The 8th Micronesia Games is now in the history books. The 8th Micronesia Games is now in the history books. All of the achievements have been recorded. Participants have begun to make their weary way home. Perhaps some of t...
Successful games come to a close Despite the rain athletes come out in force to celebrate what was a successful 8th Micronesian Games.
Pohnpei Bites the Dust: CNMI Takes Away Bronze Today, July 29, 2014, is the day that CNMI and Pohnpei battled for the Bronze medal in Women's Division Basketball.The game started and ended with CNMI leading.
An Unforgettable Moment On July 29th, 2014, was a memorable day for teams Pohnpei and RMI. Both teams worked hard to reach the position they are in now; Championship game. Unfortunately, only o...

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Guam's Long Journey Worthwhile

July 29 marks the last day of games of 2014 Microgames.
At around four, a large crowd assembled at the COM Palikir Gymnasium to observe as male teams from Guam and RMI compete to see who's bringing home the Gold.

Guam Takes The Gold In Men's Baseball

Such an outstanding baseball game held at the Daini field early this morning.

The game held between the CNMI and Guam men was to determine who would walk away with the gold.

Guam Get Away 14-6 Against CNMI

CNMI held tough until late against Guam on Tuesday, but Guam scored five runs late for a 14-6 victory at Daini Field.

RICO CASTRO put himself in scoring position with two extra-base hits for Guam. He singled in the third and fifth innings and doubled in the first and ninth innings.

RMI's All Star Pitcher

Alysia Maddison is the star pitcher for the Republic of Marshall Islands women's softball team and wears the number 17.

"It Runs In The Family"

Following his parents' footsteps, Alexii Santos is a 17 year-old (one of the two youngest players on the team) playing for Team Pohnpei. The love of baseball is natural for him since both of his parents are pro baseball players. His late father and mother are Microgames veterans. "It runs in the family," he said.

Team Pohnpei's Pitcher

22 year old Lewis Santos Jr. played as a pitcher representing Team Pohnpei.

Outside Sports Rained Out On Day 6 Of 8th Micro Games

Outside sports have been cancelled today due to heavy rains, which are Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Tennis. The games have been rescheduled and will be playing again tomorrow. Baseball will start at 9am and the second match will start 45 mins after the completion of the first. Softball will commence at 11am.

President Of Palau Baseball Umpire Association Talks With UYM

As fascinating as it was, we got a chance to interview Johannes Tsuneo, President of the Palau's Baseball Umpire Association. He has been president for about three years now.

The CNMI Hero For Today!

For 21 year old Rocco Reyes, baseball is in his blood.

Growing up in CNMI, Reyes’s father was a baseball coach and even more – a baseball enthusiast.

Father-Daughter Share Victory

On the first day of the Athletics competition, RMI athletes, Mr. Roman Cress and daughter Mariana Cress share a father-daughter moment. They both earned medals in the 200 meter finals for both the men and women.

Games Rookie Smashes Record

It was a big day for everyone down at the Pohnpei athletics track today, but for one athlete in particular, the day was unforgettable.

Kosrae's Pitcher Interviewed After Team Win

Kosrae's Men Baseball Team defeated Guam (7-4) on Monday. Kosrae's pitcher, R Jay Joe, was one of the key players in securing their victory.

Pohnpei's Top Female Tennis Player Takes a Win

Pohnpei and Kosrae's top female tennis players, Maggie Finnen and Delia Sigrah, went head to head in a singles match earlier this morning at the Pohnpei Tennis Court.

Pohnpei Takes Out the First Two Gold Medals of the Micronesian Games

The 2014 Micronesian Games kicked of to a great start for Pohnpei, winning the first male and female medals of the Games.

Former Tennis Table Champ Prepares Players

Gloomy, as it is the 8th Micronesian Game ceremony took place in Pohnpei, track & field area.

Tremendously, the program provided a warm welcome to the spectators and athletes from all the islands participating in the games.

Micro Games Opening Ceremony Attracts The People Of Pohnpei

Sunday is not a usual day for excitement and commotion, but on this day Pohnpei made an exception. Hundreds of people gathered at the Track and Field to witness the Opening Ceremony of the Micro Games on July 20, 2014.

Sakau Ceremony

On Sunday, July 20 2014, the opening ceremony for the 8th Micronesian Games was held at the Pohnpei Track and Field at 4:00 p.m..

Tennis Players Pose for the Media

As people were leaving the ceremony, we came across three of Pohnpei's women's tennis team.

In their first appearence in the Micro Games, Amanda Hawkins, Maggie Finnen, and Jenna Panuelo were exposed to their first opening ceremony.

Entertainment-Filled Opening

An air of excitement and anticipation filled the MicroGames opening ceremony; cars were caught in traffic, along with those who were about to witness it. Althetes from each jurisdiction crowded the road, preparing for their entrance onto the field.

A Dream Come True

Steve Mendiola Jr, a 17 year old baseball player from Pohnpei team, is playing in the Micro games for the first time.

Crowd's Opinion about 8th Microgames Opening Ceremony

Sunday, July 20, 2014 marks the spectacle that is the 8th Microgames Opening Ceremony, where observers gathered to uplift and show moral support for their athletes.

8th Micro Games Chuukese Women Basketball Player

The Opening Ceremony of the 8th Micro Games took place in the Pohnpei track and field on a cloudy Sunday (July 20, 2014).

Swimming Officials Learn the Ropes

Australian Lawrie Cox today began training the swimming officials who will preside over the Micronesian Games.

Australian Swimming Referee Attends First Games

An enthusiastic, Lawrie Cox, an Australian international referee has been interviewed at the National Olympic Committee offices in Pohnpei.

As an Oceania Swimming Association secretary, Mr.Cox is here in Pohnpei for the 8th Micronesian Games.

Traditional Food in Beautiful Pohnpei

On such a short notice, we were able to make our way into the gates of the Local Food office. Taking his time off his busy schedule, we had the opportunity to interview the executive director, Mr. Rainer Jimmy.

Marshall Island's Track Runner Front Man

Roman Cress, a 36 year old runner from the Marshall Islands, has competed in the Micro Games about four times. He was known to be the fastest runner in Micronesia. He will be competing in the 100 meter and the 200 meter dash in this year’s Micro Games.

Kosrae Point Guard Aims For Team Gold

With a slightly swollen ankle Kosrae’s point guard David Taulung begins not just this interview, but his Micronesian Games.

He’s becoming well regarded as not only a member of a possible gold medal team, but also a real possibility at being crowned the tournament MVP.

The Chef From Chuuk Opens Up

It has been a hectic week, but fortunately we were able to get an interview with the Chuuk Chef de Mission, Joe Eas. He has been working in this position for only two years, but this is his sixth he has come to the Microgames.

Chef De Mission Shares Insight into Kosrea's Team

Marciano Wakak, Chef De Mission for Kosrae, spoke to us about how his state is preparing for the Games and expressed his hopes for successful results

Future Tennis Stars on Show at Micronesian Games

Walking across the newly renovated PNI Tennis Courts, Reynaldo Garcia is a relaxed, happy and smiling man.

Garcia, a Junior tennis coach in Pohnpei, has a new title - the Competition Manager for Tennis at the eighth Micronesian Games.

Pohnpei Getting Ready for Micronesian Games

With 9 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the 8th Micronesian Games, the state of Pohnpei is out in full force preparing venues, roads and gardens to welcome the 1,500 athletes, 200 officials and 2000 visitors from participating countries.
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