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With the increasing professionalism of the AFL competition, far greater numbers of AFL players employ the services of Player Agents to provide a range of services for the player. More players employing Player Agents has resulted in a significant growth in the number of Player Agents. This in turn has caused greater competition by Player Agents for players and hence greater efforts by Player Agents to attract clients.


In 1996 the AFL and the AFLPA jointly established the AFL/AFLPA Players Agents Accreditation Scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that AFL Player Agents have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of all the important issues relating to the AFL Draft, Player Rules, Standard Playing Contract and Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Player Agents wishing to gain accreditation need to complete an examination on these issues as well as demonstrate to the AFL and AFLPA that they are financially sound business people with an appropriate level of qualifications and experience commensurate with the range of services they wish to provide.

Players may only be managed by Accredited Agents.


There are essentially two types of AFL Player Agents:

a)      Player Agents who's primary involvement with the player is to negotiate the player's   Playing contract with his AFL club.

b)      Player Managers who in addition to negotiating the player's contract provide the player with a range of other services such as:

* Financial Advice
* Legal Advice
* Marketing Advice
* General Personal Advice


AFL Victoria is very concerned regarding the increasing trend of approaches by Player Agents to TAC Cup players prior to the players being drafted and particularly during the TAC Cup season and finals period.

For obvious reasons AFL Victoria believes such approaches can create false expectations with players regarding the likelihood of them being drafted and also cause distraction for players who should be focussing on their football, VCE study / and or work commitments.

Reference should be made to the enclosed 
AFLPA Regulations Governing Accredited Agents and theAccredited Agents' Code of Conduct which amongst other things stipulates:

a)      The Accredited Agent's initial approach to a Player must be through a letter of introduction.
b)      The Player's club must be notified of the Accredited Agent's intention to approach the Player.
c)      No Accredited Agent is to approach an eligible player whilst he is participating in a State League final series.
d)      Players are not to be approached prior to, during, or immediately after games or training sessions.
e)      Accredited Agents are not to attend the AFL Draft camp.


The following are recommended as questions which players and parents should ask a prospective agent:

i)       Is the Manager an AFL Accredited Manager?
ii)      What experience does the Manager have in managing players, in particular young draft picks? What players does the Agent currently manage and how long has he/she been a manager? 
iii)      What AFL clubs has the Manager dealt with and has he/she dealt with the club the player is going to?
iv)      What other relevant employment has the Manager had or currently has that assists him/her act as a Player Manager?
v)      What fee does the Manager charge and what services does the Manager provide such as contract negotiation, financial planning, tax lodgement, marketing and promotions, career education and counselling?
vi)      Does the Manager have an office in the city where the player is going to be relocated or how prepared is he/she to travel interstate when required by the player?
vii)     What does the Manager know about relocation, accommodation, medical funds, superannuation, education and employment opportunities?
viii)    Has the Manager got a financial background?
ix)      What on going support does the Manager offer throughout the course of the contract?
x)      Does the Manager understand the Rules of the AFL?

Players are also recommended to contact the AFLPA (ph: 03 9867 8399) regarding the credentials of Player Agents who make contact.

A list of Accredited Player Agents can be obtained by contacting the AFLPA on ph: 03 9867 8399 or

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