Fees, payments & refunds

2020 Winter Season Fees to be paid by 14th March 2020. 

Please remember that when a family has registered and paid for a player the actions are considered to be a commitment for the season. The teams and players in our teams are nominated by the club based on registrations and payments. Team Nominations are due to the association by the 9th March. 

  • All individual member refund requests prior to the 7th March 2020 will be considered.
  • If an entire team ceases to continue for any reason prior to the 7th March then refunds will be considered.
  • Extenuating circumstances will be considered.
  • If a player can be replaced by a player of a similar ability and development a refund will be considered by the Puma Club. The partial refund would be based on games played and/or the games remaining in the season where a replacement player can commence playing.
  • An administration fee will always be deducted on refunds.
  • All aspects of a possible refund will be decided by the committee and are final. 

Puma considers that families and players have committed and agree to the conditions of the club when the player is registered and paid for for a season.

The Puma Club will enter teams consistent with the number of players who are registered and paid for into the Willettton Basketball Association Junior Domestic Competitions. 

To meet the costs of a season the majority of teams require 8 players.  

Season Fees




$per Player 


  Season Game Fees  - forwarded to the Willetton Association 130        
  Puma Club Registration Fee 110
    Total $240
  Playing Tops are on loan as part of the PUMA Fees. Any loss or damage to the uniforms are the responsibility of the player/family (replacement $50)  


Additional costs                     

 Shorts, BWA Fee, Administration, Training Courts  

Shorts - all plyers are to wear the compulsory black junior competition shorts. The shorts can be purchased from the Willetton Stadium Office.


Annual BWA Fee. This fee has been introduced by Basketball Western Australia to all players. The fee covers a player for 2019 at any BWA affliated association. The fee is compulsory and is to contribute to the cost of the administration and implementation of basketball costs across Western Australia. 


Credit Card Fees, Running of club, equipment, website, texts, merchandise, etc 

Training - not all teams train but the training costs of all teams are spread across all players. Best efforts are made to secure training for all teams but sometimes the available courts are not workable for the specific requirements of a team. Allocations through the Willetton Stadium vary from season to season and will only be advised to the clubs after the competion grid is finalised. Other venues are secured by the Puma Club. The training courts are secured at different costs but the cost per player is calculated on the average cost of all courts.

 Refunds   10% deduction  

Refunds are to be applied for by email and if agreed will require details of

Bank Name


Account Name

Account Number

Please email requests to 

Puma Basketball Club