ball,                                             

                                             The Celtics club also focuses on the development and participation of youth and juniors and grass roots people. 

Most admired sports people; Aaron Wade  

Most admired people; I love everyone. 

Most admired basketball players; N/A 

Favourite Movie; Too many to type. 

Favourite Music; Easy listening, funk, rock, hip hop, R&B 

Favourite Books; Romance. 

Why do you get out of bed each day; Everyday is a blessing I get to spend with my children.

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