2020 has been a unique year that has presented a new set of challenges that I believe the Dubbo Basketball Association has been able to effectively overcome. We have continued the momentum of previous years in evolving and developing basketball as a quality sport for our local members to participate in.


A big thankyou to the board of the last twelve months for their efforts. Everyone has succeeded in attacking the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions along with all the organising and responsibility requirements associated with being a board member. The DBA is currently in solid shape and continued effort in building framework to sustain its strength has been and will be the goal of the DBA Board.


Thanks again to all Coaches, Managers and Volunteers for giving your time and effort to assist our participants in developing their skills. During the limited opportunities there was in 2020, everyone applied their best efforts when required and your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. Everyone being flexible and making the best choices for their teams, made tackling COVID-19 a much smoother process for all involved.


As with all years, we NEED more assistance in the continued development and improvement of Dubbo Basketball. If you have a skill or have identified an area in need of improvement within Dubbo Basketball, come and get involved NOW. You can make these improvements, it generally only takes your time and effort to make it happen. Bring help with you to make it easier and more enjoyable.


As we navigate through the uncertainty of 2021 the Dubbo Basketball Association will strive to continue to solidify its position as a safe, enjoyable and competitive sport that our local community can participate in. It will continue to provide this positive environment for our members to develop their growth as basketballers and community minded people.


Thankyou to all our members for adapting to change so willingly and here’s hoping for exceptional 2021.








Hale Gordon


Dubbo Basketball

Dubbo Basketball would like to thank all of our Sponsors