Under 8 Black (Coach: Jeff Kane)

In the last game of the season the under 8 Tigers Black showed their mums and dads just how far they had come this season. Our centre clearances in the first quarter were exceptional with Tarran, Archer and Marco dominating the centre bounces.  6 goals in the first quarter was magnificent.  The game was clearly in our hands with every boy getting his hands on the ball and kicking to team mates.  Our handballing was also a highlight and a major improvement for the team.  Today’s Captains were Archer and Roy, both boys play well all over the ground and have booming left foots and were fitting leaders to our last game. Our best players were hard to pick with a great team effort from all boys.  Harley was awarded the Mitcham medal as he played well wherever he played and is one of our teams best in and under players.  Sadly this is our last game for the year, and it is clearly evident how much the boys, parents and all the coaching staff have enjoyed our Sunday morning games.  After 2 years though, I’m happy to see the last of Quambee reserve and am looking forward to seeing every Tiger in the Mitcham Under 8’s move up to our under 9 teams.  I think all would have to say that next year looks like a very promising year for the under 9’s.  The biggest highlight for myself this year, has been seeing a bunch of kids, some of whom go to different schools, become a team and most of all become mates who play for the Mitcham Tigers.  Well done team!

Under 8 Yellow (Coach: Josh McConnell)

Our Captains this year have all done an amazing job when it was their turn. Due to that it was too hard to pick one Captain for our final game, so our whole team were Captains today.  They all did an amazing job and this was their best game of the season.  We saw great to team play from the first bounce when Daniel Grace, Charlie Wilson and Thomas "Woody' Woodhead set the tempo of how the game was going to go, hard and fast!  Each of those players had great games being first to ball, setting up plays, taking a screamer or two and kicking goals when needed.  Great game boys and a great season overall.  Lorenzo Klinger- Horsburgh, Thomas Linnett and Charlie Cruse started the onslaught of goals in the first quarter.  Each played fantastic games as forwards, backs and centres when they got the chance. I  saw each of them use their new found skills to share the ball with team mates and fight hard to win in a contest.  Keep up the great work guys,  I have enjoyed seeing your great development in your first year.  Our starting runner on the wing this week was Noah Quinlan. Noah ran well and controlled the flow of the game coming out of backline when on the wing, in centre and when in the backline.  Noah shared the ball beautifully and on many occasions hit his teammates on the chest in the forward line for them to score a goal.  Noah was one of our Mitcham Medal winners for Player of Week.  Great game and fantastic season Noah.  Our backline was packed full of 3 players dying to get the hands in the ball in first Quarter - our two most skillful players, James Watt and Josh Dakic and the hard flying Ryan McConnell.  They have all played some great footy this year and today was no different.  It's been fantastic watching Josh taking high flying marks and James taking long runs down the wings finishing with a goal or two and Ryan flying high and crunching into and through packs when taking a mark.  Today Ryan was awarded the other Mitcham Medal for Player of the Week for his efforts across the ground.  We have seen a huge amount of goals kicked all season and this game was no different. We had multiple goal scorers with some kicking 3 or more. The best thing we did see today was the running overlap and hand ball from all players.  Skill by foot was exceptional and the marking was fantastic.  Our other award winner this week was the entire team!  They all played like champions and a champion team!  They all played for each other today and they all listened when given instructions and more importantly executed the instructions.  This was a fantastic game to finish a fantastic season.  Well played to all of you!  It's been a pleasure to be your coach this season and I look forward to seeing you all play again next season and growing the skills you've learnt this year.

Under 9 Yellow (Coach: Mark Butler)

In perfect July conditions we took on a Kilsyth team keen for redemption from earlier encounters against us.  With big Mason Porter our skipper we were full of confidence.   We got off to a great start but Kilsyth slowly eroded our dominance as the game went on.  Jacko was again amongst the action and Jimmy was awesome all match despite an injured hand.  It was great to see Cooper Edwards kick a much deserved goal and again punch above his weight division.  Captain Mason was awesome all day, as was "the chief" Ty Crupi who had a day out.

Goals: Cooper Edwards, Heath Fox, Mason Porter, Will Serong, James Wilson, Max Irvine. 

It was an unbelievable season with a third of the team playing their first season of footy.   I was blown away by the boy’s attitude and determination.   Well done all, and thanks for all of the support from everyone! Special call out to:

Steve Darmody - Team Manager of the century.

Mark Wilson - assistant coach with the most.

