New Website

Today we move into a new era of communication. The club's website is moving house. Our new address is:    You may experience delays of up to a day depending on your server.

Our thanks to Sportingpulse for the last 3 years, but the family has expanded and our needs are somewhat different (although a link for results/ladders/fixtures and player stats is imstalled). The new site has been built by Tim Forest of Toledoh Enterprises, to our skeleton specifications and Tim's eye for design and detail. We couldn't be happier.

Besides the communication and club harmony the site will foster, we have the capacity for direct marketing, bulk filtered SMSing, newsletters, personalised page contact between coaches and players, community service and importantly, sponsorship space and a growing business directory.  We  have no hesitation in recommending Tim for all your needs in web design, applications, social networking and project marketing.

So, get on. Point, hover and click and work your way around the site, and don't foget to register and log-in each time to receive information from team coach/management about your nominated team of interest. There is a 'help' section on the new site.

Your registration will be manually approved against team lists. Site visitors who are not family or team members will not have access to personalised team pages, but they will have access to all other features. In the case of senior and under 18s, only players will have access to personalised team pages.

Should you have any equiries, please address to

PS The public calendar is in a state of confusion until the stars and planets align. Please bear with us.

PPS Dave "Twopence" Moran, ex President and current wheelchair bound stroke victim, keep on getting on each morning. One day, we will get a masseuse to relieve what must be painful boredom. Every reader is to reflect on Dave this morning, however briefly. Good bloke Twopence.


Aid Cup games 12 March 2011 (2 x 20 min halves)

Pleasing day at the footy for this scribe.


John Greening to be elevated to legend status

Club member and in-house bookie loved for his generous figures, John Greening, will become an official club legend (at Collingwood - he has to do a bit more before he can think of becoming a legend at Broady) this month.

Adapted from a Mike Sheehan article in the Herald Sun.


Door Prizes

There were probably 20 names drawn by the barrel girl (Perko) last night. At least one was suss, another deserving and another, a Cohen Bros tragedy.  

Suss: The barrel girl's wife, Heather, resplendent in Davy Jones Black, walked in the door and went directly to the cash register. Did not pass Go, no jail, $100 off the top.

Deserving: Wayne Sauer ran faster than his son on his way to Toowomba to collect his Larry Large One. He had to. As usual he was doing something for the under 18s out on the track and had only 20 seconds to front the cash register. He made it.

Tragedy: The one night Sharon Sauer was not at the club doing something for the juniors, her number came up. But the real tragedy was when Wayne refused to split his winnings!  




For those players who break the wrong arm, wrist or whatever

It is remarkable what our wives leave in the magazine rack in the dunny. Take this revolutionary Toilet Comfort Wipe, which is now on the market. This is fair dinkum (from



To all the Coaches and Team Managers and other officials who have given up their time to learn how to post information to the new website which will be up, up and away presently. All teams, from Auskick to Seniors, will have their PRIVATE BLOG  and TEAM pages for respectively private and public domain communication purposes.



Dave "Twopence" Moran, wheel chair bound since a stroke late last year, is beginning to appreciate his wheelchair after lifts to and from the H & A Oval with Fults in the driver's seat. 

Dave is also demanding equal opportunity when it comes to BBQing. A raging expert on the finer points of producing charred meat, he is demanding a redesign of the BBQ so he can continue to refine the noble art of applying heat to meat. Any takers before he sues the club?



Pedigree for Success in NEAFL

From the AFLQ site.  Certainly lays down the challenge for the Catters.


Hard to believe

The Clough Brothers are experts at digging up dirt and provided a gem over a beer last night. Every Mum's favourite and darling of the Toorak set, Jimmy Hird, has been acting like a rhyming slang of himself, with another worldwide household name (female), and has been banished from the family abode. Where do they come from?


Canteen Convenor


We are looking for someone to manage the canteen for season 2011.

Days = Thursday & Friday nights, Home games Sat & Sundays.
This is a paid position and will be going for around 25-28 weeks.

IMMEDIATE START to the right applicant.

Possible Job Share role. ABN number required.

Please contact Brendan Sexton or Sharon Sauer for more details or apply by sending a brief resume by email to:


Brendan  0419 704352

Sharon 0417 352535


New Website

Will be open for business asap post training. In the meantime, we have created some community service aspects to the site, including 'wanted to buy, sell, and positions vacant' pages.  It would be great to open up with some items on these pages, so if you have any items or services for buying or selling let us know with a short description, price etc and a photo if possible. Same goes for positions vacant or indeed, flog yourself as being available for work. Free, gratis, out of the goodness of our community hearts.  We promise not to compete with Eco-Vida, unless.......

Send all text and images to


Saturday 12 March

At Cooke - Murphy Oval (Labrador)

-       12.50pm Broadbeach (Blue Shorts – Home Rooms) v GC Scorpions 1 (White Shorts – Away Rooms)

-       3.10pm Broadbeach (Blue Shorts – Home Rooms) v Gold Coast Suns Reserves (Red Shorts – Away Rooms)

 Games to operate under Laws of Australian Football 2011 (except Substitute, and Interchange Breach Rules – New Advantage Rule 17.3 to apply)

Games will consist of 2 x 20 minute halves with no time on, a 10 minute break at half time (clubs are asked to stay on the ground) with 20 minutes between games. All games must start on time

Clubs may play a minimum of 22 and a maximum of 28 players per game



Please Rose

For all you Charlie Sheen devotees, and there are heaps going by player questionnaires, Rob Lowe is the hot favourite to take over in two and a half.


Eight Twenty11

The ever popular Eight Twenty11 is on again. Tipping is a skill but real expertise is put on the line with seasonal predictions. Please send your predictions before 23 March 2011 to exactly as follows:

1. Final Eight with number of games won

2. Grand finalists

3. Premiers

4. Brownlow Medallist

5. Wooden Spooners


Footy Tipping

We don't need this advice, partly because his view of Collinwood's invincibility, but some of you may appreciate it.

Age footy scribe Martin Blake is acutely aware that rarely do all of favourites in a round of footy all taste victory, so it helps to take a calculated gamble on certain results.

"Never just go with the favourites. Back yourself to take at least two outsiders every week because we all know that eight favourites never gets up. If you select eight favourites, you won’t get anywhere,’’ Blake says of one of his golden rules of tipping.

Aside from rolling the dice with selected results, Blake also follows the following tipping guidelines: "If in doubt, pick the home team, especially if the visiting team is travelling. Don’t pick against Sydney at the SCG. Never pick against Collingwood, period.’’

"Remember that if you average five wins a week you will be right up there in most tipping competitions. It’s like golf. It’s not about being perfect.

"Personnel is crucial. Go the injury lists in the paper and on and check who’s likely to play. It’s worth the five minutes it takes to do.’’


Junior Fashion

Go the Gallery and open the tag "Training Shorts" (For a glimpse click on 'more')

The junior training shorts being modelled will hopefully be available for purchase at a price to be determined, partly based on expressed interest. Please contact Lynda Gumley for further information (apologies for the blow-up quality)


Football or WWF?

Campbell Brown

The madness goes to new heights or perhaps returns to a Lou Richards level. (i) Acker reckons Fevalenko will join him in Tassy, and (ii) Campbell Brown vows to drag it up if Brisvegas  knocks over the Suns this season.

Campbell Brown the meter maid. Picture: Ron Lerner Source: Herald Sun


GWS dangles huge bait to snare stars

Jake Niall, the Age 7 March 2011, reviews likely GWS offers. Can you remember when footy was played for fun and you would walk across broken glass to get a game?


CDM commences duties today 7 March

Jarrod Field comes in from the cold today. Back to where he belongs? Please make him feel welcome.


Training Runs

There were three training runs on the coast yesterday. In one the swannies or Goodsey cantered home, in another Nic Ellis ran from Lennox Head to Cooly and back for training, and in the last, Broadbeach's list outdid themselves. All players got home in record time in the one km time trial; all players scored the max 60 in the sprint drills; all players loved the Tabata; all players made the right decisions in the playmakers drills; and all players indulged in IEA. Some inadequate photos of Broady training are in the Gallery tagged Training 5 March, one in particular displaying Bel and Anna bludging 'cos there was nobody to treat.

On other than a lighter side, it seems preposterous that we may go into a season without a fully fledged competitive game against appropriate opposition. ???


New Sensation sweeping the GC: The Full Broady

With apologies to the Full Monty.

Name the players?


Saturday 5 March

The Mt Gravatt Ground is under water and unplayable. There will be a Red Hot Go  training session Saturday 5 March 10am - 12 Midday (Cats Clock)  at Coolangatta (in behind Kirra - Peaks Oval).

7$ meals at the Cooly Club from Midday on.  All invited.


Player Profiles

The club's new website is closing in on wooshka take-off! And in keeping with club's professional vision, we would like it to be a 'professional portal' to the club and its people. All players on the senior list, or who have played in the seniors/magoos are requested to complete the profiles and return electronic copies  to Geoff Bower at  If you don't have a copy, send a request for same to either Geoff or Rick on

Geoff has also suggested that we express our condolences to the pommie cricket team.


Off the Bench

How will the substitute on the pine be identified.  Mark Stevens reveals all in the Herald Sun, March 2, 2011

Darren Jolly

Collingwood's Darren Jolly sports the substitute vest during the NAB Cup. Picture: Colleen Petch Source: Herald Sun


The AFL have life members as well as a Hall of Fame

The Age,

March 2, 2011

THREE key figures in Geelong's domination over the past four years have received AFL life membership. Former president Frank Costa, vice-president and former player Gareth Andrews and two-time premiership defender Darren Milburn are among seven new life members. Fremantle coach Mark Harvey, former Adelaide captain and new Essendon assistant coach Simon Goodwin, Brownlow medallist Gerard Healy and former Western Bulldogs wingman Nathan Eagleton will also receive the honour. Costa retired as Cats president late last year after more than 30 years' involvement with the club.


Hawks sign New Zealand pair

On the AFL website 28 Feb 2011,  Nat Edwards documents a couple of Kiwi recruits at Hawthorn.

From memory the Kiwis have played in the last two Aussie Rules International Cup Grand Finals, both against PNG, winning and losing one. It's not surprising to see our game regaining the prominence it once enjoyed in the Shaky Isles in pre WWII era. 

There is room in the NEAFL northern conference for the PNG side and in the southern conference for the Kiwis, then youth from those two countries will have real choices.

Height and weight

We've been doing a few player profiles and while it is obvious that there is a weight - height relationship, (ie. a tall bloke is likely to be a heavier than a small bloke), it is remarkable how many players of xyz height in centimetres is yz kilograms.  Check yourself out. Wonder if it is applicable to the fairer gender?


Intra club game

Hot conditions greeted players at Carrara for the final intra hit out before the one and only inter club game next week  (be there) at Mt Gravatt. Sides were selected in primary school fashion during the week until all players were allocated to a Blue and White or Red team coached by Matt Angus and Llyod Briggs respectively.  Briggsy had a slight advantage in that Tim Searl was his assistant.

For what it is worth final scores were B & W: 14  12  96 def. Reds 7  7  49

B & W: Eagle 5 (and 5 behinds), Scott Lindeblad 3, Matt Henneker 2 and Liam Frawley, Mitch Scales, Darin Stewart and Shorty 1 each

Reds: Cookie 3, Knuckles Emery, Morrow, Simmo and Jacko 1 each.

Pleasing turnout and a fair trial of a well loaded play book. Revelation for ours was Scott Lindeblad (hope we have the spelling correct) who provided the narrative for the first half when all were up and about in efforts to impress. Others that caught the eye were the Eagle with a productive 5 goals 5 from one half of footy; transistion plays from stoppages that featured Tinka to the rampaging Eagle,  Fults to the Eagle (and back) and Gearzy to anyone in space.  At the other end Knuckles Emery found the Qld zephrys a little different from those in Sydney and he finished with 1 from 7, while Cookie, resplendent in a new lycra outfit looked the goods and finished with 3. In amongst the experience there appeared plenty of forward options, lots to like in the engine room, and thinking options down back that defy Colonel Gaffidi's defence of Tripoli (they're all on drugs). One had the feeling that the big picture was being outlined before being filled in. Got a bit testy in the final stanza when Matt observed "Your mob's turned into a rabble Briggsy"

Interesting test next week.  Some images are in the gallery tagged Feb 26. Some fantastic sporting images by Mark Ellis are tagged Feb 26 Ellis - not hard to pick the difference.


