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Bear Booth Photos

Bear Booth Photos

2019 Annual Awards Photos
2018 Rep Awards Evening

2018 Rep Awards Evening

2018 Rep Awards Evening Photos
2018 Spalding Metro Junior League Finals

2018 Spalding Metro Junior League Finals

2018 Spalding Metro Junior League Finals

Player Registrations

Temporary Booking Procedures

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL - No walk ins or casual shooting.

Doors are closed between bookings - please respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum (no bouncing balls, car horns etc).  We appreciate your co-operation.

These requirements and regulations have been put in place to adhere to the guidelines and policies regarding indoor sporting activities. We understand that they may come across as quite restricting and demanding. However, in order to maintain personal safety amongst our community, as well as gradually return to our normal operations, the following procedures need to be respected and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.

To request a booking

1.  All booking requests are required to be sent to
This is to ensure details can be confirmed and recorded so that our staff will be able to prepare & manage attendance numbers.

2.  The initial booking request email must be received before C.O.B. (5pm), the day before of your requested booking date, to allow staff time to communicate and prepare booking details for the next day.

3.  Please put in the email subject “Booking Request: YOUR NAME” (e.g. Booking Request: Simon Frost).

4.  In your email, the following details must be included:

  • Booking type
  • Booking start time
  • Number of participants
  • Each participant's full name and contact details (phone and/or email)

These details are required so we can prepare and be aware of who will be entering & exiting the stadium, as well as be able to contact individuals in necessary situations.

What type of bookings are available?

As of July 1st, all booking must start at the beginning of the hour.

The following booking types and the maximum number of people per booking are allowed. Please note, all bookings are limited to 1 hour.

Half-court basketball: 10 people ($40)
*  Full-court basketball: 20 people ($77)
*  Futsal: 20 people ($77)
*  Netball: 20 people ($77)
*  1 Badminton court: 10 people ($35)
*  2 Badminton courts: 20 people ($77)
*  Volleyball: 20 people ($77)

Personal playing equipment will not be available to be borrowed from our facility due to Norths’ Hygiene Protocol (e.g. basketballs). We will only be providing the court set up.

Attending your Booking


The doors will open no earlier than 5 minutes before your booking time.  All attendees will be required to check-in at our front desk, confirming personal identification for the booking they are participating with.

Attendees are required to follow North’s Hygiene & Entry/Exit Protocols throughout their booking.

Wash hands before and after attending booking.

*  Maintain social & physical distancing as much as possible.

Time periods for Booking

Monday - Thursday:

  • 7am-2pm
  • 8-9pm


  • 7am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday:

  • 8am-7pm

Reminder: from July 1st, all bookings must start at the beginning of the hour. Also, Senior Competitions will resume on July 1st, so afternoon/evening bookings will not be available from then.

Please understand that if in the opinion of our staff you show symptoms of illness, you will be asked to leave the venue and seek medical advice/clearance.

Thank you for your understanding,

NSBA Management



Bear Booth Photos