About Us

The Queanbeyan Tigers are the oldest club in the League being formed in 1925 under the guidence of Wal Mason who could aptly be described as the Father of Australian Football in Queanbeyan.

During the period 1925 through to 1982, the Club went through many periods of success whilst also being on the verge of collapse.

The power based Clubs across the border in the ACT had Licensed Clubs and were able to attract players from interstate to suppliment their junior based players. The Tigers Club had nothing and relied on various licensed establishments in Queanbeyan as a home base.

It was not until 1983, that the Queanbeyan Tigers commenced a period of achievement unequaled in its long history. The opening of its Licensed Club in South Queanbeyan, the movement from the Queanbeyan Park to the a new ground opposite the Licensed Club, the appointment of full time Managers for Football, Licensed Club and subsequent Junior Development has seen the Tigers become one of the most respected football organisations in the Country. Its success speaks for itself with 21 consecutive finals series appearances since 1982, which includes 14 Grand Finals since 1985 through to 2002 - a period of 18 years. The Club won 7 of those grand finals, three consecutive during the period 1998 - 2000 under the guidence of James Dore. The other four were won with legendary Coach Brian Quade who held charge of the Club for a period of ten years - 1983 to 1992.

The Tigers Club have led the way with many innovative ideas which includes the development of the Margaret Donoghoe Sportsground. The Sporting complex contains an Administration Building for the sole purpose of promoting and deveolping our great game of Australian Football through full time Management consisting of Football Manager Ron Fowlie, Administration Manager and former AFL Canberra legend Keith Miller and a Development Officer in Brett Gill. They can be contacted on 02 62993467.