Wet Weather Announcements


10 October 2020 - 3 April 2021 
8.30am - 6.00pm ALL DAY EVENT
Posted By: Joanne McGowen 
Please check here regularly for any updates on ground closures, game rescheduling, cancellations & diamond changes, etc. due to the impact of wet weather on the 2020-21 competition. 
Phone: 9710 0105
for Training Day Ground Closures 
 Follow the links to check current weather   Sydney Weather Forecast    National Weather Radar & Lightning Tracker 
Sutherland Shire Council updates the 'Wet Weather' line on a daily basis. Even though it is the responsibility  of the Sutherland Shire Softball Association to display the CLOSED signs at the playing fields during inclement weather it is recommended that members ALWAYS contact the 'Wet Weather Line' on 9710 0105 to determine if Captain Cook fields are open for training purposes. The recorded message is updated daily at 9.00am following sporting field inspections. Never assume that the signs are correct. 
WET WEATHER ON DAY OF PLAY prior to commencement
Weekend ground closures are determined by Sutherland Shire Softball Association. The SSSA Wet Weather Committee will inspect the playing fields one & half (1 1/2) hours prior to the scheduled commencement of play for both Junior (8.30 & 10.30am timeslots) and Senior competitions (12.30, 2.30 & 4.30pm timeslots) on wet weather days to decide if conditions are suitable for play.                                                                                            Once a decision has been made to cancel play due to wet weather, the Cronulla RSL President, Joanne McGowen will notify Team Managers/Coaches that play is to be cancelled. If in doubt, team managers/Coaches should contact Joanne on the morning of play. All team members should contact their Team Managers or Coaches. 
 Cronulla RSL President Joanne McGowen Ph: 0404 205 415
 Cronulla RSL Treasurer Marilyn Jones Ph: 0438 894 917
 Captain Cook Fields Canteen Ph: 9544 3550
 Sutherland Shire Council Wet Weather Line Ph: 9710 0105
WET WEATHER once the day's play has commenced
Once the days play has commenced only the SSSA Management Committee can cancel the days play. 
In the Junior and Sub Junior Competitions
Games that have been called off due to wet weather and/or not completed because more than 20 minutes have been lost, and no other games have been played on that day, will be called a draw unless the SSSA Committee approves a replay. 
In the Senior Competition
Where one or two timeslots have been washed out, games will be re-scheduled where possible. If re-scheduling is not possible,washed out games will be declared draws. 
Once a days play has commenced games may be suspended by the officiating plate umpire (or by the SSSA Committee if all games are affected), for a short time (eg. during a heavy storm). If no more than 20 minutes are lost in the game the match result will stand, or if a regulation game was played before the loss of time. 

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