We ask all of our players to remember that when they are representing Cruisers the name on the front of their top is more important than the name on the back.

We ask our players, and parents, to respect and accept the Club's decisions on selection, and the coaches' decisions on positions and strategy. Those decisions are made not only for the benefit of the Club and team as a whole, but also for the benefit of our players. 

Taking this approach allows all of our players to develop to the best of their abilities. We also believe that everyone, whether they are playing at representative or at beginner level can learn from one another.


The softball playing positions are universally defined. There are usually nine players on the field at a time taking a defensive position. These are shown in the picture at the top of the page.

A general profile of each of the playing positions is shown below. More information can be found by clicking on the links 

#1 PITCHER The pitcher is the player who pitches the ball to the opposing players with the express reason to get them out. In addition to pitching, the pitcher also performs a variety of back up roles and is responsible for defending against the bunt. The pitcher thrives on the pressure of the game and stays calm in any situation.
#2 CATCHER The catcher is your defensive captain, aligning the team in certain situations, calling the pitches or relaying the coach's pitch call. The catcher needs to have a keen understanding of the game as well as a strong arm to throw out prospective base stealers. Defensively, the catchers responsibility is to guard home plate, cover the bunt, and in some cases with no one on base, back up first base. 
#3 FIRST BASE First base players generally have a very good glove (ie they make a lot of catches). The first base player's primary responsibility is to cover first base on an infield throw. You may see first base playing several steps in front of the first base bag to prevent the other team from bunting. 
#4 SECOND BASE The second base player is the infielder who plays between first and second bases on the diamond. The second base player covers the actual second base on balls hit to the left side of the infield. On a bunt, with first base charging, second base covers the first base. Second base serves as the cutoff person when balls are hit to right field. 
#5 THIRD BASE The third base player needs to be an excellent fielder with a strong arm and excellent reaction time to cover the bunt. Third base will usually play in front of the third base bag to discourage the bunt. Third base players also need to cover third base on balls hit to the outfield. 
#6 SHORTSTOP The shortstop is the player who plays between second base and third base. The shortstop needs to have very good range and a strong arm. This position serves as cutoff for balls hit to center and left fields. On a hit to right field, the shortstop covers second base. Shortstops also generally take the throw at second base on a steal play. On a bunt, the shortstop will cover second base.
#7 LEFT FIELD The left fielder occupies the left field area. This position is responsible for backing up any balls hit or throws made to the left side of the infield. The ideal left fielder needs good speed to cover the outfield and can catch fly balls. The left fielder should also back up the center fielder on balls hit to center and left center field. 
#8 CENTRE FIELD The center fielder is captain of the outfield and ideally has excellent speed and good hands. If centre field can make the catch, the other outfielders should defer to this position. The center fielder backs up balls hit to right or left field and backs up any throw to second base on a steal attempt or force out. 
#9 RIGHT FIELD The right fielder covers the right field area and backs up any throw to first base as well as hits to the right side of the infield. The right fielder should also back up any throw into the infield from left field. Like both the left and centre fielders these players ideally have good speed and confidence in catching fly balls.








Cruisers 2019/2020 Drive Thru Trophy Pickup
We are having a Drive Thru Trophy Pickup so you can collect your trophy without leaving your car.
Come and see us at one of the two times available. No need to book, or leave your car. Just drive through the designated area in the car park, wind your window down and drive away with your 2019/20 Cruisers softball trophy.
When: Cornucopia Reserve
Cantwell Street
Date : Saturday 12th September
Times:10:00am - 2:00pm
Date: Friday 18th September
Time: 6:00pm -7:00pm
Note: Due to Covid 19 restrictions, There will be no Group or team presentations allowed. 

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