Dear Members and Participants

Our movements are guided by the Federal and State Government reactions to the crisis of the corona virus.

And the Stadium remains closed.

Just to provide a weekly update to all.

The staff have been working on video for our members for all levels and can be found here.

Applying for grants for future funding upgrades to the “Snakepit”

Completing some of the unfinished tasks in the Stadium. 

Pressure washing of all wet areas change rooms and toilets.

Removal of Rubbish from behind panelling Court 3 and repanel the top row of Grandstand.



Netting to Courts 3 & 4.


Here are a few pics of some of the work that has been achieved over the past 2 weeks since the doors have closed.



Our Waratah Junior and Senior Leagues, Barrengarry and also the 2019/2020 Summer competitions for Juniors and Seniors are still on hold and have not been cancelled.  BNSW is considering possible scenarios for their competitions if and when they can go ahead which at this stage is still an unknown. Likewise, Basketball Illawarra is considering possible scenarios for our competitions and programs when they can go ahead.

We appreciate the huge time commitment that you have invested in our Sport.  

If the rep season is shortened there will be adjustments to so we appreciate your patience and understanding until we know what will happen from BNSW.

At this time our Local competitions will recommence at a later date, as you can understand cannot specify an exact time.

In the meantime, we ask that you be patient and understanding of this unplanned and unprecedented situation and be hopeful that the drastic measures taken at this time will lead to a speedy recovery to life as we once knew it

We will keep you updated on changes as they take place and hope to keep you motivated by providing resources to keep you engaged while we wait.

Take care , stay safe and well and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

We are all in this together.