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20/10/2020 Good luck 2020 SSSA Open Women's Team
15/10/2020 New look Modball competition - a hit!
15/10/2020 COIVD Safety Update
15/10/2020 Around the Grounds Latest Newsletter
06/10/2020 SSSA join Southern Sydney Softball League (SSSL)
06/10/2020 COVID Safety
17/11/2019 Great opportunity to be coached by Stacey McManus!!
17/11/2019 SSSA - L1 Umpire Accreditation - Fast Track 2019/20
17/11/2019 VALE - Clive Simpson - 16 Nov 2019
20/03/2019 School holiday softball clinic!
14/03/2019 Adverse weather update for Grand Finals
14/03/2019 Good luck to all teams in upcoming Grand Finals
08/02/2019 U18 Squad sessions
08/02/2019 Trial for U16 Girls Representative Team
07/02/2019 Seeking expressions of interest for U12 Girls Representative teams
07/02/2019 Seeking expressions of interest for Over 35 Representative teams
09/12/2018 U16s womens Rep side trial - Tuesday 11 December
05/12/2018 Level 1 Umpiring - NEW "Fast Track" pathway
27/11/2018 Sharks Masters 19-20 Jan, 2019 - Open for team entries
23/11/2018 Defibrillator training: Mon 26 November, 2018
13/11/2018 SSSA are seeking Expressions of Interest for u16s boys representative teams
13/11/2018 SSSA are seeking Expressions of Interest for u16s girls represe
13/11/2018 Player applications for Rep Teeball teams are now being accepted
13/11/2018 SSSA are seeking Expressions of Interest for Representative Head Coaching Positions of the 2019
11/11/2018 Coaches report: Girls U13s SSSA Representatives
05/11/2018 Well done to the U13s boys Rep team
02/10/2018 Coaches report: Boys U15s SSSA Representatives
28/08/2018 Well done u15 development team - winners!
22/08/2018 Basic Scoring Night
28/07/2018 FREE registration for all T Ball players
28/07/2018 Register now for 2018-19
13/06/2018 Sutherland O35s womens successfully defend state title!
24/05/2018 Stacey McManus interview following Aussie Spirit game v Beijing Eagles
14/05/2018 Softball Australia appoints new CEO
14/05/2018 Stacey McManus prepared for National Pro Fastpich league
11/05/2018 Congratulations Craig Oberg - awarded life membership
11/05/2018 Committe vacancies
04/04/2018 2018 SSSA AGM to be held on Tuesday 8 May
31/03/2018 SSSA are seeking Expressions of Interest for Head Coach positions
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for Open Mens representative team
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for 2018 Open Womens representative team
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for U13 Girls and Boys representative teams
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for U15 Boys representative team.
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for U15 Girls Representative team
31/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for O35s representative teams
27/03/2018 SSSA seeking EOI for 2018 Winter League
18/02/2018 SSSA Delegates Meeting - Tues 20th Feb, 2018
28/01/2018 Wear Pink for McGrath Foundation Sat 10 Feb, 2018
19/01/2018 Seeking expressions of interest for 2018 U19 Womens and Mens Representative
23/12/2017 Festive wishes!
23/12/2017 SSSA seeking expressions of interest for U17 Representative Boys
07/12/2017 Sharks announced 2017 state league winners!
29/11/2017 SSSA seeking expressions of interest for U11 Representative Girls
16/11/2017 Slowpitch Softball - Come N Try
13/11/2017 Updating Play By The Rules certification
13/11/2017 SSSA merchandise now available through Sports Magic
13/11/2017 SSSA supports the Play By the Rules initiative
13/11/2017 SSSA seeking expressions of interest for U11 Representative Girls
13/11/2017 SSSA seeking expressions of interest for U11 Representative Boys
10/11/2017 Round 11 - Crazy Hat round! Supporting The Mark Hughes Foundation
10/11/2017 Draw released till end of year break
01/11/2017 Happy Halloween!
24/10/2017 Sharks Masters Tournament: 20 & 21 Jan 2018
04/10/2017 Level 1 - Scoring Clinic - Fri 13 Oct
24/09/2017 SSSA announce partnership with Rural Fire Services for The RFS Shield
15/09/2017 Softball action
14/09/2017 Applications now open for SSSA Rep Coaches
29/08/2017 Mark your calendar for the SSSA Theme Rounds!
29/08/2017 SSSA talk to local radio station
14/08/2017 Stacey McManus online interview
14/08/2017 Free player registration for T Ball 2017-18!
02/08/2017 Congratulations O35 Women’s rep team - STATE CHAMPIONS for 2017!!
29/06/2017 Softball Australia is seeking your opinion.
07/06/2017 Seeking players interested in Open Womens and State League teams
22/05/2017 SSSA Presidents Forum 6 June
22/05/2017 Let kids be kids
17/05/2017 Welcome 2017-18 SSSA Committee
01/05/2017 SSSA U13 Reps 2017
17/04/2017 Vale Elizabeth Anne Dunn.