Saul Downes - runner from another mother

Stu Thompson - the man with the magical towel


Under 9 Black (Coach: Peter Ajani)

Under 9 Mitcham Black played Vermont on a sunny winter morning.  All the boys were there for our final game.  Our Captains for this game were Matt and Aaron and today all the boys played with our “never give up “approach and apart from Vermont getting the first goal, we then got the next couple of goals.  This was a congested game with 20 per side but all the boys just fought and fought in a terrific four quarter contest.  The Mitcham medal went to Liam.  Looking forward to Season 2017!

Under 10 (Coach: Bard Aujard)

Today saw the U10’s play Glen Waverley Rovers for the second time this season.  In near perfect conditions at Koonung Reserve, the Tigers were able to show how far they have come as a team.  It’s a shame the season has to end but every player contributed today.  The last four games have shown so much improvement as a team and we have had no passengers.  The backline stands strong and the forwards are kicking goals.  Thanks for a great season boys, and hopefully we will see you all back next year.

Goals: Aiden 4, Will 1, Ryan O 1

Under 11 (Coach:  Sandi Marini)

Koonung Reserve was the battleground for a big game v Vermont.  Tough and tight it was for 3 quarters, but then in the 4th we hit a gear that the opposition couldn't handle.  Above all the tactics and game plans etc. etc. the most impressive attribute this u11 team has is the mate-ship and bonds you need to go all the way.  

Best. Matthew. Luke, Ned, Liam, Akexi, Jordan

Final Score: Mitcham 7.7.49 d Vermont 3.3.21


Under 12 (Coach: Jason Philactides)

I am so proud of the boys!  This time last year we were going into round 14 looking for our first win.  12 months on and we were looking to win to play in our first finals campaign. Unfortunately UFTG spoiled the party and came away with the win, however it wasn’t due to the lack of effort from the boys.  The boys were fantastic all day, however we had a 5 minute lapse in concentration during the third quarter, which ultimately cost us the win.   Our ball movement has come such a long way since round 1, in particular clearing the ball out of defense.  Since the boys have grasped the game plan and the instruction ‘Do Your Job’ we have become very competitive with all of the top teams struggling to dominate us.  Today was no different!  The UFTG coach said to me after the game, “wow how good have your boys got, I’m glad we’re not playing you next week”!  His words are a great reflection on how far we have come as a group.  Today Jack was outstanding, and he almost won us the game off his own boot.  Jack has been great to watch, not just today, but for the entire year.  His run off the half back flank and the distance he gains with his kicking has been a huge asset to the team.  We needed a match winner and I thought he was the one that could provide the result and he almost did.  At any level of footy, kicking 3 goals in a quarter is an outstanding achievement, well done skipper!  Maybe we have uncovered another forward.  Nathan continued on his brilliant form for the year.  I ask a lot of Nathan and he never questions it, he just nods his head and gets on with it.  Today was no different.  Nathan’s ability to win his own footy and use the ball to advantage was second to none.  Today he did not stop running, tackling and driving the ball forward and on many occasions his delivery into the forward line resulted in a Mitcham score.  He also managed to kick a goal himself.  Well done Nathan!

Goal Kickers – Jack 3, JP 2, Nathan 1, Jamie 1

Final Score:  UFG 9.12.66 d Mitcham 7.1.43


Under 12 Girls (Coach: Ruby Schneider)

Today the girls played Yarra Glen at Walker Park.  It was a perfect day for footy with the sun out and right from the start the girls put the pressure on and we able to score early.  Our tackling was superb, especially the work of Riley, Chloe and Phoebe.  The girls were able to “man up”, not allowing the opposition to get away from them form the majority of the game.  For the entire game it was very tight and all the girls really stood up and played to the best of their abilities, especially Matilda R and Sabrina who both scored goals which was very exciting.  We were down at ¾ time, but were able to bounce back with two goals both kicked by Lucy O, including the winning goal which was kicked from the boundary line with only 10 seconds to go in the match.  The siren went and I have never seen the girls so happy and excited.  It really was a great game by all the girls who worked extremely well as a team.  It was great to have a win at home too!  Well done girls.

Final Score:  Mitcham 5.4.34 d Yarra Glen 3.10.28


Under 13 (Coach: Mark Ross)

The U13's played Montrose at Walker Park. Wow what a start to the game with the Tigers coming out and kicking 7 goals to 1 in the first quarter. In the second term the Tigers continued to play fantastic team football into the breeze kicking a further 2 goals. The third quarter saw the tigers kick 3 goals and in the last we boated 4 goals to run out comfortable victors. A great way to finish off the season with  a very polished team effort with every player doing their job. Goals went to Dom 6, Joel 4, Callum 2, Jamie 2, Atticus 1, Harry 1. "Uncles Ball" went to Callum Mead who has showed great persistence all season and finished off well kicking goals in the last game. Great game by Louis, Ethan Miller, Harry, Dom, Joel, Benny, Atti, Callum and everyone else.  Thank you to all the parents who helped out throughout the season and to the Mitcham Junior Football Club who have supported me.  Well done boys, the future definitely looks very bright for this group of budding footballers.

Final Score: Mitcham 16.14.110 d Montrose 3.1.19


Under 14 (Coach: Shane Dickson)

The U14’s started strongly, kicking our 3 goals in the first half & restricting Vermont to only 7 – Unfortunately we remained goal-less for the remainder of the game & Vermont kicked away.  Bailey Hunter & Ryan Lynch both had strong games, whilst Corey, Jarrod & Matthew were our goal scorers.     

Award Winners – Bailey Hunter & Ryan Lynch

Best: Bailey Hunter, Julian Hopkins, Jarrod Cumming, Matt Goodieson & Ryan Lynch.

Goals: Corey Dickson, Jarrod Cumming & Matthew Goodieson.

Final Score: Vermont 19.18.132 d Mitcham 3.6.24 


Under 15 Girls (Coach: Luke Smith)

We met just after sunrise at Belgrave station, full of anticipation and with a packed lunch and compass in hand we set off.  Puffing Billy looked resplendent as it sat in the winter sun, steam bellowing from its various orifices.  A short 2 hours later with coal dust in our eyes and determination in our hearts, we reached the sleepy hamlet of Emerald.  One of the younger kiddies asked if this was where the Wizard of Oz lives to which his mother said  “No, but it’s just as far away.  keep your eye out for flying monkeys just to be safe and do not touch that dead wombat”. The ground or undulating paddock , indistinguishable from   a regular paddock except for the fence and fewer livestock was purported to be in the top 5 hilliest grounds ever made , it did look like the local council got half way through the job shrugged then sighed  and said “ahh that will do, its nearly  knock off time anyway , who has the grass seeds?”  Upon arrival  and with the smoke drifting  down the mountain from the hill folks homes  and the smell of roasting rabbit hanging  strong in the air ,  we were greeted with a rousing rendition of “Duelling Banjos” played in earnest by two chaps in Dungarees (unusual choice of theme song!) whilst lazily rocking in homemade chairs. The game itself reached no great heights  but did reveal a few things , Wendy is now a goal kicking genius. Bridget is in fact as good as I thought and Lexy has the best tank in the side Rucking 90% of the game.  We gave as good as we got and ran out winners by a couple of goals. Best on were Bridget , Ally N,  Lexy , Wendy.

The Tiger train starts rolling toward finals now with a mini final next week and finals for at least another 3 weeks we are all set for an exciting next month and I for one just cant wait.  Girls Rule.

Final Score: Mitcham 3.5.23 d Emerald 1.9.15


Under 17 (Coach: Cam Horsey)


Today we took on The basin for the last home and away game before the finals. The coaches emphasised to the group about the importance of playing well and sticking to the game plan. We wanted to make sure they used the ball well and shut off supply to The basin aa well as limiting them on the scoreboard. At the start of the game, the boys were up and about and aware they had to play well as they had earnt a week off in the first week by being the minor premiers and didn’t want to be sluggish for the next game. After losing the toss, we had a strong breeze to kick into and yet again the coaches instructed the boys about the importance of keeping the ball low and possess the ball until the forward line was open, giving us the best chance of scoring. The mids were up to the task and controlled the contest beautifully with aggressive work around the ball, giving our wings and half forwards first use of the ball. We scored first and didn’t rest until we put another couple on the board, which was an encouraging sight. Our defence held up beautifully as well when the chance arose with Maxxy, Stinger and Adrian leading from the front. We totally outplayed The Basin in the first quarter and didn’t let up for the rest of the game. A pleasing sight was the way our forwards stood up with both Gilesy and Jimmy Lalor kicking 6 goals 1 each. It was as dominant a display as I have seen in a long time. The whole team presented well which as very pleasing especially leading into the finals. A few outstanding efforts apart from Gilesy and Jimmy was the work done from Stinger and Maxxy who continually stopped entries into The Basin’s forward line and hitting up our forwards, Jimmy N, jaydos, Pows and Ben A for working so well in the middle and Horse and Kev for controlling the wings. A big mention goes to Zebby for once again taking on the biggest bloke in the team and probably the most dangerous around the ground, towelling him up as well as winning his own footy when the opportunity arose. Well done boys, but this is only the start of our season. The important games start now. I believe in you boys!!! Go Tiges…….


Final Score: Mitcham 15,17,107 d The Basin 0.2.2


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