Merrimac Underbelly

Bob Walters' past caught up with him this morning.
To make a long story short: Arriving at the crack of, Bob was motivating himself to commence work and clean the clubrooms when a mystery ute entered the car park. Suspicious of a further break-in, Bob surveyed the vehicle in question  until a burly individual approached him while surrepticiously exposing a holster and pistol. What would you do? Exactly, but the armed one caught up with Bob, brought him to ground and with gun in hand, demanded information. Bob spied Les Sheers walking his pet Dobermann and called him up, but to no avail. Under threat of shooting, Bob was jack marched back to the clubrooms and invited in. Naturally he refused until ID was produced. Last we heard Bob nicked off to the comforting arms of Stalk, and none the wiser as to the identity of the armed person. Bobby Walters - Hero !


Management Committee Members IV and V

The final in a series of get to know your senior Management Committee Members. A mixed bunch of old, oldest, brand new and Guanaba new. We give you Dale Perkins, Bryan Wilkinson, David Fitzgerald and Ken Skrinis.


Footballer hits himself in the face with opponent's arm

If you ask any Australian fan their biggest gripe about the world game, chances are they'll talk about players diving for free kicks (and maybe even mention a 2006 World Cup match between Australia and Italy).

However, a player in a recent South American under-20 World Cup qualifier has taken cheating to new depths.

With his team a goal down and ten minutes from defeat in the match against Ecuador, Chilean left back Bryan Carrasco - desperate for a free kick to get his side back in the match - grabbed his opponent's arm, hit himself in the face, and collapsed to the turf.  (The vision is great, see:

Unfortunately for Carrasco, the entire incident was caught on camera. Multiple slow-motion replays of the sordid affair, replete with cackling commentators in the background, now flood the web.

Fortunately for the good of the game sporting justice prevailed - Edson Motano, the Ecuadorian whose limb inadvertently became a weapon, was awarded a free kick.

Ecuador went on to win the game and dash and with it Chile's hopes of qualifying for the 2012 Olympics in London.

The Age,

Tom McKendrick
February 25, 2011

Can we assume AFLQ umpies will be under same starters orders?

The AFL umpires will crack down, will AFLQ umpies crack it as well?  From the Age, 24 Feb, 2011


Training Notice

Commencing Monday 28 February, last week for Monday (at Robina) and Wednesday training at H&A Oval.

For week commencing Monday 7 March, training to be Tuesday and Thursday at H&A Oval. Post Round 1, to include Monday nights for game video review, player meetings, injury treatment etc..


Pre season game schedule

Intra Club: Saturday 26 Feb 9.30am at Carrara Training Track = Cat Clock 8.20am for players

Mt Gravatt: Saturday 5 March Under 18s, Magoos and Seniors at 9.30, 11.30 and 2.00pm respectively at Dittmar Park

Twenty20s: Sat 12 March @ Southport v the SUNs and Under 18 Academy side ( 2 games 2 x 20 mins. First gametime TBA); Sat 19 March @ Labrador v Labrador and Scorpions (2 games 2x 20 mins. First gametime TBA



Some of our blokes have broken ranks with southern and comfort zones to join the journey at Broadbeach. Some of them have made that choice without a job to come to and we wish to support them in finding appropriate work. None are afraid of hard Yakka, many have trade and other skills, some are babes in the woods looking for career choices. If you feel you can help out on a part or fulltime basis please make contact with Geoff Bower Telephone:    0411 888 674   Email:



The club depends on volunteers. There is a variety of match day and other tasks that are vital to the enjoyment and success of players, supporters, sponsors and fans. Our journey will be enhanced if you put your hand up.

Jarrod Field, club CDM, will be setting up a volunteer schedule and as it goes, many hands make light work. Please make yourself known to any of the senior and or Junior committee members and when Jarrod comes on board 7 March, contact him directly on


Coaching Opportunities

Join a journey led by the Journey Whisperer. There are match day and training opportunities available for  Senior and Under 18 team coaches and officials. Please contact Senior Coach Matt Angus directly on


Ground Naming Rights

H&A have secured the rights to naming our ground enclosure. Many thanks to the Kennan family and it is self evident that it recognises the late great Harry and we proudly  announce that the Merrimacattery will be named the H & A Oval for season 2011.



Tricky Dicky resinged before impeachment. Would you take alcohol to a hotel room? Mad if you don't - those mini bar prices are over the top.


Tipping 2011

It's on again. The infamous BBFC tipping comp with a wonderful array of prizes and the only legitmate way to establish your footy bona fides.  Details to come but get on board now. See Mick and friendly staff to register.


Numerology = More footy

 Season 2011: July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays.  This happens every 823 years.  
That's 3 more days for footy this season - how lucky are you to be alive in 2011?


PS: If you were a sire, would you be having black caviar for breakfast this morning?    


Leaping Larry, The Age 20 Feb

Kinda makes you think?


"FOOTBALLERS are not chosen for their moral principles," opined former career politician Peter Costello while decrying the practice of sending players to schools to speak on non-sporting matters. In what some might suggest was a slightly cynical mode, he also seemed to make a spectacularly broad-brush inference that all volunteer and charity work done by AFL players was a public relations exercise performed exclusively in the interests of that ubiquitous customer, "the brand". The highly agitated public huffery-puffery that followed seemed slightly mystifying, given the source. Considering the broader sweep of Australian politics over, say, the past 20 years, you kind of have to assume that anyone coming from that background and singling out the morals of some other employment group pretty much HAS to be taking the piss.


POOR old Brisbane Lions. They just can't win. If they keep Brendan Fevola, they don't really know which Fevola they are getting out of an increasingly packed and interesting field, some of them being damnably hard work. In ejecting Fevola, they will have to pay him $1.5 million for doing nothing, and it's not like he's a senior international sports administrator or certain major corporate officials who by their nature are paid major amounts for doing nothing. The great creative thinker Kelly Bundy from Married With Children once perfectly summarised this kind of decision-making nightmare with her timeless observation, "I'm on the horns of an enema."


Sniff. sniff, ....hmmm

You can smell it in the air. Nearly there. Change of fare!

5 March 2011

First practice match - magoos and the ones  v Mt Gravatt at 11.30 and 2pm respectively at Dittmar Park. Still negotiating for under 18 gallop. If that is successful, it will kick off at 9.30am.Watch this space.


Shooters comes on Board as Major Sponsor for 2011

The Broadbeach Football Club is proud to announce SHOOTERS as our major sponsor for season 2011. The Marketing and Sponsorship committee and Shooters have come to an agreement that will have mutual benefits for both parties and potential for a longer term relationship. A great result by David Fitzgerald, Richard Tiffen and Mark Frawley, with thanks to Dion Colefax and his associates at SHOOTERS. 

Now we ask that supporters and friends of the Football Club patronise and recommend SHOOTERS to their friends and visiting guests.


Since its grand re-opening in March 2010 SHOOTERS has undergone continuous upgrades, expansions and renovations to create the ultimate Gold Coast party venue that it’s known as today.  It now boasts 4 rooms with completely different music and entertainment styles which is complemented by a capacity that far exceeds any of its closest rivals. As a result SHOOTERS SUPERCLUB is now the premier venue of the Surfers Paradise strip and is effectively a “one stop shop” for any party taste.  SHOOTERS SUPERCLUB consistently brings you the hottest international, interstate and local kings of house, electro, dance, RnB and mashed up party music on a weekly basis.
Club Shooters offers the ultimate clubbing experience, 4 massive rooms equipped with state of the art sound and lighting system, 13 lounge booths available for hire, and hosting the freshest and finest DJ talent that Queensland, Australia and the world has to offer!
Open until 5am 7 Days – The Ultimate Clubbing Experience

SHOOTERS 4 Worlds of Music


Out and About

A successful working bee with huge numbers on the weekend has brightened up the change rooms and exterior of the canteen area. New facia, eaves and a lick of paint has added to the 'rebirthing' of the MerrimaCattery (soon to be retagged). A big thank you to all who participated.

Some of the older and wiser heads were pretty happy after the intra club game on Monday. Seems a couple of new faces brought something to the act. A Tasmanian with a suntan for a start! We can count around 9 new heads that will be vying for places in the seniors line-up.

Unfortunately, Mudflaps did hid knee - again - and we are waiting on the prognosis. Dave 'Twopence' Moran was willing to lend Flapper his wheelchair but he couldn't get out of it.

The Eagle was afforded a birthday cake at Marios on Monday last after the intra club game. Big bloke, big cake. And speaking of birthdays we believe it is 19 years since Marios first sponsored the Cats. A great run of supporting the community and we look forward to many more years of mutual support.

The Club Development Manager elect - Jarrod Field - commences we believe 7 March, but is already involving himself in club affairs. Jarrod is taking his own time to attend a session on the new website next week. More news on that as we approach lift-off which we hope will be late Feb/early March.


SUNs Magoos: player participation

From the QAFL site 17 Feb


Broadbeach AFC Athletics Titles off and racing at Griffith Uni

An all-star line up of Broadbeach track and field stars got the Broadbeach AFC Grand Prix off to a flying start, with Broadbeach AFC 3km champion Kallan Geary, sprint champion Dane Zorko  and surprise packet Nathan Lyons stealing the show at the Griffith University Athletics Stadium on Saturday morning.

Stopping the clock at 2min  sec (w: +0.2) , Geary edged out fellow Queenslander Nathan Lyons (2nd, 2min 6 sec) and evergreen athlete James Fitzgerald  (3rd, 2min 7secs) to take line honours in front of his home crowd.

“I’m feeling great, my body is in great shape and I’ve got a lot left in me looking ahead this season,” Geary said.

Broadbeach AFC No. 1 ticket holder - Australian 1500m record holder, Ryan Gregson - was special guest at the meet and he spoke to the players before the 800m about the importance of fitness and conditioning in football.  Queensland 800m star, Matt Fox, acted as pacemaker for the Division A 800m race.

A few images are in the Grand Prix tab in Gallery with more to come from the camera of Mark Ellis.


Punters fancy Gold Coast Suns

The Bully's Brad Davidson has a look at the books.  Apparently PUNTERS have splurged thousands on the Gold Coast Suns to win the AFL premiership in their first season. Must be NRL or Southport supporters! Click on more to read the odds - we have a book for the spoon.


Big Claim

Sleeker Israel Folau can change game, says fitness guru. Click on more to read Sam Edmund's take from the Herald Sun 14 Feb


Not Valentines Day

Carlton, Richmond and Collingwood? Round Robin? Sounds like a menage a trois for inner city councils. On the other hand, it will reek of resin, someone will cop one, someone will kick one, a carringbush supporter will complain about the umpires, a tige fan will go home sober, a blue bagger will realise that finals footy is as far away as ever, and a boundary umpire will make an historic decision. And it will be on the telly, and it is footy. With the Giants and SUNs???

Welcome back AFL


Old Boys Training

For all those in the category of too old to play against the young, OR  those that require an anerobic fix, OR those that  need to ensure against cardiac arrest, OR just plain  Old Boys, training commences on MONDAY 21st Feb 5.45pm/6pm.


Will remain Mondays until we know when the Seniors and Junior are training.





Broady to play at the 'G'?

CURTAIN-RAISERS at the MCG and Etihad Stadium are part of a bold plan to hold an Australian football version of soccer's Champions League. From the Sun, 16 Nov.

This competition Cup was confirmed by the AFL yesterday 9 Feb.  Note Andrew McLeod - ex crow - will play for the NT Thunder in this Cup and the QAFL 2011.

Broady for the Foxtel Cup in 2012!


Flying to interstate games

We are wondering how Knuckles Emery, James Kennedy, Darin Stewart etc will take to the Bue Virgin. Will Fults be in the baggage compartment?

The Age (Wednesday 9 Feb) reports on the first shipment.


NEAFL Derby games: Football Face Offs

Forget about the Herald Sun's Sunshine Stoush (Brisvegas v the SUNs). The derbys of interest for the NEAFL are:

the Coastal Clash - Broadbeach v SUNs.

Coastal Clash I: Sat 6 August

Then there is the Surfside Skirmish: Broadbeach v Labrador

Surfside Skirmish I: Sat 14 May


And not to forget the other mob we have the Canal Classic

Canal Classic I: Sunday 3 April


Field heads back to Broadbeach

Appropriately, it was W. C. Fields who said "A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for."  We haven't had to cheat but we surely have a Field worth having.

Broadbeach AFC is delighted to confirm the appointment of former Labrador Grand Final Coach Jarrod Field as the Club’s Development Manager.

Jarrod, (pictured above - left - with President Paul Rolfe),  brings to the Club an enormous amount of football knowledge having been involved in Australian Rules football in Queensland for the past twelve years. Jarrod kicked off his coaching career in spectacular fashion at Broadbeach in 1999 where he coached our Under 18 team to a Premiership. From there he has been heavily involved in football with Head Coaching roles at the Gold Coast Stingrays, Reserve Grade & Assistant Coach to John Northey (Broadbeach), and of course as Senior Coach at Labrador.

