Training Schedules


Bayside Jets has training to suit all levels from beginners to advanced level players. We have secured several indoor courts in the local area to ensure every team is given the opportunity to train together each week.

Wynnum State School - 81 Boxgrove Avenue, Wynnum

 Monday    Tuesday     Wednesday  Thursday   Friday   
 6-7pm  6-7pm  6-7pm  6-7pm  6-7pm
 7-8pm  7-8pm  7-8pm  7-8pm  7-8pm
 8-9pm  8-9pm  8-9pm  8-9pm  8-9pm

Wynnum West State School - 80 School Road (entrance at rear) is our new home to Basketball Development. Coach Martin will host additional training sessions that cater to a variety of skill levels. All financial Bayside Jets Club members who wish to work on improving their game are welcome to attend.

 Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday   Friday   

Wynnum Christian Community Church - 161 Preston Rd, Manly West


 Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday  
  4-5:30pm  4-5pm  4-5pm        


   Avail for hire

  7-8:30pm  4-5pm  4-5pm  


   Avail or hire



Outstanding fees are now due

If you have an outstanding debt from a previous season at the Jets, we would appreciate your payment. Please ensure you include a player name as a reference if paying by bank transfer.

We aim to show understanding if you are experiencing financial difficulty and wish to ensure every child can continue playing the Basketball Season uninterupted. Contact is key, as we cannot assist with, what we do not know.

Please contact: