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Albion Park Touch started off in 1978 and has continued ever since in the Shellharbour and Illawarra areas.  The competition has grown steadily over the years and we now have over 1000 registered senior and junior players.  We are based at Albion Oval, Ash Avenue Albion Park Rail.

Summer Competition

Our Men's competition is played on a Wednesday night whilst Mixed is played on a Thursday evening.  The summer competition starts in early October.  Registrations close in middle to late September.  Annoucement of registration details will be made on this website and also on our Facebook page so stay tuned.

Winter Competition

We also run a smaller winters competition for all you die hard touch fanatics who dont mind braving the cold winter elements to get your fix of touch football.  The competition is run on a Wednesday night beginning in May.  Numbers are strictly limited.  Again stay tuned for registration details.

Junior Competition

Our junior competition runs during the summer months only.  The competition starts in early October and registrations usually close early August.  Junior touch is played on a Tuesday night.  Registration details will always be posted on our website and Facebook page so check back regularly.

Representative Touch

Not only has the competition continued to grow, but our appearance in representative competitions like Country Championships and State Cup has reimerged after several years of absence. In 2016, we fielded an opens mens team in both representative competitions and even exceeded expectations in placing 7th out of 49 division 1 mens teams competing at State Cup. In 2017, our representative base was expanded when we feilded both opens men's and mixed teams in the annual State cup. Trial dates and further information about this year's representative teams will be posted on our website and Facebook page so stay tuned.

Why do we think we are the best Touch Comp in the Illawarra?

1. We are an affiliated competition with the Australian Touch Football & NSW Touch Footbal Associatiopns.

2. We are an incorporated association run and controlled by its members, being the players and referees.  We are a not for profit association and every cent we make goes back into the game.  Unlike many unaffiliated competitions run by local pubs who are in it just to make a profit.  These pub comps put nothing back into the game itself.

3. Through Australian Touch Football, we have a superior player insurance scheme which is not offered to unaffiliated competitions such as those run by the local pub comps.

4. We have referees!  Unlike many local pub comps, we have referees for each and every game which means you can come down and enjoy a game of touch without having to bother refereeing the game yourself.  If you think about it, what other sport charges you to play their game and then makes you officiate it yourself?  It's ludicrous but the local unaffiliated pub comps do this so they can make more money for themselves. We spend a lot of time developing our referees and are fortunate enough to have three current level 6 international referees in our ranks.  Many of our referees are extremely experienced and referee at tournaments on a regular basis.

5. As we are an affiliated competition with Australian Touch, we offer the opportunity for those of you who would like to get serious about touch to participate in representative touch tournaments at a regional, country, state and national level.  Again, this is something you cant do at your local pub comp.

6. Our association is run by a committee made up of players and referees who's only interest is to make the game of touch more enjoyable.  Every decision we make has you as the player as it's vested interest.  Unlike local pub comps who put you the player second to them making a dollar.

7. Our touch grounds are the best touch grounds in the Illawarra and are maintained at the highest standard.  If you like playing on soft green grass surfaces then Albion Park Touch is the best place to play.

8. Our team registration fees are some of the most competitive in the Illawarra making playing touch football at Albion Park one of the most cost effective sports an individual can play.  We also offer free BBQ's & Grand final gala days. 

9. We believe we have the best Touch Football sporting website on the coast. We keep our website up to date with news and results, and our webpage is easy to navigate around. Have a look around at our website and you will have to agree that no other touch football website even comes close to ours.

10.  Our competitions are catered for the complete touch football novice - to the more experienced representative levels.  Whatever your ability, we have a division suited to your team.

So if your thinking about playing touch, seriously think about playing at Albion Park. 




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