Jarrod is under no disillusionment however that his role as Club CDM is as a Business Manager rather than as a football coach and his primary role will be to ensure the long term viability of the Club through strong leadership, revenue raising, sponsorship and servicing of our partners, sponsors and coterie groups. He will also bring to Broadbeach a vast football network which will be ideal in the recruiting of players in future years.

Having spent the past 20 years with the Gold Coast City Council, currently as Supervisor – Contract & Event Management – Major Sporting Venues, he sees the move to a full time football administrator as an exciting career change.

“It’s an exciting time for football in Queensland and on the Gold Coast with the launch of both the Gold Coast Suns and the new NEAFL competition this year,” he said. “I always thought it would be great to get into football fulltime and the CDM role at a Club that gave me my first opportunity to coach was just too good an opportunity to pass over,” he said.

The similarities between Labrador when he took on the coaching role and the challenges facing Broadbeach are strikingly similar. “There is no doubt that Broadbeach is an exciting place to be right now. Clubs are talking about Broadbeach, the new coach and the change in culture. The recruiting this year has far exceeded previous years at the Club with known players such as exciting full forward Jason Eagle, ex Hawk Rhan Hooper and former WAFL mid fielder Rory Walton sure to lead from the front. However there is a string of other players who have been recruited that will surprise many Clubs. Broadbeach has always had a strong junior base and the Club's depth in the younger brigade is exciting and probably the best of all Gold Coast Clubs,” he said.

Jarrod is anxious to get on Board and implement the strategies contained within the Club's Business and Strategic Plans, to deliver a strong stable of sponsors and business partners, and expanding the numbers of coterie groups associated with the Club. An immediate objective is to track down past players at the Club and get them back to Broadbeach and involve them as either sponsors, supporters or as a network for player employment.

The CDM role at Broadbeach was highly sought with a Melbourne Cup sized field of applicants.

A short list of applicants was jointly interviewed by Broadbeach committee members and AFLQ’s Operational Manager Marty King as AFL Queensland funds the position.

 Broadbeach president Paul Rolfe, Marty King and Jarrod himself were at pains to point out that the majority of Field’s new role related to off-field matters.

 “There is no doubt that the greater emphasis of the club development manager role is on business development and marketing components than football,” King said.

Added Rolfe: “With these jobs it is probably 20% football and 80% sponsorship and raising funds.”

 Both said Field’s presentation was impeccable.

 “His identification of Broadbeach, where it sits in the market and ideas that he provided, fitted in perfectly with the future direction of the Broadbeach Board,” King said.

 “He has some key relationships with local government and mid-range businesses.”

 Another piece in the building block has been added.


Hang Around

You think Thorpy had something to announce? Who wants to look at an overweight 27 yo in budgie smugglers anyway? Hang around for real sporting news that will impact the NEAFL, QAFL and Merrimacattery precinct. Sponsorship, personnel appointment and something out of the ordinary for the club website will all surface in the looming future. Stay tuned.


Management Committee Members III

This week we feature two more board members including the only female and the only fisherman. We give you Laraine Sheers and Nev Fankhauser


AFL reveals the green and red of substitutes

From the Age, Roger Vaughan, February 1, 2011

THE AFL hopes its new substitute system will stop the speed of the game escalating to a ''new and dangerous level''.

But league operations manager Adrian Anderson denies it has a particular number of interchanges per game in mind.

It has released details of the controversial new substitute procedure, which was announced late last year.

The AFL says it needs to stop the increasing trend of clubs using interchanges as a tactical ploy.

''The whole idea of introducing a sub was to prevent rises in interchange [numbers] taking game speed to a new and dangerous level, and the congestion that would result,'' Anderson said.

''It will have the effect of limiting the interchange and there's been some talk about 'aw, it's designed to stop it at 80' - that's not right.

''It's about preventing it going to a new level, which would have created more congestion and, we're told, more injuries as well.''

Under the new system, a club will nominate one of its four interchange players as the substitute.

The substitute must wear a green vest until he is activated to play and the teammate he replaces must wear a red vest.

The player who comes off for the substitute cannot return for the rest of the game.

''They [clubs] have been involved in helping us come up with the mechanics of how it will work … it's quite a simple system, but one I'm sure that will work fine,'' Anderson said.

The league examined various options, including a cap on the number of interchanges, before going with the substitute system.


TV Viewing

Could be interesting viewing on Tuesday evening on ABC1 8.30 - 10pm. "Three Boys Dreaming" looks at the aspirations and experiences of 3 indigenous boys who hope to make it to AFL level.


Attention Juniors: Amendment to previous information


Dear Members,

        There has been some confusion as to how the family discount works when paying your junior memberships for season 2011.

        The discount applies to any second or third child in any age group from U 9's and above.

        For any child that is in AUSKICK or Super 8's the discount DOES NOT apply as these two divisions are already heavily discounted.

        If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by either phone or email.

        I apologize for any confusion and look forward to meeting you all on sign on day.

Kind regards

Brendan J Sexton
President - Broadbeach Junior Australian Rules Club

Mobile: 0419 704 352


The Bower offers advice

Geoff Bower has advised Julia Gillard that if she is fair dinkum about raising funds for infrastructure and the like in flood striken areas, she would take that budgetary fat $1.8 billion and whack it on Broadbeach at early odds to win the flag!


Clubs still in dark on bench rules eight weeks from AFL season

FOOTY'S revolutionary "super sub" rules remain unclear eight weeks from the season's start. Presumably the QAFL and NEAFL will be subject to the new regulation. We will have to get the Bower on the job.

For the moment Michael Warner and Jon Ralph of the Herald Sun (Jan 27, 2011) examine the substitution landscape.


Football Australia Day

The playing group commenced the day's celebrations with a 7am session at Merrimac - just to run out whatever was taken in at The Big Day Out and that which may be taken in this afternoon.

Some wonderful images by Mark Ellis are in the Gallery under Australia Day tag.


Australia Day

Some people celebrate 26 January, the rest of us on the last Saturday in September. Whatever, wherever, raise a glass to Harry Kennan and enjoy our fools' paradise.


Flaming Rock: Saturday 22 January

Pl SP TAB Horse (Trainer) Barr Weight O/A Jockey Margin
1 12.0 3 FLAMING ROCK David Payne 6 56.5
Brad Pengelly
2 3.10 7 OTHELLO Joseph Pride 1 54.0
Tim Clark 0.1
3 18.0 2 BANDAR Chris Waller 4 57.0
Glyn Schofield 0.3
4 16.0 8 VOLTABOLTA Lee Curtis 8 53.0
Christian Reith 0.4
5 15.0 4 GAZZA GURU Stephen Farley 9 56.0
Jim Byrne 1.1
6 5.00 6 THEROCK Gerald Ryan 7 55.0
Kerrin McEvoy 1.6
7 3.90 1 JOINT CHIEFS Brian Wakefield 3 60.0 -1.5 Nathan Berry(a) 2.3
8 6.50 5 KHEMOSABI Joseph Pride 5 55.5
Jim Cassidy 4.4

9 ALRIGHT ALREADY Jason Coyle 2 53.0
-- Scratched --

Official Photo Finish - Race 4

Be sensitive to Rolfey, Dozer, Nev and the Bower. Their Rock is the one down the list.


Vietnam Swans Collection

Channel 7 picked up on the boys in Saigon and we picked up on news from Hanoi Friday night. In total they have raised some $39,400 for the appeal. On behalf of some Queenslanders, thanks to the swannies and their sponsors for their organisation, and special hugs to the expats and peoples of Saigon and Hanoi for their generosity. Just amazing.


Management Committee Members II

Following on from the ladies, we present Vice President Dozer and Director of Football Geoff Bower. We know little of Geoff's footy background - what better reason to appoint him Director of football - but he looks like an ankle tapper in the Lou Richards mould.

Again, feel free to consult either on all matters football, and in Dozer's case, lots of bull, after all he is a Carringbush follower. Photos and contact details can be found in the Senior Contacts page.


Flood Relief Collection

Led by a proud El Presidente Rolfey, a group of players and Board members joined with the SUNs and Blaze to aid the Broadbeach Business community flood relief collection. Resplendent in uniform and clearly the most dominant of the sporting clubs represented, we collected a tad over $3000 in a couple of hours, due in the main, to Dozer's sex appeal, Matt Henneker's stand over tactics at the taxi queue, and Bosto's realisation that there was no deductible commission.

A couple of photos are in the gallery tagged 'Flood Appeal'

All the restaurants/pubs in the Broady precinct donated 10% of their takings to the appeal, and Councillor Eddy was present matching whatever funds were thrust in his collection bucket. It's a warm feeling being part of the community and we certainly felt that last night. We are guessing that the majority of people on the mall were tourists but they dug deep and many enquired after the Cats.

From the Bulletin:Regina King and Peter Flowers   |  January 22nd, 2011

Community spirit alive and well at Broadbeach

THE bands played on every corner of Broadbeach on Thursday night; the families ate and drank at the many restaurants; the Mighty Broadbeach Cats footie team roamed through the crowd with their buckets collecting money for the floods and then there was Councillor Eddie Sarroff with his own bucket promising to match dollar for dollar the amount he collected.

No news yet on the amount raised but it is sure to be huge.

This was some night and another example of the generosity of mates helping mates in need.



Opportunity to Help Out

This Thursday night from 6pm Broadbeach Alliance and the businesses of Broadbeach will be hosting ‘Broadbeach stands for QLD’. The night will see the majority of Broadbeach businesses donating funds to the appeal with $200,000 expected to be raised. Broadbeach will be showcasing more than 100 performers on Thursday night with all of the artists donating their time for free in support of the appeal. The main stage in the Broadbeach Mall will host performers from 6 to 10pm. It is proposed that a group of players in club jumpers assist in the collection.

The time will be from 7pm – 9pm and we require around 15 uniformed players willing to help out. Final arrangements will be sorted out at training Wednesday night.


Tiny leaves Town

Simon Littlechild has left large shoes for incoming Team manager Paul Hall (see Senior Contacts). Tiny has been with Broady since your kids were babies. He is modest to the point and refused a write-up saying that the Terry Wilson article in one of last year's footy records would suffice. A good measure of the man who will be missed. Tiny was simply an outstanding servant of the Broadbeach Footy and Community Clubs.

Nonetheless, the King is Dead, Long live the Hall. Paul was around the club when his son Adam was playing in under age groups. Welcome back Paul. You are replacing a legend but we feel certain that you will Deck the Halls in your own style and add to this great club's identity and reputation.


Training Notice

Stop Press: Monday and Wednesday this week at Merrimac.


Aussie Rules in Vietnam does its bit

Queensland Floods Appeal - Monday 17 January, 6.30pm, JASPAS, Hai Ba Trung St
Flood water is supposed to rise gradually. It's supposed to have the surface of a peaceful dam. It's not supposed to act with the ferocity of a Black Saturday Bushfire. But that's exactly what has happened in Queensland. The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh says that "people are living in what I call a post war zone".
An area the size of Victoria has flooded Queensland between Rockhampton and Brisbane. A ferocious "inland tsunami" has crashed through lives and businesses. In the confusion and terror of the moment, we grasp at statistics in an attempt to bring back a sense of order and control. Depending upon the source, there are 15 dead and 61 missing. 15,000 residential and commercial properties have been "affected by significant flooding". Many will not move back into homes for literally months. The risk of disease and infection is high with a lack of medicine, safe drinking water and food. Then, there are the mental and psychological illnesses that will develop as people struggle to cope with the loss of loved ones and livelihoods.
We, the people of Saigon, now have an amazing opportunity to extend a collective and caring hand of support. Yes we will raise some money which will seem like a drop in a Queensland flood. But, perhaps more importantly, as a community from half way across the world, we will come together to raise that money in a gesture of solidarity. When some individuals in Queensland inevitably find out about people coming together in our city called Ho Chi Minh, they will be shocked. They will say, "That's amazing. I can't believe they did that for us".
For some precious moments, it will ease the pain of their journey to recovery.
JASPAS and Vino, which organised the 2009 Black Saturday fundraiser, have again, very generously offered to host a fundraiser. This time, in Queensland's hour of need.
Date: Monday, 17 January 2010
Time: 6.30-8.30pm,
Where: JASPAS/VINO, 74/7 Hai Ba Trung St, District 1
Price: 300,000VND - draught beer, house red and white wine, basic spirits and snacks
Bookings: Not required. Just turn up with friends and colleagues
Auctions & Raffle Prizes: If you would like to donate a raffle prize or item for auction, please deliver to JASPAS or contact one of the people below.
Contact people: Fiona Terry (Ph 0907 613 947), Derrin Limbrick (Ph 0907 944 8799) and Phil Johns (0933 032 296)
 Where will the money go?
The Queensland Government has set up the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. All money raised* on Monday evening will be donated to the Appeal (see ). (* JASPAS and VINO will heavily subsidise this event. 100,000VND from each ticket will be used to defray their hard costs in hosting this fundraiser. This means that 200,000VND of the entry price will go directly to the Premier's Appeal.)
How will the money get there?
The Commonwealth Bank here in HCMC will transfer the money directly to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal free of transaction charges and at zero foreign exchange margin.
Making a difference
It's not often we get to make a real difference. But we will on Monday night.
Please forward this email to friends and colleagues and we look forward to seeing you at 6.30pm on Monday evening.


