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Welcome to the

South West Junior Football League

(formerly the Bunbury & Districts Junior Football Association)




*******WE NOW HAVE OUR VERY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE....just search for SOUTH WEST JUNIOR FOOTBALL LEAGUE....tell all your mates that are playing and get involved and sign up today!!!!!



Also another Facebook page – SW Footy Scores to enable instant uploading of scores for the benefit of those across all SW region associations and leagues (Junior and Senior) who are not in attendance but eager or interested to know the progress.

Scores are only for youth football matches (13 and above – Year 8 and above) and senior comps. Importantly any winning margin in youth football should be displayed as no greater than 10 goals or 60 points. The focus for youth football remains player and team development.

Ideally qtr by qtr scores could be uploaded, however a final score uploaded within minutes of the game ending is a great result.

Please only upload accurate scores, trust lies with those who contribute. Also, this is a site upon which scores and results are shared. It is not intended to be a forum for open opinion, boasting, questioning or negative comments. If you see a score line that pleases you, feel free to “like” it, rather than comment.

Hit this link to be taken to the page. Importantly you need to be an existing Facebook member to access this page.