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Ben & Beau Bergen

Twin Scholarships

Dreams can come True

In every way possible the Bergen Boys, Ben & Beau are the epitome of every coaches Dream. Their commitment to the game of basketball and all the extra little things it takes to be successful has to be seen to be believed.

I really enjoy training, we train at 6.00am before school two days a week. We also train most afternoons for BBC or Brisbane Capitals Gold for Premier League.” Ben Bergen

“I enjoy training as the effort you put in shows with team selections and with my ability to run the court.”

“I’m really enjoying Queensland State training with Dale Ryan as you learn so much.” Beau Bergen

This hard work and desire to be the best they can be has taken them from a small regional town directly into a full scholarship at Brisbane Boys College (BBC).

BBC is a great school. Boarding took some getting used to but now I enjoy it. Didn’t realize how much mum and dad did for me until now. We get heaps of homework about 1.5 hours per night. In the GPS (Greater Private Schools) competition nearly whole school turns up at all our home games, our pipe band performs as we run out through a tunnel of students for the Firsts V games. 300 to 400 students packing the stadium and the college mascot the Highlander working the audience up, the atmosphere is unbelievable.” Beau said.

“I’m really enjoying my time here at BBC now it’s much easier and have settled into the Boarding routine and have made heaps of mates. The food is great, the college is excellent. We have prep every night in which we study or do homework for an hour and a half. The basketball is by far the best part of BBC and my First V team were Runners Up this GPS season. We are off to Newcastle for the National Championships in a fortnight so I’m looking forward to that.

“I’ve set myself a goal that when I finish here in 2 years I’m heading off to the USA to get a career and play College Ball. Then with what I’ve learnt come home and play QBL or SEABL and ultimately NBL.” Ben

“Train hard, as the harder you work at trainings the more you learn and the fitter you become. I was lucky to have had training from Anthony Parry, Blair Smith and Michael Van dongen which helped me greatly while in Bundaberg which also contributed to me gaining a Scholarship at BBC. Set yourself a goal and try and stick to it. Love the Game.” Beau

“ I only started playing 4 years ago. So if you train hard, and play harder you will succeed. My brother and I were lucky that dad and mum give us every opportunity in sport. Listen to your coaches as I was taught heaps when I was with the Celtics Youth Leadership program.” Ben Bergen

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