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Naoero Games Declared Close

More news Naoero Games came to a Closing Saturday 14 November 2009.more

Just when it Starts Its Over!

The first Naoero Games will conclude with Blue Ribband Weightlifting competition at Centenniel Hall, supported by a round the Airstrip Relay.more

Interest in Games Gathers

The Inaugural Naoero Games is slowly gethering momentum as the youth and the not so youthful are moving around the country to enjoy the sport activity currently underway on the Island.more

Day One

Blues took an early lead on the medal tally for the Naoero Games in 2009 with an excellent display of powerlifting.more

Games Open

A small but appreciative crowd gathered to witness the historical opening of the first ever Naoero Games at Centenniel Hall in Aiwo.

His Excellency the President, The Hon. Marcus Stephen gave up his precious time to open this event and confirmed his commitment to sport as a way forward for the betterment of the people of Nauru. His speech follows:more

The Games Will Go Ahead

The 2009 Naoero Games will open Officially upon the return of His Excellency the President, on November the 7th 2009. Competition will then proceed throughout the following week closing up on the 14th of November.more
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What's On

Athletics - Round the Airstrip Relay - 4:00pm

Weightlifting - 2:00pm - 5:30pm - Centennial Hall

Closing Address - H.E. the President of Nauru. - Centenniel Hall 5:30pm

Volleyball Finals - 5:30pm - Location Courts

Table tennis - 4pm.


The Games

The 2009 Nauru National Games will open at 9:30am at the Centenniel Hall on the 7th November. Activities will continue for 1 week closing on the 14th of November.

Sport Events include:

Athletics - Throughout the week   
Basketball - Finals on the 7th at 8pm
Boxing - Thursday and Friday 12- 13th at Centenniel
Power Lifting - 7th November - Centenniel                                                Table Tennis - All Week                                                                   
Tennis - All Week
Volleyball - Commences 7th and finishes 14th November
Weightlifting - 14th November