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City Limits team lists have been added to our website under "City Limits Team Lists".

Good News everyone, if you need City Limits Basketball shorts you can now purchase them from Sheree Varnum's shop in Adamstown. Sheree's shop is called "Shevar" (Fabulous Stylish Stuff) which is on Brunker Road and the shop is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30am to 3pm; Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm.  Shorts sell for $30.00 and socks for $10.00.

Sheree will be happy to see you :)

Hi Everyone, City Limits has taken their Club Registrations down because we have maximised all our teams.  If you have not registered and we have added you to a team, can you please ring Newcastle Basketball and ask them for our link. Alternately can you please email City Limits Basketball Club at and ask for the link?  Thank you

City Committee


Newcastle Basketball advise update please read 16/06/2020 

Spectators - All spectators regardless of age group will be able to attend.  We will be asking everyone to remember the social distancing requirements, which are 1 person per four square metres, within the stadium and to reconsider attendance if they meet one of the following categories as per the NSW Government Advice Here.

  • Vulnerable Persons

  • People with Chrionic Conditions

  • Anyone sick/unwell or displaying any symptons matching COVID19

  • Spectators come to the stadium at their own risk

If you are interested in being a coach or manager for your childs team please send City an email or contact us via Facebook.  You will need to have a current "Working With Children" check. 

Players will be expected to leave immediately following their matches.  Players and officials will also be required to arrive just before matches. 

More information about entry and exit procedures will be provided by Newcastle Basketball soon.

Regretfully our club has decided not to train during this years club competition.  However as restrictions continue to ease our club may look at doing some additional activities.

The competition will commence on Wednesday 1st July 2020 and the Grand Finals will occur on the Wednesday 23rd September for all age groups.  There will be games occuring through the school holidays.

City Limits will be keeping the costs down but at this time will not be giving a sibling discount.  

The costs will be:

U12's - $100 (we hope you can use your ACTIVE Kids voucher)

U14's - U19's $100 (we hope you can use your ACTIVE Kids voucher)

During these exceptional times City Limits will be trying our best to provide your child with a great experience whilst playing basketball.  We cannot guarantee there will not be issues but please bear with us whilst we work through them.

City Limits Club Committee


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