2016/17 Grand Finals - Results

Congratulations to all teams that participated in the grand finals!  The results were: -

Fastpitch 1 
Steelers (10) def CSWE Redsox (9)

Player of the Final - Candace Ahchin (Steelers)
Minor Premiers - CSWE Redsox
MVP of the season - Kayla Turner (CSWE Redsox)

Fastpitch 2
Hawks/Hooters (11) def Redsox Rollers (4)

Player of the Final - Karen Cooling (Hawks/Hooters)
Minor Premiers - Hawks/Hooters
MVP of the season - Mel Levings (Redsox Rollers)

Secondary School Division A 
Joemsa Strikers (19) def 5 Star Redsox (15)

Player of the Final - Zane Grieve (Joemsa Strikers)
Minor Premiers - Joemsa Strikers
MVPs of the season - Jack Chadwick (5 Star Redsox) and Hirari Kurihara (Redsox Sparkies)

Secondary School Division B
2 Ot Chilli Strikers (30) def SS Development Team (11)

Player of the Final - Bayley Walton (2 Ot Chilli Strikers)
Minor Premiers - 2 Ot Chilli Strikers
MVP of the season - James Minniecon (SS Development Team)


The Softball FNQ committee hopes that all teams that participated in the 2016/17 season enjoyed the awesome new facilities at Walker Road and look forward to the 2017/18 season!