Codes of Behaviour


I will abide by the club's "Parent Code of Behaviour" of: 

  1. Being a positive role model for the club. Being aware of how I act and what I say about our club, the coaches, managers and committee. Bringing my concerns to the club to be addressed.
  2. Always communicating with our club coaches, managers and committee in a respectful, appropriate and constructive manner.
  3. Supporting the club coaches and managers and respecting their decisions. Not instructing my child, or any other child, in training or games or approaching the players’ bench during games.
  4. Respecting the referees and court officials. Not arguing with referees or court officials to ensure that the team cannot be held responsible for my actions under the BACT’s Competition Rules and By-Laws. [Refer to the Club Complaints Policy - Complaints - Tuggeranong Southern Cross - SportsTG]  
  5. Supporting my child to enjoy and have fun playing basketball. Praising, encouraging and supporting my child to make their own decisions in games and training on the direction of their coach. I will not pressure my child about winning or losing. 
  6. Undertaking my turn at score bench duties during the season and in doing so, remaining impartial and not disagreeing with the referees.
  7. Ensuring that my child understands and abides by the club's Player Code of Behaviour. 



I will represent the club’s values when taking the court by: 

  1. Playing by the rules. 
  2. Treating players in my team, my club and on the opposition, as I would like to be treated. Not interfering with, bullying or taking unfair advantage of another player. 
  3. Co-operating with my coach, team mates and opponents.  Without them there would be no competition. 
  4. Never arguing with a referee or court official.  If I disagree with a decision, I will speak to my coach or manager instead.
  5. Controlling my temper.  Abusing officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable in any sport. 
  6. Being a good sport.  Applauding all good plays whether by my team or the opposition.
  7. Working equally hard for myself and my team.  The team's performance will benefit and so will mine.
  8. Playing for the fun of it, not just to please parents or coaches or just to win.