The death toll associated with the floods in Australia reminds us of the dangers of water. In Vietnam, more children die from drowning than road accidents. Many of these drownings also occur during floods. The Vietnam Swans are supporters of the TriBob Swimming Program in Hoi An, Central Vietnam. Last December, as part of this program, 31 Vietnamese Physical Education teachers became the first to be qualified in Vietnam with Austswim Certificates.

On 14 May 2011, together with Montgomerie Links in Hoi An, the Vietnam Swans will be involved in a charity golf day that will raise money for various swimming initiatives in Vietnam. The golf day will follow on from the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's global conference on Drowning Prevention which will be held in Hoi An from 10-13 May.


Phil Johns
National President
Vietnam Swans Australian Rules Football Club

Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon, Vung Tau
Ph (+84) (0) 933 032 296

For further information, check the Swannies: Website, Facebook Page and Photo Album.


More Flood News

From the QAFL website.



Expertise is all too obvious. Mark Ellis, father of recruit Nick from Lennox Heads, is a photographer amongst other things. Mark dropped in at training in the new year - a roll up of 60 we are informed - and offered to take a few pics. The result of his work is in Gallery entitled New Year. Please note that the inadequate cropping is an outcome of the portal limitations and not the fault of the photorapher. And please note how Fults manages to get his message across.

Father Christmas brought us a new camera but it seems he also has brought us a new photographer! We have our own Jack Atley!


Flood News

Rhan Hooper is stranded in Ipswich but he and wife Penny have company - a baby girl born on January 1. Name not in yet. Congratulations to you both.


Management Committee Members

The 2010 review revealed that the player group, and by extension, supporters and sponsors, knew little of the Board members and indeed, might not recognise them. So over the next few weeks we hope to present and profile your Mgt Com so you know who to bail up in a corner over a beer to discuss the time of day. And this week, in the spirit of ladies first we give you .....Paul Rolfe and Mark Frawley....


Bob Walters Calls It a Day

Club Development Manager Bob Walters finishes up this Friday. But Bob has been more than a paid manager during his time at Merrimac and he and his entire family are entitled to be recognised as special within the Broadbeach Cats Community.


Emery Boards the Cats Train: Later Late Press

Kieran Emery, former West Coast Eagles scholarship player, and perhaps more importantly, currently a Swannie, has succumbed to the Bower temptation, and jumped on board the Broadbeach juggernaut.   Later Late Press: Apologies to Kieran's Mum who has pointed out that the image is not her son. Blame Google and the English cricket team. A portrait in wonderful red and white is now on our bedroom wall and this site. Kieran may even look better in the Merrimacattery blue and white.


Sharks are nervous

Southport Sharks go big to generate revenues to counter Broadbeach's aggressive recruitment campaign. See


And the Journey Continues.......

  "Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be... Close your eye, let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you/ve never lived before."(Eric Fromm)

Training recommences
Wednesday 12th January at Broadbeach Football Club

Saturday 15th Jan @ “the Spit”

Monday 17th Jan @ Robina Roos Football Club – Scottsdale Drive oval.

Players will need football boots at the weekday sessions.



Happy New Year: Sports quotes of 2010 stop press

The Age, 31 December 2010, published sports quotes of the year which we have bastardised to suit the Cattery Context. The Age did it again on new year's day, so we have added a few based on their efforts.


And Another Profile Player Comes on Board

 Kallen Geary signs  with Cats

 Young Sandringham (VFL) mid fielder/versatile small, Kallen Geary is yet another key signing for Broadbeach for the 2011 season.    Does Geoff Bower sleep?   


2011 Fixtures

The draw has been released for the inaugural NEAFL competition and it makes interesting reading. Double click on the attachment on the next page to read/print. The excitement builds.

A summary of the draw relating to Broadbeach reflects:

  1. All teams play 18 games over 21 weeks
  2. All teams have 2 byes
  3. All teams rest on the weekend of the 18/19 June for State Games
  4. Broadbeach play 9 games at home
  5. Of the 9 home games, 5 are to be played on Sunday. It is our intention to play our Under 18’s, Reserves & Seniors on the same day on these dates.
  6. We play another 3 Sunday games – 2 on the Gold Coast and 1 at Morningside
  7. We play Gold Coast Suns Reserves & Brisbane Lions Reserves just once each
  8. We play Eastlake in Canberra at Manuka Oval on the 25th June
  9. We play Northern Territory in Alice Springs on  Saturday 23rd July
  10. We play both Southport & Labrador three times each
  11. The Grand Final of the Northern Conference is to played on Sunday 18 September
  12. The 2011 NEAFL Grand Final played between the Northern Conference and Eastern Conference winners is to be played on Sunday 25 September

The draw has obvious anomalies as you would expect given the complexity of the NEAFL and the cross over matches between the Northern & Eastern Conferences and the higher number of matches played between AFL clubs (Swans, GWS, Lions & Suns). The draft draw for the AFLQ Reserves Competition showed our Reserves team playing as a curtain raiser to the Seniors on all but one match (Northern Territory) with a bye scheduled when the seniors play in Canberra (Reserves are likely to have an additional 2 byes). This would be a great result for our Club.

The scheduling of Sunday games was to minimize the impact of the Gold Coast Suns home games. By scheduling Sunday Games we have an opportunity to further promote our games, attract greater crowds and maximize exposure to our valued sponsors.

There is no question that we have a challenge ahead and the playing group, coach, support staff and Board are eager and excited about that challenge.



Cross town rivals prepare for NEAFL Coastal Clash I with Matt's Cats

A STAPLE diet of raw eggs, sardines, nuts and yoghurt -- just another emotional challenge facing the Gold Coast Suns on their pre-season training camp at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

The playing group were woken at midnight on Sunday night for day two of their gruelling four-day boot camp experience and were still hard at it as the sun was setting last night.

Suns football manager Marcus Ashcroft hoped the physically and emotionally demanding trip would inspire leadership within the group and bring the fledgling team closer together in preparation for their debut season next year.

It is very tough out here, the sessions are long, there's going to be nights where they don't get a good night's sleep because they're going to be hungry," he said.

"And some of them will be sleep deprived.

"The idea is for this to bring out leadership skills within our group, to see who responds and takes the lead despite not feeling their best and to see who might need a bit of help in that area. We're just starting to see a few signs of irritability among some of the guys, a lot of them are feeling a little uncomfortable," Ashcroft said.

Despite the undesirable menu of food, it remained important the younger players avoid dropping the weight gained in the gym over the off season.

"The guys aren't used to it," he said. "They had to eat raw eggs and sardines for breakfast but they either go hungry or get some food into them.

"A lot of the guys made good strength and muscle mass gains in the gym over the pre-season so we're stressing to them that they should be eating more of it so they can't compromise what they've already done."

Ashcroft said the team exercises were not for the faint-hearted.

 "It's a lot of the team building stuff that you do and involves a lot of the lifting logs and pushing tyres and carrying big ropes," he said.

"But it's just such hard work, it's the stuff no one likes doing and they're doing it over a long period of time. It has already been very tough on the body." (No tougher than when they face the Cats: Broady site Ed)

They return home tomorrow.


The Journey Thus Far...........

Deep within the bowels of Eco-Vida, Coach Matt has mulled over his innermost thoughts of The Journey Thus Far........and, well, read for yourself.  Just one thing, we find it difficult to believe that Fults has devoured enough nutra grain to swim, bike and run in the space of one day.  


Broadbeach, a stepping stone to bigger things?

From the AFL website, Nathan Schmook analyses rookie prospects and recruitment potential from second tier competitions.


Pizzey Park

The playing group continue to prepare themselves for the Holiday season and beyond.........


Bye Bye Nathan, hello Rolfey

Nathan Ablett has been drafted by the SUNs and is no longer a contracted player. A transfer fee comes our way. Ex coach Smithy and Nathan may well do a double take in the change rooms next season. Good luck Nathan, you were one of ours.

And Nathan is ready according to our esteemed El Presidente, Paul Rolfe. Extensively quoted in the Herald Sun (12 Dec, 2010 - see next page), Rolfey's sub text is clear. Nathan was just waiting for Gary Jnr, and he will make it.


State League Championship Cup 2011

Back to the old days. There once was a comp much like this back in the days when Campbell Brown's father terrorised east coast players.

The 'new' Leagues Championship Cup commences in March next year with Morningside taking on the Thunder as the curtain raiser to to the Lions v Freo. Labrador gets its chance in May when they play Norwood. Winners survive until last team standing - struth we might have to support the Panthers or Tigers. More information from the Herald Sun is on the next page.



If you take the time to read WikiLeaks before it is dumped from prominent servers, you might think that the esteemed whistleblowers may in fact be NFL umpires who for the life of them and like all umpires, cannot put their whistles away on seeing what they consider infractions on a level playing field. Whatever, clearly they are not US diplomatic cables but aggrieved adjudicators fearful for their code. Make up your own mind.


Old Boys AGM

ATTENTION all Broad Beach OldBoys
General Meeting Wed 15 Dec 6pm at club.

We ask that all who are interested in playing next year attend.
The Future of the league will be decided in the next month and some positive changes are on the horizon.

Given we only had 4 teams this year, it seems as though it will be increased to a minimum of 6 teams from the Gold Coast.

As we all know this year wasnt the best as far as teams went . There are a few options the league has and i want to let you all know.

So instead of getting second hand info of the meeting come down and have a beer. The Kitchen will be open and it would be great to see you all there for a bite and a chat so please bring the family down.


Swannies win the Indochina Cup

Forget the Soccer World Cup. We are surely the beautiful game and the next target of Wiki Leak as FIFA seeks to undermine  the domination of aussie rules and the International Cup. The Australian Rules football team, Vietnam Swans, celebrated their first ever tournament victory on Saturday night after beating all comers at the Indochina Cup earlier that day.

The Swans  were joined at an over 200 strong party at La Cantine Restaurant in Dong Khoi St, District 1 by Aussie football players from fellow Indochina Cup teams, the Laos Elephants, Thailand Tigers and Cambodian Cobras, plus the Swan’s sister team, the Saigon Shooters, who also won a same-day netball IndochinaCup, and women’s netball teams from Hanoi and Thailand.

At the after-match function Vietnam Swan’s captain, Luke Creamer, said the Australian football Indochina Cup win was, “Epic.”

It was a very hard-fought-for win with several injuries early in the day including a broken jaw, a concussion and a badly split lip.



The Broadbeach Senior AFC is pleased to confirm the list of appointments for its senior coaching positions for 2010. These are:
Senior Coach                 Matt Angus
Reserves Coach             Lloyd Briggs
Under 18 Coach             Allen Lawson
Congratulations to Lloyd on his graduation from back line assistant to Smithy last season. Briggsy's knowledge on footy was reflected in his tipping comp success last season and we look forward to his in the box contributions to Matt and his charges  putting pressure on the selectors for senior consideration.

And also to Big Al whose timely retirement from Old Boys folly allowed participation in club coaching ranks. The Board's intention for season 2011 and beyond is for our Under 18 team to be an elite squad and place emphasis on their development.

Information on and photos of Briggsy and Al from the archives is reprinted on the next page.



News from around and around.


Training Tuesday 30 November 2010

Training is at Merrimac Oval, repeat, Merrimac Oval.


Sat am Training

Get into <Gallery> and select Kararwa 27 for a pictorial record of training on the beach. Good crew in attendance - 40 plus - and the latest in footy fashion with Broadbeach 2011 t-shirts on display on some insipid chests.  QAFL whisper was that viewing numbers at SUNs open training session at Southport Sat morning were down due to interest in Cats cavorting on the beach.



We are clearly maturing as a footy club. From the Gallery, select  Ballarats to view some images of the coloured ink adorning club identities. Hoping to catch a few more as the season wears on and clothing is discarded at training.

Can you name the owners of the artwork?


History in the Making

Emma Quayle (Age 27 Nov 2010) looks at the Rising Suns and includes a fascinating statistical analysis of projected player participation. We note that they have not included newly appointed magoos assistant coach, Ex coach Smithy.


More Footy Finals Fever

It's everywhere. Go swannies.


North Melb rebound after knocking back the Gold Coast Deal?

If Brumby gets up in the coming Victorian election he has committed to an upgrade to Eureka Stadium in Ballarat so that North Melbourne can play at least 4 home games/season from 2012 at the provincial city. Four games in Ballarat and a couple in Hobart against $100 million and new home at Carrara? To rub it in the SUNs would be a reasonable bet against North wherever they play.



Your AFL TV viewing looks to be safe in the hands of free-to-air but still not clear on direct-delayed front. Jessica Wright in The Age, 20 November examines the issues.more

SUNs Magoos in the hands of ex Broadbeach Coaches

Congratulations to ex coach Smithy who has joined ex coach Shaun Hart as his assistant in charge of the SUNs magoos. Harty had one year and Smithy two at the Merrimacattery - mathematically Matt Angus will have three or four years at the helm - depending on an arithmetic or geometric progression - before joining AFL coaching ranks. Given the premiership(s) we will pick up during that period, he may well leapfrog the others.

We wish Smithy and Harty all the best except when they front us. One big happy family when we take on the SUNs at the Merrimacattery? We doubt it.more

Foment in Sydney

"WHEN the then VFL dumped South Melbourne on Sydney in 1982, its commitment expired roughly 10 seconds after the lights went out on a lavish reception at Lady Mary Fairfax's mansion in Point Piper.(Herald Sun 18 Nov 2010)" But we showed 'em: Ed
The Herald Sun's Mike Sheehan looks back at lessons learned in establishing an AFL side in Sydney (18 Nov 2010). Throw and keep throwing dollars at the project??more

The Real Pizzey Park

Apparently Jacob Spackman was doing an impression of Fitzy when he won the 2 click run. Must have been really convincing to fool Perko. Well done Spackers, and Fitzy, you were obviously in the front runners. Our apologies to all.

Foxy knows all.more

Pizzey Park

Unofficial 53 players found the aths complex. Some found it too complex to find and we hope they turn up on Thursday at the Merricattery. Fitzy found it best and led home the field in the 2 click run in around 6 min 30 sec while a few huffed and puffed.

New fitness coach Gary Fox handed out whistles to Tim Searl and Briggsy while onlookers checked out James Kennedy - with the advantage of a step ladder - and a couple of others including a prospect from the swannies. Fair dinkum you would have thought they were on the beach at schoolies looking over a few bodies. A new class of 'Droolies'?

Speaking of which, a few bodies were clearly in training for festive season dinners, and while we won't name names, Fifey, Tinka, Rhino is now in a class of several. Finally, our sympathies to J-Pants who had to bypass training due to a frolic with a board fin that reduced the length of his best friend. We were, however, assured of a full recovery without surgery - just fondle repetition training at a later date.

Some photos appear in the Gallery under Pizzey Park (plus a few snaps taken when Matt was announced coach for 2011). James Kennedy is in the Cats jumper while Foxy has the mid age elite athlete look. The salty appeared out of the canal adjacent to Fults' place, and yes, the pensioner was there! 200 games beckons.more

Cat Army = Club Sponsors

The Club is undergoing major reform and coincidentally competing in a new and exciting League (NEAFL) in season 2011 run by the AFL. We have secured some prized recruits and Broadbeach is committed to be a dominant force in Australian Rules football in Queensland/North Eastern Australia. We need sponsors to be successful.

Super Coach/Super salesman Coach-in-a-Box Boston is hard at it signing up sponsors for season 2011. All we need is some of their time to meet with Neil to hear his presentation. Readers of this website and club supporters can make a real input to this effort by becoming part of the club army. If you can arm Bosto with leads and set up contacts, we are confident of gaining their support. We had some 12,000 hits in October alone - If each person who hit could supply one contact, Bosto would be a busy boy and we would gain significant sponsorship.

Please contact Neil Boston on or Bob Walters on

Cat Lift Off at Pizzey Park 5.30pm Tuesday 16 Nov. The Journey starts.







Website Appearance

Sportingpulse is indulging in a functional upgrade over the rest of November. Throw in some changes we are currently contemplating and you may find different "looks" to the Cats website. Hang in there, it is not system overload.more


The worst kept secret in football if you stream Melbourne radio.

The North East Australian Football League (NEAFL) comes to life in 2011 and the Broadbeach Cats are part and parcel. Media release next page and the attachment provides all the detail (pdf). Could be a bit of NEAFL gazing in the coming months?more

Stop Stop Press: Undergraduates in Gold Coast Scorpion U/18 squad 2011

The initial Gold Coast U/18 Scorpion squad includes Jackson Rolfe, Fraser Thurlow, Josh Kolka, Wyatt Bacon, Dalton Tucker, Jack Watmuff, Ryan Maetam, Ryder Court, Jamie Skennar, Andrew Boston, Josh Bull, Keiron Brennan, Tom Davidson, Brody Haberfield, Daniel Van DeWerken, Zak Davies, Michael Forsdyke, Nathan Sharp, Tom Fields, Will Wolbers, Ty Fankhauser and Jake Jones.

We are confident in naming 5 of the above as Cats. Any advance on that?

Thanks to a reader: Broady has 9 players in the Scorpians U/18 squad. Rolfe, Kolka, Wolbers from 2010 U/18. Skenner, Boston, Bull, Davidson, Glastonbury, Paulke from 2010 U/16. Bosto recruited Glastonbury and Paulke from Bris. clubs this year to play in his U/16 team with strong support from their parents. They played in the U/16 state team and have been named in the Nth. Bris. squad but will still play with Broady.

Thanks to another reader:
"Glastonbury did not play in the U16 Scorpion State Team this year as stated, he was ineligible for selection and cut from the initial training squad because he broke his leg.

Paulke will not be playing his first year of senior football at Broadbeach, that will enable him to free up valuable time studying, rather than traveling down the highway from Sandgate, for his final Year 12 at College"more

AFL Club Trains at Merrimacattery

The weather is off but the SUNs are on deck for training at 9.30am Wednesday and Friday this week at the Cattery.more

2010 Asian Championships

Check out this footy ladder for the recent 11th Annual Asian Championships, Shanghai. Did you ever consider that you would be reading stuff like this in your lifetime? Aussie Rules, helping the world come together. The World Game, beware.

Time to choose a team for support? Vietnam Swans comes to mind, on the other hand Macau could do with all the help it can get.more

Cat Graduates at the SUNs

Not so shuddering news involves those players 'drafted' to the Cats for season 2010. Lewis Moss, Hayden Jolly, Piers Flanagan, Tom Nicholls and Liam Patrick join Joel Wilkinson on the senior list at the SUNs.more

Jobs for the Boys


Shuddering thought

Committeeman Bryan Wilkinson last played in the 1964 GF for Geebung. The big fella has the shudder so bad and is so excited that he has had a knee recon just to make a pre-season appearance. Go easy on him Matty.more

Matt's planned meets - Preseason Pre Christmas

Forget the Race that stops the Nation, those nags only run around 10,000m in prep for a 3 and half min run. The dates and venues on the next page provide the schedule for what will be "... the most significant pre-season in club history" The shudder continues up and down the spine.more


The AGM kept pace with the momentum at Merrimac by the election of a couple of new faces on the Management Committee. Larraine Sheers and David Fitzgerald will bring some fervour and beauty to match the expertise and success orientated determination that has emerged over season 2010. We head into 2011 with expectation and exceptional leadership.

Brendan Howard stood down as treasurer and the poison chalice goes to Mark Frawley. Brendan has done a remarkable job in difficult times. He has a young family who struggle to recognise his likeness in photos, such was his presence at the club, and a wife who has forgotten his name. Perhaps now he can trade in his booze barrow, lock away the books, learn to spell solvency and pass some time with the family. Don't enjoy it for too long Brendan - we're betting that it won't take too long before you are doing something around the place.

Management Committee 2010 -11
President: Paul Rolfe
VP: Dozer aka Derek Clough
Treasurer: Mark Frawley
Football Department: Geoff Bower
Members: Larraine Sheers, David Fitzgerald, Bryan Wilkinson, Dale Perkins, Ken Skrinis and Nev Fankhauser

Football Department: Geoff Bower, Matt Lloyd, Ben Tindall and Simon Foatmore

The A Team

We love it when a plan comes together.

Fresh from the signing of gun recruit and goal kicking ace Jason Eagle, and the re-signing of triple B & F winner Dayne Zorko, the Broadbeach Cats are pleased to announce the re-signing of a string of quality senior players for the 2011 season.
The press release is on the next page.more

Matt Met

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz. The rooms were abuzz. A few words of truth delivered with passion left no-one in doubt about the meaning of ‘intent’ and the place of a football club in the lives of those who wish to embrace it. "Amazing" said Cookie.
Get on board the vehicle.

The Smith is dead, long live the Angus. And hang onto your Tabcorp shares.more

Matt to meet playing group.

2010 players and any walk-up champions on holiday on the coast are invited to attend the Broadbeach Cats Licensed Club this Thursday night, 21 Oct at 5.30pm to meet with the newly appointed Senior Coach, Matt Angus. An angry Angus is to be avoided, so please make certain you are there.

This will be an informal gathering where Matt will outline his plans for the pre-season and provide an overview on the football season ahead. Meals are available at the Club following Matt’s presentation.

Again, all players are urged to attend. Season 2011 starts now. This time next year, you could say "I was there from the start.

Playing contracts for 2011 are being arranged by Geoff Bower of the Football Committee and he will be in contact with you to arrange a convenient time to meet.more

Meet the coach: Matt Angus

In March this year we presented Matt Angus as our new midfield coach. Clearly, Matt made himself feel welcome - as he returns one better, Senior Coach - at the Merrimacattery for season 2011.

At the time we wrote: "With the name Angus meaning 'brilliant' in celtic, our expectation of Matt is high" - it still is.

Our spies also suggested that Matt cheats at pool, does the right thing for the wrong reasons, and has tipped Greater Western Sydney to take out the flag in 2013. He still does. These are the signs of a coach who has completed his apprenticeship and is ready.

They say in Perth that all roads lead to Fremantle but Matty has jumped on to the Bandwagon to Broady.

Press release next page.more

Asian Championships Stop Press

Dubai Heat won the Asian Championships for the third time. And the really big news is that the Vietnam Swannies knocked over Thailand and the Barbarians but went down to Malaysia and Singapore. With those two wins the swannies earned their first ever victories at the Australian Rules Asian Championships. Honk yer horn if you love real footy.more

Zorko Commits to Cats

Tinka jumps on board for 2011.

Hot on the heels of Jason Eagle, the skipper and triple Jim Stubbs Medal winner, can feel it - the Merrimacattery resurgence. The momentum is building. And the sublime Tinka will lead it.more

Cats Swoop on Eagle

The Merrimacattery has made a statement of intent in signing a proven gun for season 2011. With a certain game at Redlands in mind, it's a bit reminiscent of Plugger going to the Bloods, and bound to be just as successful. Read on, we are up, up and away.more

Asian Championships

The AFL site has an article on the Brisbane v Melbourne game to be played 16 Oct in Shanghai. It is unfortunately all about the AFL and pretty much ignores the concurrent carnival of aussie rules that is the Asian Championship to be played by 12 sides throughout the region. Go the Vietnam Swannies. Think on this: there are more than 733,000 registered participants across Australia and 53,000 players across 38 senior leagues around the world. It is not all about the AFL. The Broadbeach jumper, for instance, is the most popular in the Junior Javan League.more

Joel Wilkinson attracts some attention

By Jason Phelan 9:50 AM Sat 16 Oct, 2010, AFL websitemore

Coach 2011

The Football Department commences interviews for the senior coaching position this week. We have received a healthy number of applications from Queensland and Victoria.


Something for the Addict: Irish squad named

The AFL has announced the 22-man squad that will travel to Ireland to represent Australia in this year's International Rules series.

Two tests will be played, in Limerick on October 23 and Dublin on October 30.

Ireland narrowly won the two tests played in Australia in 2008 while the 2009 series was cancelled on financial grounds.

