SSSA O35s Report - 2021

SSSA 2021 35’s

Soooo after several postponements a decision to go ahead with the January 2021 date was confirmed 2 weeks out.... The side had changed as many original team members unfortunately unable to commit to the date or timeframe.  This left us with 7 players no confirmed staff except super scorer Sylvia and only 12 sleeps till State. The call went out, within 1 Day we had 13 players and a full team staff!

I’d firstly like to congratulate Kellie Parker for helping me secure the players and staff for this side which included

• Craig Richardson as my co coach who through his busy schedule managed to on short notice to coach for his 9th consecutive year with the 35’s in which he has been at the helm for in the last 3 years as 2 State Titles and a Runner Up making him invaluable

• Shadae Watt our Manager and Chloe Lutke the Assistant Manager who did a great job considering they are juniors who just wanted to help with a fair few weather curveballs thrown at them? • Silvia the Superstar Scorer the original constant member of the team administration

• Lyndsey Richardson supporter turn sideline physiotherapist Thanks for all your help at such short notice! A week out we lose 2 of the girls and team decision to go to state with 11. Most teams rosters were way bigger to accommodate the possibility of injury and with a few on the first day we just adapted. Several people playing out of position in quite oppressive weather conditions which didn’t effect our competitiveness or ability to make our opposition work just as hard to keep up with us!

• Kathy King Strong batting performance and took some great outfield catch’s yet a little needy.....

• Kelly Cardillo Busted in warm up from Game 1 but did a job at 1st base and batted well

• Charmaine John’s Stellar performance all round and stepped up to pitch with notable scalps all weekend which resulted in a call up to the State Squad

• Tina Piovesan Pocket Rocket who even though hard on herself had quite a good tournament putting team first for a great all round performance and upbeat attitude was infectious

• Kellie Parker Done everything asked of her and team player who had several hats on through the whole process which without her involvement the team would not have gone ahead!

• Lauren Iliasewicz Pitched Awesome and strong batting. Gun fill in at 3rd base with nothing getting past her after offering to play out of position . Solid performance

• Wendy Wedd caught most games for another strong performance with several defused pop flys. Put a ball in play after 1000 foul balls! Super quick around the bases

• Jen Mostafa Strong performance at Pivots and Outfield. Batting was great. Sadly she flew back to America the day after the tournament concluded but what an awesome bunch of people to spend your last days on Gods Country with

• Rowena Hill Great outfield catches, speedy around the bases and batting well

• Emma Hall Big Hitter with some great outfield catches

• Tara Moran Pretty faultless weekend with several pinnacle moments most notable blasting the ball against Cumberland as lead off, setting the tone for what turned out to be our best games the weekend. Selection to the State Squad was no surprise after the weekend she had!

In all another great weekend highlight holding eventual winners Cumberland to a score of 4-1 in a gripping game on diamond 1. Our team consisted of 2 A Graders, the rest B & C grade players who had to compete against teams littered with ex NSW and Australian representatives! Top flight effort in rubbish conditions where we had 40+ degree heat and a delayed game from lightning? Lastly I would like to thank the SSSA for giving me the opportunity to do this again with many life long friends all of whom displayed pride in the uniform and represented the association to the best of their ability.

Regards Will Lutke

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