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Shoalhaven Basketball Association // 2021 Notice of AGM and Agenda

Please see attached Notice of AGM and Agenda.more

COVID-19 Safety Plan

SBA is registered as COVIDsafe.
The latest update to this COVIDsafe plan was completed on friday 29th January 2021.more

SBA Constitution // 2020 Update

Please find within this article the updated Constitution for Shoalhaven Basketball.more

Financial Report // 2019

Please find within this article documents & details regarding the 2019 financial report.more

SBA Career Opportunities

Learn how to become part of the tiger family behind the scenes.more

Competition Rules & By-Laws

Please find within this article our domestic competition rules, policies & by-laws.more

Appointments - Director of Coaching & Referee Program Manager

Shoalhaven Basketball is pleased to announce the suitably qualified and experienced individuals in three key roles for the association.more

SBA Social Media Policy

Social media is changing the way we communicate.more

Active Kids Rebate


Let kids be kids

See attached for articlesmore

Shoalhaven Basketball Association - BNSW Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws

Shoalhaven Basketball Association has adopted the BNSW Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws. These take effect from 13 April 2017 and replace all previous Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws. A full copy is available on the document attached.more

Play By the Rules

Please check out the link below for some words of wisdom...Let kids be kids
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