The squad is: Todd Banfield (Brisbane Lions), Eddie Betts (Carlton), Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs), Daniel Cross (Western Bulldogs), Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide Crows), Paul Duffield (Fremantle), Dustin Fletcher (Essendon), James Frawley (Melbourne), Bryce Gibbs (Carlton), Sam Gilbert (St Kilda), Tyson Goldsack (Collingwood), Adam Goodes (Sydney Swans), Brad Green (Melbourne), Garrick Ibbotson (Fremantle), Kieran Jack (Sydney Swans), Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney Swans), Leigh Montagna (St Kilda), Jack Riewoldt (Richmond), Kade Simpson (Carlton), Dane Swan (Collingwood), Travis Varcoe (Geelong Cats), David Wojcinski (Geelong Cats).more

AFL players owe a huge debt to women

martin Flanagan looks at a hot issue in the Agemore

Substitute me for him

AFL introduces substitutes for 2011 season by Adam McNicol, AFL Bigpond website. We are guessing that means us also.more

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Joel Wilkinson revealed at the presentation night that he will sign with the SUNS sometime next week. The facts that his athletic performance ranks him No. 1 of the 1400 who have passed through the draft camp since its inception, plus some silky footy skills, has moved the SUNS to take up their option on Joel. The very best of luck to you Joel in football and your studies, (although there might be a deferment on the cards for the moment?), and we are proud to call you one of ours. You will always be welcome at the Merrimacattery as friend or opponent.

Geez, you must be filthy on Smithy for not one vote in the B&F before injury!more

Shades of Bobby Skilton as Tinka becomes Triple B&F winner

A good crowd was on hand to witness three counts and the various awards for the under 18s, the Magoos and the Seniors. Presided over by footy club El Presidente Rolfey, the BB Cats president Brian Rowe, resplendent in formal attire and a ‘tit for’, called the votes with the odd Sarah Murdoch moment, while Spackers ensured the powerpoint work of daughter Eden was splashed on the walls for all to see. Good work by the committee ensured a successful night, and as usual Bob Walters and Perko were in the background working their butts off.

PS: Great to see Dave Moran, who is now walking albeit on one ‘ginger meg’, Watty in remission mode and Larraine Sheers on the champers, all up and about. To top it off, Canuks Debbie and Amy Flemming, in town for the wedding of the year (Congratulations Dicko), found time to participate in the celebrations.

For a photographic record of the evening click on ‘Caught in the Act’ and select B&F 2010. For count results and comments click on ‘more’ and continue reading. Congratulations to all.more

AFL Draft Camp news, Canberra

Merrimacattery's Joel Wilkinson strutted his stuff Wednesday when he stunned the AFL draft camp to establish himself in good company.

The AFL website reports:
And the winner is...
Queenslander Josh Wilkinson has earned rock-star glances after his performances in the running and jumping events earned him the unofficial title of the carnival's best athlete. On Wednesday , Wilkinson demolished the 20-metre sprint record. On Thursday afternoon, he finished second in the other glamour event of the combine, the beep test. The others in the running for athlete of the carnival are Eastern Ranges defender Brad Harvey and Oakleigh Chargers midfielder Andrew Gaff, whose already high stocks have risen further because of his combine performances. Gaff is now tipped to go to West Coast at No.4, behind David Swallow, Harley Bennell and Sam Day.

Not just a pretty face
Wilkinson also rates highly for the unofficial title of chief boffin among the draft prospects. The 19-year-old is in his first year of a biomedical science degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Perth midfielder Reece Conca, 18, is in the first year of a double degree in commerce and psychology at Curtain University in Perth.more


SOGGIE has opted for the most exciting, more worthy, more historic and culturally important challenge in Australian sport - and the dollars ain't bad either. The Age (30 Sept 2010) lists 10 all time defections in VFL/AFL history Read on and see what you remember.more

It's on again

Same time same place for GF celebrations.
You can wear red, white and black or black and white or cream. Come with a bat or ball. The cricket ump can double up as a goal umpire at both ends!

But don't come if you don't want to see the Carringbush lads lose two grandfinals in one season.more

Wobbly Wobbly?

Watch this space as we, like every other sports freak and sporting organisation, get our stuff together for next week. Cricket creams, Saints and Wobbly Wobblies in the same room? $20 million bar trade?

Make up your own mind, but a thoughtful word to Dozer, Perko and whoever else in the Carringbush camp, might be appreciated. On the other hand have the defensive position at the ready (perko has trouble with southpaws!)more

Last Saturday in September

Come and watch the Grand Final in comfort. Enjoy a lunch, watch the kids in the jumping castle, watch Spackers and Perko get it on in the jumping castle, buy a raffle ticket for a change, and try to pick out Fults and Craig Sinclair at the MCG (courtesy of Christine Holland).

Clubroom gates open at midday for lunch. Several screens for viewing the big one. Bigger, better and safer than Dehli!

Psychiatrist on site for loser consultation.more

Best and Fairest Counts

Friday 1st October at the Clubrooms. Blue carpet hosted by Mrs Edelsten at 6.oopm and countdowns commence at 6.30 for the under 18s followed by the Magoos and Seniors.

These are not umpire awards as in the Brownlow, but are coach allocated votes along the lines of the Copeland Trophy. Controversy? Bound to be. Come and vent your spleen and/or express your thanks to the players who gave us an eventful season. All welcome in Schmick dress.

$10/head entry inclusive of Ann's finger food. Drinks of your choice at bar prices.more

Lucky Christine

Congratulations Christine Holland who had GREEN HEART ticket #D90 in the Grand Final raffle. You're off to the G on Saturday with two tickets (and Rolfey?). A full report is expected.

Guru Bob's thoughts.
About Collingwood's chances: "Never will so many be so disappointed about something so inevitable."
As for the Sainters: "Some players don't know when they are beaten. Some players don't know when they are winning, either. Because some players have no idea what's going on at all."more

Wilko's return delayed?

Bryan Wilkinson will not be returning to the coast for an unspecified period. Following his footy club reunion in Mt Gambier, he travelled to Geebung, and rumour has it that he was last seen swapping blows with Paul Chapman in Little Mallop St around 4.45am Saturday morning. An "unknown" coast detective sergeant is on his way to sort out this sordid affair.more

Sainters or Carringbush?

In a plagiarist interpretation, the Independent Rob Oakeshott is the guest tipster for the Grand Final.more

Should have been in Singapore at Raffles Hotel

The Old Boys went down in a sometimes spiteful game, but they took it right up to Surfers to the point of leading by that margin at three quarter time.

But it was all about raffles on Saturday. Rolly's Retirement Raffle at the gate; last minute purchase of raffle tickets for the Surfers City Holden raffle; raffle tickets for the Old Boys tinnie and OB motor; raffle tickets for the AFL Grand Final tickets; tickets for beer; and raffle tickets for a ticket in the car raffle! And to top it off, Surfers Old Boys had tickets on themselves. We were raffled out.

And so was everyone except for Ken Skrinis who picked up the $2500 second last prize and Mark Thornton who "walked away" with the Barina for last prize.

In our day, the B&F miraculously won the big ticket items. So, no indication of who has won the B&F for season 2010. Sure to be a raffle that night, so keep your eyes on this space for date, time and place.

Inflation. Get used to it. Last year the $100 raffle won you $2000. This year the car could be traded in for $10,000!

Great job by the committee and very generously patronised by them as well with many purchasing around $1000 worth. Even Gizmo Rolfe, the wonder dog had a ticket.

Craig Sinclair picked up nothing as third last prize, but reckons he won the raffle. Like many of his ilk, (Carringbush supporters), could not take the Peter Costello smirk off his face after smashing Geebung Friday night.

Trevor Sheppard reckons he won the raffle - he generally does - it is his devine right as an Old Scotch Boy. After 18 years his partner finally said yes and they will marry at the Pines with Whispering Jack serenading the happy couple.

Good to see Watty up and about with TAB tickets in hand. But you had to look at him face on to see him! Lost a bit has Watty but he's won the raffle - it's looking like he has won the big C battle.

And Dave Moran wheeled himself in from the Robina rehab centre after a stroke some 10 weeks ago. He won the raffle of life. Lazy bugger wouldn't do BBQ duty. And the stroke has impeded his football memory - Can't remember who he barracks for but was heard to say that he wouldn't tip Collingwood if they played the taliban.

Wonder who woke up Sunday morning with a paper green bangle on their wrist.

Many thanks to all who put their hands deep in the sky rocket - again. And to our sponsors of course.more

Another Flag for Broadie in the Making

SAT 18th September
12 Noon
Broadbeach v Surfers Paradise

10.30am Pre match entertainment
Gold Coast Masters Rep Side v Maroubra Saints (Sydney)more

Grand Final Tickets are Yours, if....

Win 2 Tickets to the '2010 Toyota AFL Grand Final
Imagine - you and a friend could be the envy of the Gold Coast – sitting at the MCG next Saturday for Australia’s greatest sporting events.
Tickets are strictly limited and the raffle is being conducted for just one week by Broadbeach Seniors AFC. Limited raffle = great chance to win.
Tickets are just $10 with the raffle to be drawn at Broadbeach Cats Club at 6.00pm Tuesday 21st September.
How much would you pay for 2 Grand Final tickets?
Winner will be notified immediately.
Tickets available from Mick or Bob Walters at the Club or from Club representatives.
AFL Authorisation Code GFAFL10/132more

2010 Car Raffle

Get in before the draw Saturday 18 September 2010, 2pm at Clubrooms.

First Prize: From Surfers City Holden a 3 door manual hatch Barina, 1.6L, AC, power steering, 4 air bags, central locking, keyless entry, power windows, alarm and free of dog relief on all tyres.

Second Prize: Travel Voucher from Travelonline Pty Ltd valued at $2500

Tickets $100 and includes 2 hour food and drink package. 300 tickets only. Last ticket drawn wins First Prize and second last ticket drawn wins Second Prize. Contact Bob Walters on 0412 244 453 or any committee member (see Senior Club Contacts page for mobile numbers)more

Senior Coach Postion

Playing or Non Playing

The Broadbeach Cats Australian Football Club is seeking applications for the position as Senior Coach for the 2011 season.

Broadbeach participate in the QAFL State League competition and will be implementing significant Club structural reforms to ensure it becomes a dominant force in Australian Football in Queensland in the near future.

Written applications only, stating required remuneration, should be forwarded by mail or email as follows:

Mail: Football Committee,
Broadbeach Seniors AFC,
PO Box 5240,
Mermaid Waters, Qld 4218

Email: rolfe727@hotmail.commore

Under 16s Spank PBC for the Flag

Coach Boston watched calmly under lights as his charges, led by Andrew Boston, took PBC to the cleaners 16 15 to 6 straight. Congratulations to all.
The under 14s felt the pain of so close going down by 3 points to Surfers. The club is proud of your achievements and you should be also.
The under 12s were unable to repeat their semi final victory over Surfers. With a few injuries and some tired players (big ground that Burleigh), the boys were beaten on the day. Great season, and all can be proud of their feats.
Big year for the juniors and spectators. Honk your horn if you love Broadie and fair dinkum footy.more

QAFL Season 2010 Awards

In case you haven't noticed, there has been another vote count - or several as the case may be - that have not been hung.

The Grogan Medal, Syd Guildford Trophy, the Rising Star Award and the QAFL Team of the Year were all announced last night.more

The Cuz' Legacy

From The Age 6 Sept 2010more

Go The Sharks

Congratulations Tiges.
Now, as much as it hurts we require as many Cats fans as possible to cheer home Southport next weekend. The means justify the ends in this instance as a Shark's victory means a Grand Final at Merrimac. That's $$$$$ for the club and no drive to Brisvegas the following weekend when the swannies will be entertaining the sainters in the prelim.more

Looking Back 2010 (Edited 6/9/10)

A typo on our behalf neglected Stewie's milestone. We have rectified the error plus provided some indication of Stewie's effectiveness across the half back line before his injury.

We have attempted to provide a glimpse of season 2010 - You can draw your own conclusions from some of the data.

Keep in mind that while it may be tough at the top, it's no picnic near the bottom either. And as Napoleon said to the press when banished for life to the island prison of St Helena: "We're just going through a bit of a rough trot at the moment." (Guru Bob)more

Smithy Calls it a Day

The Management Committee have advised that Adrian has hung up the clipboard and stats sheets. The accompanying press release pays tribute to his time at Broadie and provides a sniff of things to come.more

Tipster Winners

1st Travis Gleeson aka Bullfrog 125 (supporter)
2nd Lloyd Briggs 123 (coach)
3rd Mick Williams 122 (Club Manager)

Last: Jared Golla 78 (collingwood supporter?)

Clearly the players have no idea and the above have nothing else to do with their time.more

Future looks brighter than Essendon's

On Sunday at Coolongatta Broadie's first division junior sides - the under 12s, 14s and 16s - reached their respective grand finals in a great day for the Juniors and the club in general. The under 12s reversed the season's fortunes by knocking over Surfers and setting up the day for the other two sides for comfortable victories. Well done to all involved. The GFs are at Burleigh in a couple of weeks, be there to cast an eye over the future.more

Thunder gives us something to ponder

"There was one highlight for Broadbeach, Darin Stewart's superb high mark sitting on the shoulders of Thunder Brett Goodes." (NT Times)

Brett has let Adam know and the Bloods are interested.

