Cobram Junior Soccer Association

Statement re 2020 season

The Cobram Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel its 2020 Saturday morning soccer season in response to the COVID-19 situation.

The decision was made at the Cobram Junior Soccer Association’s committee meeting on 2 July after it became clear that it would be an enormous challenge for the Association to properly ensure the well-being of players, parents, carers, referees, coaches and other volunteers.

In order to go ahead with the shortened season originally proposed for Term 3, the CJSA committee needed have a high degree of confidence that it could meet all the protocols set out by our governing body, Football Victoria, as well as those set by the Victorian state government and Moira Shire. To achieve this, our volunteer base would have had to shoulder an enormous level of responsibility on behalf of the Association and ultimately, the committee felt this was an unrealistic and unfair request of our parent volunteers.

CJSA President, Mario Pardo, described it as “a gut-wrenching decision for the committee to have to make” and the CJSA understands that many players and parents will be disappointed.

Our players and parents, many of whom also volunteer as coaches and managers, are the absolute heart of the CJSA and come from a large area which includes Cobram, Finley and Yarrawonga and surrounding towns. With so many people from different areas coming together, the committee also needed to prioritise the well-being of the overall community.

The CJSA will be looking into the possibility of a modified competition during late spring – early summer, as well as the return of the Regional Girls Development Program, and will keep members informed of any developments. If these options are not feasible, then CJSA will look forward to the return of junior soccer during autumn 2021, or when the situation allows.

The CJSA committee would like to thank all those that volunteered in the lead up to this decision and to our valued sponsors for their continued support.

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The Cobram Junior Soccer Association provides a fun and safe environment for Boys and Girls ages 4-13 to enjoy playing the world game each Saturday. Games are held in Cobram, Finley and Yarrawonga




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