15/04/2017 T ball state championships
09/04/2017 Sutherland representatives compete at recent Clubs NSW Academy Challenge
29/03/2017 Seeking EOIs for U19 Mens
27/03/2017 Congratulations New Level 2 Umpires
27/02/2017 Seeking EOIs for U15 Girls and Boys representative teams
27/02/2017 Seeking EOIs for O35 Womens and Mens for state championships
17/02/2017 Competition news for the 2016-17 finals series
17/02/2017 Open Q and A session hosted by Umpires Association
10/02/2017 Hot Weather Forecast - Update 3:00
08/02/2017 Shannon Keevers awarded prestigious NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Sports Awards
08/02/2017 Well done to the following members achieving scoring accreditation this season!
06/02/2017 Seeking EOIs for U19 Womens State Championships
06/02/2017 Final trial U11 Girls T-Ball, Wed 8 Feb, 2017
01/02/2017 Theory Qualified Umpires for the upcoming Finals Series
31/01/2017 Softball Australia International 'Down Under' series - February 9 - 12, 2017
29/01/2017 Seeking EOIs for Softball NSW Winter League
24/01/2017 Firecrackers Aust launches - softball tours in 2017
20/01/2017 Shout out to some SSSA Pitchers!
20/12/2016 Australian Softball Championships January 2017
19/12/2016 Festive wishes from SSSA!
15/12/2016 U17 trial/training cancelled 15 Dec
13/12/2016 Sharks Masters Tournament - 14 & 15 Jan, 2017
02/12/2016 Xmas Fete 2016 - Sat 10 Dec
29/11/2016 SSSA Delegates Meeting
23/11/2016 Representative trial for U17 Girls
10/11/2016 T-Ball representative trials
31/10/2016 Shoosh for Kids campaign 7-13 November
17/10/2016 Halloween - fancy dress round!
14/09/2016 Seeking applications for Head Coaches
13/09/2016 Sutherland boys come equal third
10/09/2016 Diamond changes Round One
31/07/2016 Play for a Cure Charity Softball Game
18/07/2016 U15 Take out the Newcastle Invitaionional
26/06/2016 Fantastic effort by SSSA U19s girls reps!
19/06/2016 Congrats to our Womens O35 rep team, finishing 3rd in NSW state champs
16/06/2016 Well done to Sutherland representatives at Men's O35s state championships
19/05/2016 Team announcement: SSSA O35s Womens Representative Team
15/05/2016 Welcome to the new SSSA 2016-17 committee
02/05/2016 U17 Boys SSSA Reps finish 3rd at State Champs!
22/04/2016 Team announcement: SSSA O35s Mens Representative Team
08/04/2016 Photo library from SSSA Grand Finals 2015-16
06/04/2016 Around the grounds - 2015-16 season wrap up!
05/04/2016 Team announcment SSSA U19 Womens 2016
31/03/2016 Seeking expressions of interest for Open Women and Women's State League
14/03/2016 Team announcements for Rep U11 boys and girls announced
09/03/2016 Team announcement: SSSA U17 Representative Boys 2016
03/03/2016 Seeking expressions of interest for U15 boys and girls rep teams
26/02/2016 Around the grounds
24/02/2016 U17 Girls Rep Team Announced
18/02/2016 Bogan Bingo hosted by Southern Storm
15/02/2016 Help wanted
14/02/2016 Colour dress up day! Sat 27, 2015
29/01/2016 EOI for U19 Womens and Winter League teams 2016
23/01/2016 Big shout out to Sutherland representative players!
22/01/2016 Sharks Masters winners!
20/12/2015 Southern Metropolitan Softball Academy trials
17/12/2015 Around the Grounds: Round 12 & 13, 2015
10/12/2015 Around the Grounds: 10 Dec, 2015
10/12/2015 SSSA Xmas Fete Day! Sat 19
08/12/2015 Seeking expressions of interest for O35s Mens and Womens rep teams
04/12/2015 12 Dec: NSW Firestars to train and play friendly at Sutherland Diamonds
04/12/2015 SSSA representatives at Softball NSW annual dinner
29/11/2015 Well done NSW all schools at Pacific school games!
25/11/2015 U15 girls wrap up from state champs
24/11/2015 U15 Boys equal 3rd in Tamworth
08/11/2015 Expressions of interest for u17 rep squads now open
04/11/2015 Around the Grounds: Round 6, 2015-16
28/10/2015 Halloween Fancy Dress!
28/10/2015 Around the Grounds: Round 5, 2015-16
19/10/2015 Around the Grounds: Round 4, 2015-16
15/10/2015 Around the Grounds : Round 3, 2015-16
15/10/2015 Opens womens state championships
15/10/2015 Chris Mackay recognised by Softball NSW for service to softball
29/07/2015 Sutherland U19 Womens Team announced
29/07/2015 Sutherland U13 Girls Representative team announced
29/07/2015 Report from NSW Masters State Championships
29/07/2015 SSSA U13 Boys and U15 Girls Teams
29/07/2015 Report from Womens U19s state championships
29/07/2015 FREE player registration new T-ball players 2015-16

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