Fees and costs

We provide our members and players with the best value for money possible. Unfortunately other sources of income, such as sponsorship revenue are limited, so we charge fees only to help cover the Club's costs.

  • All players will be charged the 1st Game Fee listed above.
  • A compulsory umpiring levy has been added this year to cover the cost of paying plate umpires for all competition games. This is a CNSA initiative. Teams will still be expected to roster players for base umpiring duties throughout the season.
  • Cruisers players wishing to play in more than one team will be charged the 2nd or 3rd Game Fee.
  • Players from another club wishing to play in a second team with Cruisers will be charged the 2nd for 3rd Game Fee.
  • Members from other associations wanting to play with Cruisers will be charged as per the below table.




Cruisers Softball adopts the 'no pay, no play' policy. Your fees will be payable within 2 weeks of you registering. If you have not paid prior to the first round of competition, you will be inelligible to play.

Payments can be made by electronic funds transfer or cheque. We prefer to avoid cash however will accept cash payments. Please note your surname on bank transfers. Cheques should be handed to the Treasurer. 

While we prefer that you pay your fees in one lump sum, you can speak to the Treasurer or Registrar about paying by instalments if you are experiencing difficulties with this. We want as many people as possible involved with Cruisers.


The Cruisers membership fee is inclusive of CNSA registration fees and items that Cruisers require throughout the season - this includes insurance, fees to register team officials, game balls, scorebooks, line-up books and goes towards paying for scoring and coaches courses for our volunteers. Fees also go towards social activities ie Welcome BBQ, Xmas BBQ and Presentation Night.

Members aged 18 years and over have the right to vote at general meetings. We encourage our parents, partners, family members and friends to become supporter members.


Fundraising is, at present, the major way in which Cruisers Softball obtain funds for social activities and equipment upgrades for our members. Types of fundraising activities at Cruisers will include:

  • Cadbury chocolate drive
  • Raffles - donation of items
  • Nutrimetics and other party plans and
  • Bus shopping trip

An optional fundraising levy of $30 per player is available to be paid at registration by those players not wanting to participate in the Cadbury chocolate fundraising activities throughout the year. The expectation is that everyone participates in all other fundraising activities throughout the year.






Cruisers 2019/2020 Drive Thru Trophy Pickup
We are having a Drive Thru Trophy Pickup so you can collect your trophy without leaving your car.
Come and see us at one of the two times available. No need to book, or leave your car. Just drive through the designated area in the car park, wind your window down and drive away with your 2019/20 Cruisers softball trophy.
When: Cornucopia Reserve
Cantwell Street
Date : Saturday 12th September
Times:10:00am - 2:00pm
Date: Friday 18th September
Time: 6:00pm -7:00pm
Note: Due to Covid 19 restrictions, There will be no Group or team presentations allowed. 

Executive Committee



Contact details
Rob Connell
E: cruisers.president@gmail.com
M: 0423 511 301
Michelle DeBono

E: cruisers.vicepresident@gmail.com
M: 0428 604 373

Allison Connell

E: cruisers.secretary1@gmail.com     

M: 0403 577 651   

David Erzetic

E: cruisers.treasurer@gmail.com
M: 0414 210 935                                

Vanessa McRae
E: cruisers.registrar@gmail.com
M: 0438 072 682

Uniforms:                 Linda Mobbs

E: cruisers.uniforms@gmail.com
M: 0418 241 757


E: cruisers.umpire.canteen@gmail.com

Minute Secretary:
E: cruisers.minutesecretary@gmail.com

CNSA Delegate:        George Mobbs

E: cruisers.cnsa.delegate17@gmail.com

Publicity Officer:      

E: cruisers.publicityofficer@gmail.com           M:  

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