You can log onto the NT Times site for more but like our match reports, it is fairly biased, and apart from the above makes scant mention of our blokes. Suffice to say Stewie will be picking up the return flight in mid air as he is not yet down!

And the Twos went down also. We feel a bit like the ALP, deflated at seasons end, but we survive.more

Teams for QAFL Final Fulton Round

Darwin and a hot August afternoon awaits us as we play the final 'home and away' game for season 2010 (It is our home game played away - sold to The Thunder).

Thunder and the Cats will link arms before the game in support of the "No More" campaign to raise awareness of family violence.

The Twos take on Labrador at 11.15 at Labradormore

Thunder Challenges Broady

A "...struggling Broadbeach..." is how the NT News refers to us - stuff 'em.

And the Thunder full forward, Darren Ewing, sets Quickie's goal for Saturday. Ewing is a few behind Hughes (Sthport) for the Ray Hughson Medal and looking for a bag. Your mission Quickie is stop him. Read the full article on next page.

And don't forget to vote. Which Pommie do you prefer?more

Redlands wins split decision on points

But what about the Magoos?more

Travelling in August? Footy Withdrawal in October?

No need to miss your footy fix. Jakarta Bintangs play the Thai Tigers this weekend and 28 August is the Tri Nations Cup Heritage round between Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia in Singapore.

And the Asian Championships take place in Shanghai commencing Oct 16th. See for a package.more

End of Season Under 18 Numbers

Four or five to one the field for the B&F. SOS (Son of Spider), Shaf Killey, Darcy Dienjes and Joshua Kolka head the leading bunch while Stuart Ramsay, Mitch Nibbs and Jacko Cole follow with another bunch of five players not too far behind. Fair to say that a good number of the list played significant numbers in the Magoos as well as the under 18s. Shaf Killey has won the goal kicking on 13 with Luke O'Rourke as the runner-up on 12. Table with all player details on next page.more

More Trivia - Magoos Stats

The Ox and Squire Pat would seem to be favourites in the B&F with Mitch Scale and a bunched field of six close behind. Fair to say that Tom Clough, if he plays or not, will be the leading goalkicker with 15 to date followed by Ash Palmer and Ryan Bower on 9 and 8 respectively but injured for the remaining two fixtures. Luke Gleeson, currently on 7 may elevate himself to second. See table next page.more

Telling Season Stats - Seniors

With 2 rounds to go, B&F voting as indicated by number of times listed in best, suggests a battle between Tinka, Josh Searl, R-Pants, Quickie, Stewie and Rhino Dienjes. Dark horses are Fifey, Simmo and Azza. And club goalkicking hots up with Tinka and Fults on 28, followed by Cookie on 27.
Never bet on anything that talks. Full list of goals and 'bests' on next page.more

Morningside too good

We were subjected to some pretty hot footy in the second quarter particularly, but the game was not without its pluses for us and a few moments to recall.more

Lazy Friday Afternoon for Good Time Managers

TGIF Sports Afternoon
Fat Cat' Greg Ritchie and Mick Gauchi: Guaranteed laughs.
Friday 20 August
2.00pm Broadbeach Cats
$25 Finger Food include
Beverages at Bar Prices
Tickets: Bob Walters 0412244453, Paul Rolfe 0411413491, Andrew McEwan 0418972185 or Mick Williams at the bar.more

Just for Wilko

They say that a good big man will always beat a good small man unless the big man is Percy Jones. Just for Wilko asked Bob Murphy to have a look at a couple of his tall mates in the Age 5 Aug 2010more

Enjoy Your Footy

Especially for Bryan Wilkinson, Nev Fankhauser and Spider
Sydney Swans supporters club
Annual Luncheon
Friday 6th August 12 pm
$40pp Fishermans Wharf Tavern
2 course lunch, drinks at bar prices
Contact Pat Alcock 0408185036

Our turn to help Pat out who has been very supportive of our Old Boys.more

Geoff Bower turns to photography

Click on Aspley July 2010 in 'Caught in the Act' page for some great photos of the Magoos and Seniors versus Aspleymore

Bulldog and Webby call it a day

Both hail from Tassie and their contribution to BBFC may be over on the deck but we trust they will continue to call us home whenever they are on the Coast. We spoke to Bulldog immediately after he limped off on Saturday and couldn't find Webby sober enough to answer a few simple questionsmore

Aspley take the points

A dull atmosphere and performance but we have the opportunity to reveal character over the next three weeks.more

Game on in battle for TV rights

Mark Hawthorne from The Age July 30, 2010 gives us hope.more

Funny Money

Broadbeach Cats Funny Money Night
Saturday August 14 (Last home game)
Funny Money 6 - 10pm
Party until Midnight
Great prizes including $500 voucher courtesy of Travelonlinemore

Shark and Tiger windfall?

Should the Sharks meet the Tigers in the prelim or Grand Final this season, the game will be played at the best neutral ground on the coast: Merrimac Oval. The question would be who to support? It's bit like the election and preferential voting; who do you like least?more

Bye this weekend

A rest this week for the seniors, twos and under 18s. Hostilities to be resumed 31 July/1 Aug. For those who need the weekly fix, the GCFC meet the Hammers at Labrador's Cooke-Murphy Oval 2pm Saturday.more

Local controversy

The Gold Coast Lawn Bowls Association has launched an investigation following accusations that Stan Rose and Billy Haig have been taking No-Doze and Red Bull cocktails before playing bowls. Neither player could be woken up to respond to the accusation.more

Jesse Derrick off to Canberra

Matt Fife has apparently been denied representation for Queensland country on the basis of his bona fides, which means Jesse is our only rep in the stockmen who play in the Australian Country championships 1st Division this coming weekend. Qualifying games will be played in 17 and a half minute halves and it will be a hectic carnival. JD will be a tired man. Nevertheless he and KLF Interior Linings have agreed to replaster parliament house, touch up the PM portraits in the Great Hall, turn back the boats, revolutionise pink bats, install education, collect the mining tax, revive work choices, balance the books, sustain the population, and bury and cremate all politicians at the after-game functions, except Swan supporters.more

Put some hard earned to work

Broadbeach Cat’s Australian Football Club

12noon Sunday 25th July 2010

Recession Busting $50 CLUB

WIN $2000 Cash

Free Drinks, Lunch and Draw from 12noon

See the Mick and any of his bar staff Or Any of the OLD BOYS For your ticket

You do not need to be present to win the $2000-00 CASH

10am Bond Uni V Broadbeach Old Boys

More detail contact; broadbeachcatsinc@gmail.commore

Finals hopes dashed at Dittmar Oval?

The seniors were unable to repeat last week's come from behind victory and it appears that we may not be active in September. A fickle game is football and the fat lady has not yet reached her highest note.more

Wunderkind accumulates 50

Apologies to Ryan Dienjes. We missed his 50 because it seems like he has been in the ones forever. Rhino, still only 19y.o., first ran out at the tender age of 16 in 2007 having donned the Lions jumper as a top up player earlier in that season. An intimidating context for someone of tender years, he more than held his own against men, and apart from a hiccup or two, has been a regular since. He is supported by his Mum and Dad who rarely, if ever, miss a training night or match day, but who unfortunately fail in the parental stakes through shinboner allegiance.
He has polled well in B&Fs - 10th in 2008 and 7th in 2009 - and was a Qld rep at both u/16 and u/18 levels. Ryan is of solid Jenny Craig build, has the courage, and knows how to use it with discipline. Just ask a couple of players from the Labrador Tigers or NT Thunder who tangled with him resulting in a couple of his hiccups this season! A member of a stable backline of average age 19, Rhino's name and his partners' in crime (Quickie and Searly) would be written in first each week. As an adaptable unit he is also called upon to relive his junior days as a forward and often his strong hands and prodigious kicking result in handfuls. One supporter also cast 3 votes for his appearance at the club ball 2009 - the supporter couldn't recall exactly why - nonetheless, he has age and talent on his side to be remembered for a long time to come, on and off the field. Congratulations Rhino, we look foward to the next milestone.more

GCFC Theme Song?

Check this out with maybe cotton wool in one ear. Click on and then compare with the attachment next pagemore

Syd Guilford Votes

Brisbane Lions Reserves v Broadbeach
5 Votes Xavier Clarke Lions
4 Votes Dayne Zorko Broadbeach
3 Votes Sam Shelton Lions
2 Votes Aaron Rolfe Broadbeach
1 Vote Michael Cooke Broadbeach

Round 13 leaders

31: Danny Wise (Southport)
27: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)
22: Dayne Zorko (Broadbeach)
19: Darren Pfeiffer (Southport)
19: Jamie Sheahan (Aspley)
19: Jacob Gough (Morningside)
18: Matt Shir (Aspley)
15: Dean Page (Mt Gravatt)
15: Todd Featherstone (Labrador)more

From the Age 14 July 2010

Apart from the crack about the Lake Oval, this may interest some ex Melbournites.more

Great Away Win

With co captain Fifey's dad on hand for his first look at the cats, the team put on a wonderful game for their supporters. And how good must it be to be a Rolfe brother. We have remarked on the parental inputs of Andrea and El Presidente before but from Aaron's, Squiz's and Jacko's perspective, think on how fantastic it must be to run out with all your brothers (or sisters) - congratulations.more

Well Done:

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 July 2010 5:06 PM
Subject: Thank you

Hi Bob,

On behalf of the club I would like to thank you and the Broadbeach Football Club for a fantastic match day experience on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Our members and fans had a great time and this was evident in the number of people that attended the event.

I was extremely impressed with the dedication of all the volunteers, everyone was smiling through out the entire day and this showed great club character. You have a great group of people involved in the club and we look forward to working with Broadbeach again soon.

Kind regards
Meghann Ruscoe | Sponsorship & Events Coordinator | Gold Coast Football Clubmore

Southport just gets up

We will ignore this week's results on this page (there is comment on the next page) and resort to deflection. Anyone note that Mick Williams selected 8 from 8 last week? Someone has to be at the rooms on Sunday nights to check when Mick makes his selections!more

Stewie and recovery

Since he busted his shoulder Darin Stewart has nothing to do but frame odds for what exactly we are blissfully unaware. But if his performance at last year's ball is any indication then he is probably in a good place to view the comings and goings in both powder rooms. Check out Stewie's recovery process in the attachment next page.more

Young Scorpion Representatives

Broadbeach and Aspley are the most prominent providers with four reps each in the selected 30 for the NAB under 16 Australian Championships. Congratulations to Andrew Boston, Tom Davidson, Brock Paulke and Josh Bull. If not for a broken Ginger Meg, Luke Gastonbury would have been our fifth. Somebody is doing it right with the under 16s.more

A couple of club stalwarts home and recovering

Greg Watts is now home after too long in the Gold Coast Hospital. How he survived the trip home with Stan Rose at the wheel is beyond us.
Larraine Sheers and Les are also back home from Germany where Larraine underwent some stem cell treatment. It appears that there is already some success in that her left foot is now working - careful Les, Larraine might be ready to kick the leg over.
Good luck in your recoveries and we hope to see you at the club before too long.more

Vale Hamish Dick

We're a bit late with the news but we’ve lost our Dick. Hamish has returned to Melbourne and Old Scotch for personal reasons and we wish him well. Hamish played 34 senior games. He was a wonderful ball handler, and his brain was minutes in front of opposition and teammates alike. A clever half forward or influential midfielder/on-baller he had the knack of finding the goals at critical moments. Some criticised his lack of forward pressure and candidly he did ease off in some situations, but he did it provide it, again at critical times, and at other times spent a lot of time in-and-under getting the nut, giving it off and then making position to invariably intervene the passage of the ball – he knew where it was going to go. For a bloke who was sought after by the likes of Southport, Hamish also represented the club proudly and with distinction in a few handfuls of games in the Magoos. He was also prepared to become involved as demonstrated by his election to the Broadbeach Cats Board for 2010. Alas no more “Dick rises for a big one, gathers cleanly, straightens up and puts one through.” For posterity, the photo is of a hairless Dick.more

Groins and BBQs

Brown and Fevalenko or Fifey and Jacko?more

Fair Crowd at Merrimac for Morningside

We were unable to attend the fair ground on the weekend so we have published the QAFL site review of the seniors game against the Panthers and thrown in some comments from afar. In addition a Bully article re Tinka's dozen is reprinted. And an image of the goodly crowd is on the next page.more


