Any communication needs to recognise that our coaches, managers and committee are volunteers so concerns must be raised in a respectful, appropriate and constructive way.




If your complaint is in relation to the club, it should be raised with your team coach or manager. If your complaint is about team selection, contact the boys or girls coordinators ( or


If your complaint can’t be addressed by the relevant official, you can contact our President at




If you have a complaint during a game, players and parents are asked to raise the matter with the team manager or coach to address with the appropriate court official. Only the team manager or coach can approach officials with complaints during a game. The team is held responsible for all actions of any person associated with the team (including spectators) in accordance with section 10 of the Basketball ACT Competition Rules and By-Laws.


Post-game complaints are to be sent to the President who will investigate the matter and advise you of the action the club will take. This could include lodging a formal complaint with Basketball ACT from the club or deeming it inappropriate to pursue the matter further.

The club cannot support complaints raised directly with Basketball ACT, including any from team coaches and managers, players and parents. It is also unlikely for Basketball ACT to investigate a complaint that does not have club support.   Please note that raising a complaint directly with Basketball ACT could also be considered a breach of the club’s Players' and Parents’ Codes of Conduct.