Team Lists

2021 Winter Season Lists

The final 2021 Winter Season team lists for the junior program are attached. 

Please note the club has endeavored to put forward the best team combinations - teams which are competitive but also allow for individual player development.  

Teams are selected taking into consideration overall team numbers, team balance and player attributes. 


Individual player attributes that have been assessed include:

• Age and standard of previous basketball experience

• Basketball skills, decision making ability (game sense) and suitability to positions (for example does the the team need guards or forwards)

• Athleticism, speed and development potential

• Work Ethic - are they willing to put in the effort at both ends of the court in games and in training

• Coachability - do they listen and follow instructions

• Attitude – are they a team player and can they work with their team mates


Information about your child's attributes has been attained from:

• Their previous TSC coaches

• Their performance at the selection trials

• Their performance and attitude during the pre-season training 


If a player or family would like feedback on the rationale for any decision the club will endeavour to provide feedback on your child's performance (noting there will be no specific feedback for the player if the decision was based on team composition). However, the club will not negotiate the movement of players, the teams are final.


We recognise that team selection can be a difficult and emotive time for some players (and parents) and we ask that you recognise that our selections are:

• Thorough, fair and objective

• Undertaken by people within the club who have demonstrated basketball knowledge and expertise, including Representative High Performance Coaches

• Based on the input of multiple coaching staff and the Coordinators

• Where there is a conflict of interest, a final decision is made by an unrelated person

• Based on solid basketball principles and consistent with our goals of encouraging basketball participation and player development


If your child wishes to receive feedback on their performance, please contact the relevant Coordinator at or