Matt Fife and Jesse Derrick have been selected in the preliminary squad for the Stockmen who will compete in the Australian Country Carnival in Canberra next month. Congratulations fellas and heartily deserved. Apart from a couple of Driza-bones the boys would appreciate some woolly undergarments to brave the capital cold and some ear muffs to brave the pre election frisson.more

Under 18s cruising

The under 18s notched another win on the trot and are now one game and some percentage off the head of the ladder. Click on more for reports from Kurt Krebs for the Lee Perkins Memorial game and Sunday's victory over Morningside. Al Lawson has clearly left the group in good hands. Photos of Lee Perkins Memorial presentation available on 'Caught in the Act'more

Cheaper by the dozen? Win puts us well and truly in finals race

Big day out at Merrimac tempered by an ordinary second half but we are back in the running and face some good tests in the coming weeks if we are to run around in September. Magoos fell away in the last quarter after being very competitive - hang in there blokes, it will happen.more

150 Up

Not many get to this number of games at the elite level. Ben Walters may have got there earlier had he been able to avoid injuries etc., but he has never been one to give less than everything at the contest and deserves this special milestone in a fine career. You are all invited to celebrate the loyalty and achievements of the smiling assassin this coming weekend.more

"Northern VFL"

Peter Schwab, on Melbourne radio, has suggested that the Northern VFL is very close to kickoff - how about 2010. He mooted a two conference league (i) Swans and GWS ressies plus Canberra clubs, and (ii) Brisbane Lions and GCFC ressies, NT, couple of Gold Coast sides (we're thinking Southport is one) and some Brisbane based QAFL teams. If this sort of thinking continues we may even see PNG and NZ in above mentioned conferences - but maybe that's stretching the envelope too much??more

Geebung Football Jumper

At the Grassroots Luncheon auction, a generous Nola Wilkinson, born and bred in sleepy hollow, bought a Geebung jumper signed by the 2010 squad for a couple of large ones. According to an embedded spy - a tall lanky easy going bloke that played in a Geebung premiership team back when men were men and Sth Melbourne played at the Lake Oval - the only problem was that Nola had such a good time at the luncheon that she bid against herself! Wish we had more supporters like Nola.more

Grassroots Luncheon (see Caught in the Act for photos)

What a magnificent event and how good was the backdrop. Hope someone has stored that away for future lunches, as it is obvious to us that Geoff Bower has initiated what should become a tradition on the coast. Take a bow Geoff. In the vicinity of 700 people supported the event and our AFL community clubs will benefit on a proportional basis so the coast AFL community can become a "stuffor" rather than a "stuffee". Great venue, good tucker, chance to pick off an auction item or two, and some pretty funny stuff on the day by non AFL types in Greg Ritchie and Vince Sorrenti.
Final Scores: Community Clubs defeated All comers
Goals: Bower (lots), Ritchie and Sorrenti (heaps)
Best: Equal BOG Ritchie and Sorrenti, couple of votes ahead of Ritchie the Sth African and Ritchie the sub-continental cricketermore

Representative Teams

Tinka will apparently line up at half forward on the flank for the Maroons v Tassy at 2pm. Sure to be better than Karmichael. And congrats to Josh Searl, Nathan Quick and Michael Cooke who will be playing at the unfamiliar time of 11.15 in the u/21 rep team v VAFA u/21 side. Cookie lining up on ball and Searly and Quickie at familiar back line possies of the pocket and centre half back respectively. Stewie, who had the heads up of captaincy, is unfortunately sidelined with injury, perhaps season ending. And the selectors, at their own peril, chose to overlook Squizz.more

AFL Grassroots Sports Luncheon Auction Items

Double click on the attachment for images and descriptions of items, (although we doubt the claim for the Saints to make the 2010 GF), on auction at the grassroots sports luncheon Friday 11 June. If unable to attend and interested in any item please contact Bob Walters 0412 244 453 or Geoff Bower 0411 888 674 or Paul Rolfe 0411 413 491more

Gala Ball

The Ball looms. Click on more and then double click on the attachment for details.
Additionally you might like to make a donation of something of value for the ball auction. In the past we have had holidays, jewellery, pool equipment, tools, etc etc. The auction contributes significant funds that go to facility and resource development for the Broadbeach Football Club. Please contact Bob Walters on 0412244453more

NRL survival?

Tim Watson, of Bomber fame and formerly known as 'Minibus' (half a coach), has given us the heads up on NRL strategy for survival. Basic principle is if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Gallop has mapped out a plan for the NRL to play during the summer and take on the A League - a winnable fight - and in the winter, field two sides in the AFL. One in GWS and the other on the Gold Coast. Imagine Ingliss at CHB, Hunt in the middle, Issy at full forward, Slater on ball etc etc. And with AFL profit distributions to clubs they will be cashed up to take on the A League. Win - win? Who cares?more

Redlands away

Woke up, logged on and bugger it, the result was still the same. Tried to sleep one more time but nothing – not even hindsight – could change the outcome. One goal! Maybe one tall down after Stewie went off around the seven minute mark of the first quarter, maybe Fifey’s groin in the hands of the trainer for the second half, maybe too few contributors in the first half or maybe not attacking enough in the box during the last stanza. Whatever, we are left pondering what might have been if we had the points of an away game that was ours for the taking.more

Lee Perkins Memorial Game

Our apologies for incorrect information. The club is re scheduling the Lee Perkins Memorial Game to a home fixture hopefully to coincide with the seniors so all can lend support to the Perkins family who contribute so much to the Broadbeach Footy Club. Details will be published when available.more

Darin and fifty.

Darin Stewart attains 50 this weekend against Redlands. Darin arrived at the club in 2007, accompanied by family, from Devonport in Tassy as a sassy 17 yo schoolboy champion. He played 10 games that season against seasoned footballers in key positions mainly in the forward line. His prodigious talent, particularly in the air, his courage and obvious team orientation saw him consolidate his place in 2008 when he played 18 games, polled 14 votes in the B&F (fifth) and was a rising star nominee in the QAFL. We're thinking he also played representative footy for Qld as he did again in 2009 and has been selected in the under 21 squad in 2010. Injuries and some indiscretions by the adjudicators resulted in 13 games and 8 votes in 2009. This season Darin has settled in at centre half back where he has marshalled a revitalised side either feeding the nut off or delivering accurate penetrating kicks into the forward zone, and for ours is a better than good punt for B&F honours in 2010. We certainly hope he remains at the cattery to enjoy further milestones in an already sparkling career. There are three phases in footy. Either we have it, they have it, or Stewie has his eyes on it perched on someone's back at Steve Hooker heights! Congratulationsmore

Tigers too good on the day

All three sides went down this week. The u/18s in a close fought affair out in the west country v Toowoomba, the Magoos to Labrador and the seniors also to Labrador. Both the u/18s and seniors effectively gave up the chance to consolidate, at this stage of the season, for finals footy. But we will be back.
Some pre half time photos of the day are available in ‘Caught in the Act’ and Boccy, take a look at a happy Yellow and Black supporter’s dial. The Bloods will be back for Boc.more

Jesse's Grandfather slots a couple against Labrador in our first ever win.

According to our research, back in 1971 Broadbeach played their first game in the Gold Coast Football League against Labrador at our 'home' ground on the Isle of Capri. In 1972 we won our first game ever and our first in the GCFL against Labrador - we're thinking on their dung heap - on the 14 of May. Click on more for some details and a newspaper report of the day which is predictive of 30 May 2010.more

Another Clean sweep for Broadie in Guildford Trophy v Western Maggies

5 Votes Darin Stewart Broadbeach
4 Votes Nathan Quick Broadbeach
3 Votes Josh Searl Broadbeach
2 Votes Korey Fulton Broadbeach
1 Vote Dayne Zorko Broadbeach
Leader Board
14: Mat Clarke (Labrador)
13: Dayne Zorko (Broadbeach)
12: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)
11: Danny Wise (Southport)more

Footy in the burbs of Brisvegas: Broadie v Western Magpies

The footy record featured Joel Wilkinson (Scorpions got done by the way); the u/21 QAFL side featured Cookie, Stewie, Quickie, Searly and Rolfey T (congratulations); and the footy featured an impregnable backline (awesome).

Great win – any away victory is a good’un – and we look to three on the trot this week at home to the Tiges.more

Congratulations to under 18 Scorpions

Joel Wilkinson has been appointed skipper off the half back line and is joined by Jackson Rolfe, Josh Kulka, and Luke Shreeve. Adam McKenzie has to be stiff given his more than useful games in the seniors this season.more

Cocktail Party and Player Auction

Hamish Dick send his apologies - he cannot make the cocktail party but is willing to be auctioned. Big night Sat 22 May. Click on attachment next page for all details or double click on the image for a zoom view.more

Under 18 Match Reports for Noosa, Coolangatta, Sandgate and Noosa

Cyberspace unblocked and reports through. Must have been a gremlin in the hallowed halls of the local media.more
50 Up

Tinka for State Honours

Dayne Zorko is the only Broadie player to be selected in a 47 strong squad to represent Qld v Tassie 12 June. Well deserved Tink. Couple of others a bit stiff to miss out but their time will come.more

Broadbeach v Mt Gravatt

Big Day out at Merrimac on Sunday with three games, ladies day hosted by a smooth Rowey, and the first sponsors’ lunch for season 2010 featuring Ken Hinkley, assistant coach GCFC. The seniors game proved that like good Coonawarra red our blokes travel pretty well. Al Lawson’s u/18s decided to lose one and the less said about the Magoos the better. This is not to demean the efforts of those who fought the good fight, but the great thing about football, and as Guru Bob recalls the words of General Custer as he witnessed the total annihilation of his troops at Little Big Horn: “I think you’ll see a completely different Magoos side next week.”more

Australian Rules International: The World Game - Step aside Soccer

We often sneak a look at fair dinkum footy in SE Asia, or the International Cup, or wherever it's happening. Honk your horn if you love footy! Thing is, dare we say it, perhaps it's now verging on more than a niche game for expats on beer. From the Age (15 May)
we learn of an AFL appointment of an International Development Manager - and believe us, this is represents a shift of enormous proportions in AFL thinking compared to not too long ago. Read on.more

Young Scorpions Qld U/16s

Five Broadie players have made the representative side. Congratulations to Andrew Boston, Josh Bell, Tom Davidson, Luke Glastonbury and Brock Paulke.more

Put Your hand Up - Volunteers for Season 2010

The club would appreciate volunteer interest for season 2010. Tasks are many and varied. Click on 'more' for details of positions available. Please get at the head of the queue to experience the heady atmosphere of giving some of your time to the Family Club. Many hands make light work at the Fun Club on the Coast.
Contact Bob Walters on 0412244453 to come for the ride in 2010.more

Chicken Delight Chook Raffle is Back

Feb 11 the Chicken Delight Chook Raffle is back. See Bob for your season number. And don't forget to select a bromance for Valentine's day - any of our players are worthy of your attention. You can glimpse the lads at training Tuesdays and Thursdays from Feb 9 on.more

Valentines Day

Make a commitment. Fall in love with the Broadie Cats for 2010 and honk yer horn if you love Footy.more

Something for Everyone Australia Day

Cricket Club, Footy Clubs, Mums and Dads, Billy Lids and Bald Headed Guests are all invited to a BBQ Jan 26. Come along to our Fools' Paradise to kick off a rollicking year at the Cattery. Jump in a castle with Tank, celebrate Harry Kennan the man, chuck down a left handed chinaman, crack a six, wear a pad, a box, whatever, just enjoy. For details on 6 a side cricket phone John Farrell 0423 509 341more

Take it easy, take a taxi

And be there to enjoy a great 2010 at the Catterymore

Season Statistics

If you haven't already had a look or are not aware of the website facility, you can view all team statistics (games, goals, number of times in best etc etc) for the seniors, magoos and under 18s and/or individual player stats for each of the sides.more

Football club Patron

Percy Baker has accepted the committee's nomination as club Patronmore

Player Profiles

To get to know Broadbeach senior playing list click on "Player Profile" link at Right Hand Side of News page. Select any of the players' image and click for player profile.more
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2011 QAFL Reserves
1 Redland 44
2 Southport 44
3 Mt Gravatt 44
4 Aspley 40
5 Morningside 36
6 Broadbeach 16
7 Labrador 0


2011 Under 18 AFL Sportsready Cup
1 Morningside 56
2 Mt Gravatt 52
3 Sandgate 44
4 Western Magpies 40
5 Labrador 36
6 Broadbeach 36
7 Aspley 32
8 Southport 24
9 Maroochy/Northshore AFC 16
10 Redland 8
11 Noosa 8
12 Toowoomba 4