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The Fees payable for the Autumn 2021 season will be as follows:


One Junior         $260.00

Two Juniors      $495.00

Three Juniors    $715.00

Four Juniors      $800.00


We are pleased to announce that fees have remained the same as the Autumn 2020 season. We would like to say a big thank to the Bendigo Bank for their contribution.

Bendigo Bank have Your Best Interest at Heart.


Gabrielle Sutherland
PO BOX 593 Diamond Creek, Vic 3089



Seniors $30.00

(Note Senior Mens and Womens fee where no Training venue is funded)

Fees are not refundable. If you feel you have exceptional circumstances that justify a refund then state these in an email to for the Committee's consideration.

Registration Autumn Jan - Jun 2020

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