Temporary Booking Procedures

To ensure participant safety, please adhere to the following policies. For any information, please email courts@nsba.com.au - we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

1. To make a booking

1.1   All booking requests are required to be completed over email.

1.2   The initial booking request email must be received before C.O.B. (5pm) the previous day.

1.3   Please put in the email subject “Booking Request: YOUR NAME” (e.g. Booking Request: John Smith).

1.4   In your email, the following details need to be included:

a)  Booking type

b)  Booking start time

c)  Number of participants

d)  Individual’s full name and contact details (phone and/or email)

2. What type of bookings are available?

Currently only 10 people are allowed on each court in our stadium. Therefore, the following booking types and the maximum number of people per booking are allowed. Please note, all bookings are limited to 1 hour.

*  Half-court basketball: max 5 people ($40)
*  Full-court basketball: max 10 people ($77)
*  Futsal: max 10 people ($77)
*  Netball: max 10 people ($77)
*  1 Badminton court: max 4 people ($40)
*  2 Badminton courts: max 8 people ($77)
*  Volleyball: max 10 people ($77)

Personal playing equipment will not be available to be borrowed from our facility due to Norths’ Hygiene Protocol (e.g. basketballs).

3. Attending your booking

Upon arrival, all attendees will be required to check-in at our front desk, providing personal identification to confirm the booking they are participating with.

Attendees are required to follow North’s Hygiene & Entry/Exit Protocols to commence, and throughout their booking.

3.1 Temperature checks on arrival

3.2 Sanitization procedures*

3.3 Maintain social distancing (no contact play)

3.4 Shower before and after booking (at home)

*To be prompted on arrival

4.  Key items for all users

If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, of any kind, please stay at home, and seek prompt medical advice. DO NOT attend any Norths venue, for competition or for training.

Norths will have return to play protocols in place for our NSBA programs, as well as the introductory court booking procedures in place for members and public during our initial operating hours. Both general bookings and program participants will be subject to the sanitisation and hygiene procedures that have been implemented on the advice of the Australian sports commission and Basketball Australia.

If you are deemed unwilling to comply with Norths return to play protocols by NSBA staff, you may be deemed unsuitable to use Norths facility.

Please understand that if in the opinion of our staff you show symptoms of illness, you will be asked to leave the venue and seek medical advice/clearance.

Thank you for your understanding,

NSBA Management



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